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Hu Pingan sat on Hu Lu and looked at the courtiers triumphantly. "What do you say about Aiqing?"
Nobody talks. They need to digest one.
Xiao Shen was the first to digest it and said, "I still have to see it."
What a tough mouth.
"Well, I’ll call Xiao Xiang together. I don’t know if Xiao Xiang will prove that the other party really lived for two hundred years." Hu Lu smiled
Xiao Shen replied, "What I said happened to be that I was worried that I was going to invite Cai Gong, who edited Zeng Shen’s Dry History, to meet the elders in Taoyuan Village."
Hu Lu "But Cai Gong is young ~"
Xiao Shen: "Although Cai Gong is six times out of ten, he still reads newspapers every day."
Hu Lu waved his sleeve robe "accurate"
In this wave of his robe, Hu Lu shook out another secret letter, picked it up and laughed. "I said that there are immortals in death, so are there any monsters?"
Look at me, ministers. I’ll see if you have a reason. Generally, politicians are very taboo about this kind of thing.
How can there be those dirty things in the prosperous times of Lang Lang Gan Kun?
However, Hu Lu said, "This is dispensable."
Then he handed the secret letter to big princess through the valet, "Please read one again in peace."
Some excitement Hu Ping-an read aloud, "My dear Qi Jiulang passed by Hedong Caozhou Prefecture and heard that there are monsters in the tributaries of the long river here that can drag boats into the river and hurt people’s lives …"
When I read this, Xiao Ping’s expression became dignified. "In order to verify this matter, I damaged three brothers to make sure that there are indeed monsters in the water, such as apes and monkeys, as big as giant boats, and there are magical powers to control the wind and waves. I was also lucky enough to escape."
That’s the end of this secret letter. Jiulang wrote this letter immediately after his escape to report the matter. It is estimated that he can keep the river and wait for the emperor to handle the opinions in the follow-up.
Hu Lu sighed, "Jiu Lang’s martial arts skills are superior to mine, and he was born in the south of the Yangtze River. He is proficient in water, but he also got a lucky escape in the face of that water."
"I’m afraid this strange person can make unconventional means by the enemy, which is also an important reason why I issued the order to find immortals. Only magic can defeat the monster.
"I’m afraid the world in our eyes is not as simple as it looks. There are fairies and monsters, and there may be something hard to understand. You can’t pretend not to see them.
"In the future, if we deal with these characters, we will have to think about the proposition, which is a great challenge and a great opportunity …"
Hu Luzheng’s declamatory speech suddenly caught a glimpse of the awkward nephew Yu Shaoyan’s face turned red.
"Shao Yan, what’s wrong with you? It’s not urgency, is it?" Asked Hu Lu, a narrow-minded person.
Yu Shaoyan bowed down and said, "I want to say that I took the order of Caoxian County of Caozhou Prefecture years ago to go to Beijing from Luzhou Prefecture. If you want to go faster, you must take the waterway, and the section of Caozhou Prefecture that hates the river is the only way to go north!"
The original smile happily changed color instantly …
Chapter 7 New Table
It’s time for class to have lunch.
After a busy afternoon, Fushou Emperor led big princess out of Taiji Hall and walked in this red wall and purple tile palace with a heavy heart.
According to the letter, if you take the water, Xiao Liulang will take the elders of Taoyuan Village by boat and cross the anaerobic river tonight, and now he has come without notice.
Although Hu Ge can fly fast, he can fly back to the palace from the outside, except for several major frontier towns.

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