Man Sheng Fox still said with a smile, "Wait and wait."

Xing Elders suddenly lifted a finger pointing to Lei Soul City and said, "I know, I know, the thunder pool actually ran over there."
The elders followed his fingers and saw the thick magic cloud.
But everyone’s eyesight is the horse’s eye. Compared with Lei Soul City, Lei Valley Magic Cloud is slightly thicker.
Accurately speaking, Leigu Magic Cloud has a layer of Lei Yun.
However, everyone suddenly wondered who had such a great ability to get Leigu Thunder to the sky.
You know, Leigu is a special polar region, and the thunder keeps coming all the year round. Lei Yun is shrouded in Lei Yun, and it is absolutely wrong to float so high.
Although I saw it with my own eyes, the elders still don’t believe that Leigu Lei Yun can contain all the thunder in the thunder pool.
Can’t find the answer and inferno soldiers advance speed is extremely fast.
The vanguard troops have quickly approached LeiGu export behind hundreds of troops also rushed into the valley.
Elder Li shouted "prepare for war"
While LeiGu to a beast roar "ouch ….."
The earthquake spread thousands of miles.
The elders looked LeiGu qi qi in the past.
Man Sheng Fox said with a smile, "I am a little temple owner in the generation of the Hall of All Souls. I don’t think it’s so delicious …"
The elders looked at Mansheng Fox in their hearts.
There is a little temple master in the Hall of All Souls?
So it means that the Lord of the Little House is the Lord of the Little House who has not returned?
Man Sheng Fox said loudly, "Brothers, the Master of the Temple has ordered us to attack Wangcun in a coordinated way quickly, and we must not go wrong …"
Say that finish without saying anything.
The elders were surprised to fly up and follow the full holy fox in the direction of Wangcun.
However, Elder Shirley still asked, "What’s the matter with the old man? You haven’t said it yet."
Elder Xing shouted, "We can go straight to the past …"
Man Sheng Hu said, "What’s wrong with flying and watching you go straight?" Xing old man not afraid dead you go … "
The elders qi qi looked at the direction of LeiGu.
Only to find that a strange monster appeared in the blue body with a silver light flashing in the middle of the crow.
And Lei Yun, who floated high and clung to the magic cloud, followed the behemoth.
Many inferno monks looked up at the high.
Shining armor is flying and the sword is one roaring "D to die for me …" Attack.
In the ancient Lei Shou form, Sun Hao’s heart flashed a little pity and said softly, "If it’s not my family’s heart, it’s natural to kill the inferno with a radius of lightning strike …"
Talking animals?
Elder Shirley suddenly remembered a saying that the flying speed dropped slightly and exclaimed, "Taikoo Lei Shou is the embodiment of Taikoo Lei Shou, the temple master who has not returned …"
Man Shenghu smiled and said, "Well, well, you finally remembered it in hindsight. Don’t look at me. Don’t slow down and hurry. It’s us who meet the dragon toad in Wangcun …"
The elders tilted their heads and flew rapidly.
Then they saw a scene that they would never forget.
Lei Yun seemed to be attracted by Leigu, and suddenly returned to his position. The furious thunder and flying snakes lit up half the sky, while the giant Taikoo Lei Shou in the thunder cloud swam freely in the core of his body and spilled a huge silver net in the direction.
All inferno warrior department was shrouded in a silver net.
The elders in dazzling Guanghua can clearly see the terrified and ferocious faces of the silver inferno fighters.
Neat inferno team instant chaos.
Shining armor shouted at the top of his lungs, "The vanguard troops quickly broke through the tail and quickly retreated …"
Before the sound is finished, the thunder has drowned it.
There was a strong flash, and suddenly it was dark the day after tomorrow. Some elders in Lei Soul City watched then as if their eyes were lost in an instant.
Many monks can’t help rubbing their eyes.
There are also monks who seem to be deaf by giant Lei Zhen and can’t help but cover their ears.
Thundercloud is harsh silver flashing.
The silver snake is flying again.
In Thunderfield, everyone seems to see that the inferno warrior is falling like dumplings, and two inferno monks, shining golden and turbid three, have already killed Taikoo Lei Shou.
Tragic and tragic, the two inferno monks were directly condensed into a point by the thunder net, and the powerful silver snake directly lit a fireball of Sinochem and fell off.
And the inferno war front.
And the inferno war directly behind.
Those fast-moving inferno fighters and those fast-retreating inferno fighters have bumped into a soft ice net, and their bodies are frozen like mud.
When the road ahead is blocked, retreat!
Hundreds of inferno troops are caught in the thunder field.

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