Soon after Ji Nanfeng came back, Zhao Wen also came back and told Sheng Yingying what she had just heard about health.

After all, Zhao Wen often sees that Sheng Yingying likes Ji Nanfeng, just like her heart secretly loves Song Yu’s girl friendship. Sometimes it is strange, probably because they have the same experience, Zhao Wen and Sheng Yingying are the best in this small group.
But Zhao Wen also knows that Sheng Yingying likes Ji Nanfeng and doesn’t know about Ji Nanfeng and the summer strike. After all, it seems to everyone that they are brother and sister, and after Ji Nanfeng’s fame, Sheng Yingying won’t remember people.
Zhao Wen told Sheng Yingying that it was a proof that there was a plan to strike a song in the summer, but Sheng Yingying recognized another mystery.
Xia Shengge and Ji Nanfeng don’t go home alone … Your hands are tight and you forgot to return to Zhao Wen’s words.
"Yingying, what happened to you?" Zhao Wen called her again
"Nothing just thinking!" Shengyingying hide way
"As far as she is concerned, she will pretend to be a good person. Isn’t it okay to drink wine just now? It’s really a Bai Lianhua!" Zhao Wen doesn’t breathe
Most of the boys in the class have a crush on Xia Shengge, but most of the girls in the class have a crush on Ji Nanfeng and Song Yu. She wants to be a brother and a childhood friend.
Zhao Wen feels that her grades are not bad, but she is not so lucky. Naturally, she is unwilling, and what Song Yu said today really makes her very chilling.
Sheng Yingying has no mind to listen to these little things, and her mind is buzzing.
Chapter 11 I have nothing to talk to you about.
No, she can’t let this happen. Brother Nanfeng is not sensible. Doesn’t she know anything about summer music? How can a girl be so reserved? How can she fool around with boys if they don’t go home?
As soon as Sheng Yingying got up from her position and went to Shengge, she said, "I have something to talk to you about Xia Shengge!"
"Sheng Yingying, I have nothing to talk to you about. Please leave me alone!" Going on strike is really unpleasant for her.
People don’t attack me, I don’t attack prisoners. Even if they are kind, they are not soft mud. Whoever wants to pinch them will have a temper.
"Xia Shengge, can we talk well!" Chengyingying see her attitude is a little annoyed.
"I have nothing to say to you!"
"I’ll talk to you well. That’s your attitude. You come with me. There’s something I have to tell you!" Sheng Yingying stretched out her hand and pulled her. It’s naturally not good to say those words in front of her classmates that she likes Ji Nanfeng and doesn’t want to ruin her name.
Xia Shengge didn’t expect Sheng Yingying to be so stubborn that she would come and pull her body off guard. She felt that Sheng Yingying was too unreasonable to pull her arm, so she tried to jilt Sheng Yingying. When two people pulled and pulled Sheng Yingying back, their foreheads touched the corner of the table.
Sheng Yingying knew that the scalp hurt a little at that moment, and then she felt that her forehead was hot and her hands were bleeding.
I thought it was boring for her to make such a fuss. I didn’t expect her to fall down, and I didn’t expect her head to break. I saw her bleeding and went over to help her. I didn’t expect Sheng Yingying to push her. "Who wants you to be fake!"
Ji Nanfeng heard the noise and turned around. First, my sister fell down and rushed over directly. Without even looking, Sheng Yingying took a look and lifted her up and said, "Sister, are you okay?"
Sheng Yingying felt more wronged when she saw Ji Nanfeng ignoring her heart. She was all his good, but he didn’t even look at her and cared about Xia Shengge.
"Ji Nanfeng, you know how to protect your sister. You don’t care if she knocks Yingying’s head?" Zhao Wen help Shengyingying way
Ji Nanfeng noticed that Sheng Yingying also saw her debut. "My sister has a good temper, but she never conflicts with people. Even if Sheng Yingying is injured, it will be her own collision with my sister!"
"Nanfeng said yes, everyone is classmates. What’s the temper? We all know who she is not polite to at ordinary times. Besides, she has been sitting here for a long time. Sheng Yingying’s position is not here. How could she suddenly fall?" Song Yu’s words are justified and obvious, and they are also here to strike.
Zhao Wen was even more annoyed when she saw that Song Yu was protecting Xia Shengge. "So you mean that Yingying hurt herself?"
"This is clear to her!" Song Yu didn’t deny such a ridiculous statement
"No, Xia Shengge must give Yingying an explanation!" Zhao Wen argues that it is also possible to deliberately hurt people, but it is always necessary to defeat this summer’s enthusiasm.
Sheng Yingying can’t see her wound, and she feels very painful near the scalp, and the blood keeps flowing. Naturally, she is a little scared. How can a girl not love beauty? When she hears Zhao Wen, she is also very moved and wronged. Tears keep flowing.
However, I still made a generous gesture, "I don’t want you to go to the party. We are all classmates. You apologize to me and let it go!"
"You came to pull me and I pulled my arm back. Even if you lost your balance and fell, you were responsible, but you provoked me first. I won’t apologize!" She’s right. What’s to apologize for?
"There’s a fight in Jinyuan Hotel. Please come and deal with it!" No one noticed that Zhao Wen had called the police when she was on strike, and Song Yu couldn’t come when she tried to take away her mobile phone.
"You are fucking crazy!" Ji Nanfeng heard Zhao Wen’s alarm and almost started work on Zhao Wen.
"Ji Nanfeng, if you dare to try it, you can just hurt people because your family is rich and powerful?" Zhao Wen, anyone who hears this must start work.
If it weren’t for the strike, I would have kicked the south wind, and Song Yu quickly pulled Zhao Wen in the past, but it wasn’t to protect her and wanted her to stop giving people trouble.
Fighting is most likely to happen in summer, especially when the school has a summer vacation.
There are policemen on patrol near the station. When the switchboard says that there is a fight here, they will come immediately.
It’s a very small thing, and now it’s out of control.
Chengyingying didn’t want to make a scene, but the south wind protected Xia Shengge like this. She naturally didn’t want to ask her if she was hurt from the end.
The police came soon. Zhao Wen watched the police come in and said, "That’s her, the police uncle. She pushed my classmate down and got hurt!"
When the police saw Sheng Yingying’s face full of blood, they couldn’t see exactly how she was hurt.

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