"At the end of the day, all hatred for others is because I have experienced oppression and exploitation, and I feel the pain of dying and hate the motive force of resistance. This is a very necessary condition, which is what I emphasize.

But if you are born without oppression and exploitation and have not experienced the pain of dying, you can’t have hatred, no motive force and no revolution. What about hatred for others? Can education alone do this?
It is hard to say that the possibility of self-awakening through education and self-revolution into a revolutionary is not high. Some people can’t wake up without exploitation and oppression and without that kind of bitter hatred. "
Xin Qiji was dumbfounded at the smell speech.
"Chairman, this …"
"Young An people can’t empathize with others, but they can’t die until they reach the Yellow River. People are full of unrealistic fantasies. The older generation is dying, and the new generation will soon feel that there is something wrong with waiting for people, but they will feel that they are poor when they die.
They may think that waiting for others is nothing to be afraid of, they will envy others for their superior life, their profound knowledge and their outstanding achievements, and they can’t see what is behind these lives, knowledge and achievements
That’s the wealth created by them, which is piled up by tens of thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of people after being grabbed by a few people. It’s a good talent to raise a person if he is not stupid.
When the new generation wakes up again, that is, when people come back, oppression and exploitation reappear, they suddenly realize that what their predecessors did was so great and wise to their predecessors.
Then what will happen? Maybe it’s another reincarnation, a reincarnation different from the past, a reincarnation of liberation and oppression. I tried my best to bring people out of a reincarnation, but suddenly I felt as if we were caught in a new reincarnation. "
Xin Qiji looked up at Su Yonglin.
"If that’s the case, isn’t everything we do meaningless? If this ending is a beginning, doesn’t it mean that it has never been necessary to end? "
Su Yonglin turned his head and looked at Xin Qiji deeply.
"How can it be meaningless? Youan, this is very empty. What have we done? We liberated a generation. A whole generation. What’s the generation? There are 60 million people and 60 million people! "
Xin Qiji stood on the spot.
"We have pulled a generation out of the fire pit and let a generation grow up freely without oppression and exploitation. This is considered as two generations. We have freed two generations from the shackles. If the successor is better, it may last until the third generation. How can it be considered meaningless?"
Su Yonglin patted Xin Qiji on the shoulder with a smile and said slowly, "If we hadn’t waited for them, they would have died and lived in pain. Because of our appearance, their fate was changed and they lived a personal life."
I am afraid that this situation will not last long, even if one day everything will come back less. We have succeeded in pointing out a correct path for them and giving them ideas to correct their mistakes. On our basis, they will do better than us.
Perhaps this is also a reincarnation, but this reincarnation is far better than the original reincarnation. We have jumped out of an old inefficient and rotten reincarnation and entered a new and efficient reincarnation with a future. This is a kind of progress. "
Su Yonglin said that he did not continue to say that he picked up the mung bean cake at hand and stuffed it into his mouth.
Sweet is delicious.
Because of the bitterness in my heart, I am greedy for the sweetness in my mouth, but where can the sweetness in my mouth offset the bitterness in my heart?
Su Yonglin suddenly felt a little bit of Li Bai’s feeling of raising a glass to relieve his sorrow and worry more.
Xin Qiji looked at Su Yonglin and was silent for a long time.
It was a long time before Xin Qiji spoke his mind.
"Really? Madam President, is this true? Do you really think so? Do you think everything we are doing now will fail? Will it be seen by future generations and then overthrown? "
Chapter 1 Who knows what the times will be like
Will it fail?
No doubt.
Because idealists are always being wiped out
Su Yonglin nodded without hesitation.
"It is very likely that it is absolutely possible or that the possibility is over 90%."
After eating a piece of mung bean cake and drinking a mouthful of tea, Su Yonglin smacked her lips and laughed. "But I also believe that even if our efforts eventually fail, the fire has been preserved and future generations will do better than us and finally realize our dreams."
"Really? Can future generations really do it? "
"Of course, when they suffer again, they will naturally feel the same way and know that we are right. Then they will wake up again."
Hearing Su Yonglin’s judgment, Xin Qiji suddenly felt a little funny.
"It feels like a lazy donkey here. It won’t go forward without a whip. You are not too harsh on future generations."
"I’m not lying. I really think so."
Su Yonglin laughed. "Future generations will forget everything we have done, but future generations will remember that it is the so-called mantis catching cicadas and yellowbirds, right?" And our meaning is to tell future generations which way is the right way, tell them how to go and tell them what to do if we fail. "
"You are really full of expectations for future generations …"
Xin Qiji suddenly felt some words, "Are you really sure that future generations can do better if they are corrupt?"
Su Yonglin leng for a moment and then smile
"It’s not necessarily true. I don’t know if future generations will do better than us. The times will change at any time, but who knows what the times will look like? Whether they will be more competitive … I don’t know. "
"What …"
"So I will fight so hard. When I am alive, I can still control the overall situation. Otherwise, I will really worry that they will not do as well as us.
So I’m going to give them an example. I’m going to let them know what revolution is. They have to know before they know what to do, right? This thought suddenly feels that there is still hope in the future. If we can’t see the scene, future generations may get used to it. "
Say that finish Su Yonglin suddenly laughed for a while.
Xin Qiji paused for a moment and had a hard time reacting, so he couldn’t help laughing.
Two people laugh together for a while before slowly stopping.
Su Yonglin and Xin Qiji felt comfortable in the middle of the night, and the dull weather seemed to have dissipated in recent days near summer.
"I feel much better after talking a lot, Youan. Please be my listener."
"This way, the audience will not get bored many times."
Xin Qiji said with a smile, "I don’t necessarily agree with everything you said, but I won’t object to it. You will naturally have the greatest speech when you come out …"
"You don’t have to think that I am always right. Maybe I am wrong?"
Su Yonglin ha ha a smile. "If I am wrong about this matter, if our career has been going on without repetition, I will be very happy. If we can continue to correct our mistakes without me in the future, I will be even happier."
"I will."
Xin Qiji has no doubt that "it is absolutely true that all this is too precious for us, and there will be people who will be alert and will persist. If there is no one else, let me come this way, and I will never die along the way."
"Remember what you said today. I have great expectations for you."
"Well, it’s nothing, just go back to rest. These days, you have to worry about the revival meeting and the war. It really wears you out and has a good rest."
Su Yonglin looked at the darkness and let Xin Qiji go home to rest.
However, this made Xin Qiji think that he still had something to say to Su Yonglin.
"I almost forgot to report to you about the big event."
Xin Qiji took out the battle report of Henan Corps from his arms. "The latest battle report was that on May 27, the main reinforcements of Song Jun Li Xianzhong Department were wiped out by our army, and our army killed nearly 20,000 Song troops and captured more than 60,000 people."

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