"Since all five lords died in the war against foreign enemies in the wild, how can foreign enemies collude?"

At this moment, a population in the crowd asked, it was an old man in a black robe, which made the scene quiet. Everyone looked at the old man in a gray robe for a while, but the population fell into a strange silence.
"It’s better not to say these words after making friends."
In the end, a middle-aged man broke the silence and looked at the old man in gray robe seriously, saying that others didn’t speak, but they all looked different.
"It has been a long time since the universe colluded with foreign enemies to betray the heavens, and it must be questioned."
Others say that there are not too many people to answer the words. The old man in the gray cassock’s lips moved, but his heart was a slight sigh. Did the flood really collude with foreign enemies? Isn’t there anything strange about it? People in ancient history have a saying in their hearts that if they are careful, they will find that there are many charges of collusion with foreign enemies that don’t make sense. In ancient world war I, there were five respected foreign wars. This situation is really lacking in power, but even if they know such a field, no one will say much.
Because the crime of the wild has been implemented since ancient times, which involves the detachment of the imperial family and the prohibition of land and respect. Who dares to talk about whether the crime of the wild is true or false? On the contrary, it is more in line with the interests of most people that they take the opportunity to make a profit now that the wild is born.
It’s the rule of the world that everything is good when it’s bustling, and everything is good when it’s getting worse.
As time goes by, there are more and more creatures gathering in this star. On the fifth day, there is a purple river in the middle of the star, and it is coming this way with a huge pressure. Everyone knows that there is a real king coming and there is more than one king!
Virtual collapse A giant black tower as big as a star descended from the sky and fell directly to the broken star. This is the pagoda. It is the arrival of the Maha ancient king. The pagoda tries to smash the enchantment!
Chapter 952 Seal breaking
"Hey!" Like thunder exploding in the state of Jin, it’s more like a thunderbolt roaring in the ear. At this moment, several people in the state of Jin were deaf and looked up to see that the sky above them was still high, but I don’t know when the wind was blowing in heaven and earth, and more flocks of birds appeared like a great migration.
"Was that thunder just now?" "I have a bad feeling about what just happened." "Is it because you said that I was robbed by the state of Jin?" “……”
The whole state of Jin was shocked. At this moment, several people looked up at the sky at the same time, but for most people, they could still see white clouds floating occasionally in the blue sky and the sun hanging high. He could see nothing but feel it.
"Hey!" There was another loud noise, like the whole world shaking violently. It was more like the morning bell knocking on my heart at dusk. The sky was still blue and the sun was still high, but at this moment, everyone felt a sense of oppression. There were more masters in the state of Jin who looked up at this moment.
At this time, the sky finally changed color, but it was not a dark cloud, but a large hongxia spread from the horizon, like a piece of blood slowly spreading over the whole day. At last, the sun was rendered into a red sun by this layer of red awn, like a blood day, and the state of Jin appeared, like dyeing the whole world red.
"Ang!" The high dragons resounded through the nine heavens and the heart of the lake, and the real dragon breaking the surface flew for nine days, and its huge body was manifested in the capital. This is the real dragon that was once descended from the sea of Ning Caichen. It is said that if the creatures are manifested in the real dragon on weekdays, it will definitely cause his commotion, but at this moment, no one appears and vibrates.
"This day has come after all." Hou Fu Zhuge Liang looked up at the sky with a hint of unwillingness in his eyes. "It’s a pity that it’s too early. It’s too short for us to make a breakthrough …"
There was a flash in Nai Zhuge Liang’s eyes, but it was too short for them, especially for Ning Caichen, the founding of the State of Jin was only forty years ago, and Ning Caichen was even more sixty years old, but it was too young for Ning Caichen, and the rise was too short. If it could be postponed, Ning Caichen might not be able to break through the Tao, but time waits for no man.
Zhuge Liang is unwilling to the fact that it is too short for Zhuge Liang to be unwilling to the rise of the State of Jin. The State of Jin is far from reaching its peak. Which of these people, Zhang Liang, Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, Ran Min, Li Bai, Liu Bowen and Zhuge Liang, has grown to its peak? Every one of them has absolute confidence. They are far from enough to repair the limit, but the seal has been broken.
