Luo Zhanjian also came slowly.

"Thank you for your help, Su Xiong." Li Guangqi responded quickly and was busy handing over his thanks.
Li Qiuxue also nodded and thanked Su Li.
They didn’t say hello to Luo Zhanjian. They didn’t like Luo Zhanjian, a person who was cultivated by the base.
"By the way, Su Xiong, I’ll help you introduce each other." Li Guangqi saw his peers and the other four people looked at Su Li. Their eyes were full of curiosity and awe and they were busy introducing them.
"This is Su Lisu’s brother and ten newcomers to our southern base-this brother is Wang Jian from the western base, and these three are Li Qiulin, Jason and Guo Hao from the eastern base."
When the four men reported their names, they all greeted Su Li politely and thanked him for just helping him.
Su Li also introduced Luo Zhanjian to them.
Luo Zhanjian reacted with some wooden Wang Jian and Qiu-Lin Li, etc., but it was nothing. Li Guangqi and Qiu-xue Li were surprised.
This Luo Zhanjian seems to be a little different before.
Seeing so many of them, Su Li wanted to give Luo Zhanjian to them, believing that it would be much safer for them to take care of each other together, so he was ready to find a chance to slip away and walk alone.
But for the time being, he did not leave, but followed them to get to know each other, and immediately ran to the front.
The king of the desert was killed, and Li Qiuxue got a forgotten crystal. Fourth, the people rushed along the yellow sand towards the distance, and soon arrived at the end of the desert and found a lot of lux magma in front.
What I saw at first sight was fiery red magma, and when everyone approached, I felt the heat wave coming on my face. Among these slowly flowing magma, there was a narrow path formed by the accumulation of giant rocks, but it was only three meters wide, like a snake with no end in sight.
At the moment, about one or two kilometers ahead of them, the killing sound can be heard. Before that, five orcs entered, where groups of lux magma monsters were fighting.
"Go-"Li Qiuxue immediately drew down this narrow path and rushed forward.
As soon as she rushed to both sides, the magma changed immediately, and then she heard that there was a magma boiling into the sky, and a pair of red wings turned into a lava from it. The firebird suddenly came at Li Qiuxue.
Li Qiuxue gave a rebuke to Shi Mao with his right hand, and launched a light towards the lava firebird.
On both sides of this stone road, the magma is connected with explosions and rushes to the clouds. One after another, lava firebirds rush out of the magma pillar and rush towards Li Qiuxue and Li Guangqi and Su Li.
Su Li made a peep at the symbol pattern to observe that these lava firebirds are all rare beasts of level 20, and their strength is not weak.
More and more lava firebirds jumped out of the magma on both sides, and people rushed to resist the attack of these lava firebirds and push forward along the stone road.
Killing a lava firebird can harvest 12 spiritual sources and equipment, but the harvest is all rare or even ordinary equipment. Su Li can’t see it, including hunting all kinds of rare animals before, and throwing all the equipment into the mirage. I don’t know how many pieces there are already.
People are not slow, especially the first Li Qiuxue holding Shi Mao is very brave, and soon they will advance thousands of meters along this stone road.
Su Li looked back and found that four people appeared at the exit to hit the "third eye". At a distance, he immediately found that these four people were "primitive terrans". Two of the strong people were level 19 and the other two reached level 2.
These four proto-terrans are very powerful, and they are also attacked by swarms of lava firebirds, but they push it all the way faster than them.
All the Taoist priests will be attacked by these lava firebirds. It seems that there are several lava firebirds hidden in the marginal magma on both sides, which are inexhaustible.
Su Li doesn’t know how many lava firebirds he killed, and the number of spiritual sources has gradually increased to five.
The breakthrough speed of the four primitive people behind them is faster than theirs, and they are close to 100 meters, while the distance of the five orcs in front of them is shortened to 500 meters or 600 meters.
And there is a new strong at the entrance of this stone road. This time, it is five greenwood cloth newcomers. They have just arrived at the stone road and have also been attacked by lava firebirds.
As time goes by, more and more people will enter this stone road, and all of them will be attacked.
When the number of spiritual sources owned by Su Li reached six, the four primitive people had come to their rear, and the distance between the five orcs in front of them was shortened to 400 meters.
The four primitive men soon overtook them and sped up again to kill them in the front.
This time, Su Li also speeded up faster than Li Qiuxue, who took the lead, followed the four primitive people behind him.
Suddenly there was a roar from a distance, and a huge magma behemoth appeared in the distance.

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