Lynn thinks this point war … is quite interesting. It has made quite a lot of things around the point exhibition.

There are also some’ entertainment props’ that don’t have points, but in fact these are also related to points.
Because these creatures have been’ counted’ in various States, such as poor mental state, they will lose points and need entertainment props to maintain.
There are always various settings that make them constantly compete for points … but now nothing can be changed.
No matter what Lin tries to change, it will show’ error’ and then change it by law.
After many tests, Lin found that … the core of the system moved.
The whole core cave shook, and its shaking also brought violent vibration, and several cracks spread around the core.
And in these cracks … Lynn found a lot of water gushing out.
It feels like there is a reservoir here, and these waters have formed small water columns and rushed out, which will soon submerge the whole place and the forest arms.
Lin found that there are also many microorganisms in these waters, and these microorganisms are gathering together quickly.
This is quite like catching a ball, where microbes are rapidly clumping together.
After these microorganisms gathered into a larger group, they gathered to the point core one after another.
They stick to the’ skin’ of the point core, making the core like a meatball bigger and bigger.
At the same time, when it is growing, Lin also feels new information from … those seventh tumbling biological brains.
The previous points exchange information has changed a lot.
It turned out that it was all buildings, vehicles, things on the ground.
And now it’s all water.
Like submarines, what means of transportation and water buildings
However, these can’t be exchanged at present. If Lin wants to exchange them, there will be mistakes.
But Lin thinks … it may be convertible soon.
Because the whole world is changing.
There were also many cracks on the surface of the original Sixth Tumbler, and a lot of water poured out from the cracks.
The water is spreading as fast as flooding the whole ground, and it is also mixed with a lot of microorganisms.
They converge rapidly in the water … to be precise, they converge on the surface.
They stick to the ground to avoid being washed away by the water and get bigger and bigger at the same time.
It seems that the water … changes the world.
Similar situations have occurred in many areas throughout the Sixth Tumbler. Lin sent all the situations she saw here to the Seventh Tumbler Control Center.
After sending all this, Lin found that it updated a lot of information.
The most important thing is that the sixth tumbling person is’ polluted’.
The center has updated a lot of information, including … After the end of the "point war" of the sixth roller, the core of the point system is going to reset the whole surface city.
But at that time, it was suddenly polluted, and the source of pollution mainly came from the’ material storage’
The material repository is where those point exchanges are put. After this place is polluted, the point core is also controlled.
At that time, the center tried to seize control, but it was countered, resulting in the loss of a lot of data.
So it didn’t record this piece of information, but after Lin sent it the situation here, it would’ recall’ the past situation
Lin thinks this is very interesting … but Lin also doesn’t know exactly how this center works.

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