"It’s time for the sons of Jin to take up your weapons and defend the country!"
Zhao Yun, the wall of Qinglong Army, is dressed in blue armor and armed with a gentian silver gun. His eyes are as bright as stars. He looks at the tower behind him, and millions of Qinglong Army banners are hunting.
"Those who will fight in the battlefield will defend their country and defend their country. They will die in the battlefield!"
Lu Bu, the White Tiger Army, got up from the coach’s chair, dressed in a white armor like a statue of God of War.
"In the past, I mistook my enemies and thieves for worshipping God, causing hundreds of millions of people in West County to be robbed. Today, when my blood is shed, I will redeem my crime."
Xilan, West County, dressed in a robe, caressed his hand with a long knife and his fingers touched the blade, and the blade cut his skin. Silver blood flowed out, but he looked at his head with deep eyes like he didn’t feel it. In those days, the Lord’s affairs had always been like a thorn in his heart.
At this moment, the whole state of Jin was shocked, and then all eyes were on the direction of Beijing.
In the imperial garden of Beijing, I was dressed in white and looked at the sky above my head.
"Husband!" Behind her, Bai Susu, Yongle, Nie Xiaoqian, Bai Xue and Gao Lan all looked at Ning Caichen’s face and showed concern. Bai Susu couldn’t help but gently call a Ning Caichen smell speech and turned his head to see the women’s worried face with a slight smile. "Take care of Shine until I come back …"
Say that finish Ning Caichen turned and stepped out directly to the royal.
"Be sure to come back!"
Daughters behind looking at Ning Caichen from figure rim of the eye is not from get red.
Huge coercion swept across the heavens and the earth. Ning Caichen’s footsteps soared like a statue. He toured the heavens and the earth for nine days. At this moment, he didn’t hide his breath, and a powerful momentum spread out, sweeping the whole world directly. His feet spread like a purple rainbow, spreading directly to the sky!
"Positions are positions to sell …"
The purple god rainbow appeared in the sky like a huge Tianhe, and almost the whole state of Jin was clearly visible. Some people cheered and some people cheered. They knew that this was Ning Caichen’s move, and almost at the same time, they saw Ning Caichen flying to the stars. The streamers also rushed from all over the state of Jin.
"Click … boomed …"
Ning Caichen figure appeared in the universe star, followed by a series of figures. This time, everything came into view in the star. When I looked up, I saw that there were dark cracks in the stars overhead, like the stars overhead would collapse at this time!
There are more and more figures in the stars coming from the State of Jin, and Ning Caichen is surrounded by Zhang Liang, Zhuge Liang, Han Xin, Wei Zhaung, Zhao Yun, Lu Bu, Fan Zeng, Ran Min, Li Bai, and other ministers of the State of Jin, such as Emperor Tian, Xi Lan, Penalty Avoidance, Woody, etc., and Bi Xuan, Shenyin, Faya, Platycodon grandiflorum, Yue Ji, Li Shishi, etc. have also come. At this moment, almost all the giants and masters of the State of Jin have gathered here.
No one spoke, and everyone looked at the stars above their heads.
There was another loud noise, and everyone felt like this star was shaking violently all over the head, and there were more and more cracks. This was because everyone saw that there were purple curtains in those cracks, and there were golden runes blooming with golden light.
"This is the Hong Seal that has always protected us …"
Looking at this purple curtain, everyone’s face is slightly changed. They know that this is the life cost of Daozun in ancient times, which has been sealed for a long time, and it has been preserved by several terrans, but the seal is about to be broken at this moment.
Everyone can feel that the seal breath emitted by the purple light curtain is getting weaker and weaker, and it is almost impossible to maintain the seal. It is against the sky, which is completely isolated from the heavens and the earth. In the shape of the avenue, it is the Avenue of Heaven. As the seal weakens, it will be difficult to seal this star.
And this moment is not the natural disappearance of the seal, but the obvious attack from outside.
"Dong …"
There was another loud noise, and this time everyone saw through the screen that a huge black object was like a mountain hitting the seal barrier.
"A few years earlier than predicted, outsiders have found the seal."
Ginger figure emerges from the void, tears the void and appears beside Ning Caichen.

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