Lively girls secretly encourage

She doesn’t care about revenge, but she is itching for the secret curiosity.
"What do you say with smoke?"
Blue robe man turned around and looked at the side of white female soft asked.
"I don’t care"
The woman in white smiled slightly. "You are the host here. I’ll just watch the excitement if you plan."
"Then go and have a look!"
The blue robe man decided, "Anyway, there are still a few days before the family is big. Let’s go to Beiming Town to see what the secret is!" "
Nangong Jade is overjoyed.
Several elders behind him are also smiling at each other.
No matter as they are, the Lingshu has been closer.
"Bitch makes you crazy!"
Nangong Jade looked at the direction of Beiming Town with a slight grin and sneered, "Beiming Snow, please wait for me!"
Chapter one thousand three hundred and forty Big brother
Beiming town
"Don’t worry, sister, I’m still in the early days of then, but I’ve awakened to the vision of then. This big family competition will definitely be a blockbuster!"
North ghost proudly said confidently.
It is not easy to practice. Two years ago, Bei Mingao was in the early stage of then, and it condensed the vision of then.
But he still failed to break through two years ago.
Beimingxue smiled and helped Beimingao to arrange a collar and told him, "My younger brother’s family is better than not belittling the enemy. We must be very careful about our own safety."
When I was three years old, Bei Mingao had grown into a fifteen-year-old boy, and he was about to catch the snow in Bei Mingao.
North Ghost Snow has also grown more beautiful and refined at the age of ten.
"Elder sister, you can rest assured."
Bei Ming proudly raised his fist and sank, "I can retreat even if I can’t beat the other side!"
Pause a little, and a cruel color flashed in Bei Ming’s proud eyes. "Don’t worry, sister, I will find Dongfang Zhi to avenge you!"
"no need"
North ghost snow shook his head and said, "I will handle this matter."
Bei Ming ao Zheng
He doesn’t know how his sister can handle this matter by herself.
In the past three years, he spent almost all day practicing with many peers in the clan hall, and he didn’t come back.
In the past three years, his body has naturally changed a lot.
The strangest thing is that Bei Ming ao vaguely feels that this sister seems to have changed a little, which is beyond words.
"Sister, there are still three days to go, and the family is bigger than I have to go to Zongzu Hall, and the old clan has told us something."

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