The demon race has a demon way

There is a law for all nations.
But no matter what Taoism is, all roads lead to the same goal in the end, and all laws cannot be unified.
Perhaps the same is true of budo.
The end of the road is always similar, no matter what Taoism you practice, you will eventually go to the same shore.
A realm of budo is temporarily determined by law.
But this time, Wu Daozun flashed a sudden Tathagata thought.
This idea is so bold that it may be a narrow escape!
But once successful, with this inspiration, he may achieve a unique road of his own, which no one can surpass and no one can copy!
To some extent, Daoism, Daoism, Daoism and Magic Daoism are not high or low, and they are not beyond the constraints of this world.
However, because he is an alien and founded Wudaozu’s body to melt thousands of magical powers, he nurtured hundreds of scriptures.
The martial arts to his hands broke out in such a terrible power!
Not only his brother Bei Mingxue and Xiaoyao, but also all beings in heaven can practice martial arts and become immortals, and everyone is like a dragon.
The martial arts do not belong to him alone.
However, if this idea can be confirmed, the integration of martial arts and Taoism may break some rules and step into an unknown, untraceable and untouchable world!
Wudao Zun finally tried to surpass it.
Not only surpass others, but also surpass yourself!
During this period, Wu Daozun practiced Daoism while deducing Daoism.
Zhenwu Daoism is about to reach perfection!
The final ranking of the sixth day of the Nine-Nine Conference was officially announced.
The monks in the two lists are divided into two venues, and the monks will be given enough rest after each round.
The ranking battle will last for two days.
The first scene of the list of true immortals is Qin Ce’s false period of true immortals in Zixiao Fairyland Cave.
Although the means of this true fairy is not weak, he lost and conceded defeat in less than ten strokes to Emperor Qin Ce.
The second scene is Jun Yu’s battle against a true fairy in Bixiao Fairyland.
Jun Yu also won easily.
The third game was Lin Lei against Mo Qing.
Moqing gave up and quit without going to war.
Many monks have made this choice by painting immortal ink and knowing that they want to win.
There are Su Mo, Yunzhu and others who know that Mo Qing is unwilling to fight and kill.
It’s enough for her to get into the top 100 and get a chance to practice in Jianmu Shenshu.
Su Mo watched a few games casually and then converged his mind again to practice secretly.
The sixth day passed.
Finally, the top 50 seats have been decided.
The four immortals in the fairy land of Zhong Shen Xiao are all in the top 50 except painting immortals and quitting early!
Yuehua Sword Fairy also ranks far ahead.
Everyone knows that the ranking battle will be more intense on the seventh day!

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