Xu shouted at manager Ji and laughed. "Are you and I really bodyguards? You can see my strength. It’s easy for me to make money. I earn a mere 100 thousand a month here? How much money can people earn if they are capable? Is my strength worth 100,000 a month? "

Of course, people can see that many powerful people are different from ordinary people, and it is really easy to make money …
Is it not as simple as a bodyguard?
Xu laughed. "I’m just here to have some fun, but I just want to take a dip in the dragon house. Are you and I really bodyguards? Besides, what do you think I can do about the Dragon Family? Why don’t I show it to you? "
Master Ji’s pupil shrank back and said, "You’re lying!"
Xu didn’t answer. He took out his mobile phone and dialed Heibing’s words, "Heibing, I asked you to prepare things. Are you ready?"
Black ice road "I’m ready"
Xu said, "That’s good to do."
Black ice way "where are you even picking up girls? I am a weapon for you to pick up girls all day? "
Xu couldn’t help laughing when he heard this ridicule.
After waiting for Xu to hang up, it was not a few minutes before Ji Zong suddenly received the message.
After receiving the words, manager Ji suddenly changed his face. "What did you do?"
Xu laughed. "I didn’t do anything but let people stir up your stock market."
Everyone was surprised to hear this.
You know, it takes a lot of money to make a group in crisis by stirring up the stock market. Only when the group is stronger and stronger can it be done.
Behind Xu, there is a force more powerful than the card group?
At this time, another commotion appeared and disappeared. At noon, the dragon housekeeper suddenly hurried back.
As soon as the butler arrived, he went straight to Xu and respectfully handed Xu’s ID card to Xu. "It turned out that it was Mr. Xu who came here. I’m sorry for being rude!"
When people see that Guangbo respects Xu so much, it is even more difficult for two monks to understand who Xu is.
Long Qingtian also frowned and said, "Guangbo, you said that you were going to investigate the background of a small bodyguard. What is it now?"
Everyone looked at Guangbo.
This is a question that everyone wants to ask.
Guangbo sighed with dismay, "I’m afraid this Mr. Xu came to be a bodyguard just to experience life, because he is the chairman of the Xu Shi League!"
Hearing these four words, everyone’s pupil shrinks slightly.
Longqing Tiandao "Which Xu Shi Group?"
Guangbo said, "How many Xu Shi delegations can I have so respectfully?"
The strength of the Dragon Group is good, and it can make Guangbo so respectful. Of course, there is a Xu Shi Group.
Everyone is a businessman, and you must have heard about the big things in the business circle. Recently, a company has soared to the fourth place in the country after the market, and the chairman of the company has also become the fourth richest person in the country.
This is a national tycoon. It’s easy to bring down the cartel.
It’s easy for such a state-level billionaire to help the Dragon Group come back to life.
Those who laughed at the Dragon Family before were dumbfounded.
No one thought that this young man who worked as a bodyguard for Long Xiaoling would be the helm of the Xu Shi regiment!
Long Qingtian stare big eyes way "really?"
Guangbo said, "I specially went to Xu Shi Group to visit their general manager in the name of Long Group. Heibing said that their chairman has indeed come to our city of Anwar! And they have confirmed that the identity card holder is their chairman! "
When we get here, there is no doubt anymore.
People are more than just sighing.
Zhou Yuze stare big eyes and looked at Long Xiaoling strangely. Xu suddenly knew how ridiculous he had just done.
I laughed at the chairman of the Xu Shi delegation. Do you deserve it?
If you let your friends know about this, don’t laugh at yourself to death?
Yu Zhou hurriedly ran away when it was really 36 stratagems.
Long Xiaoling couldn’t believe to see the man beside her, and suddenly a special feeling welled up in her heart.
Xu is like a god who stepped on colorful auspicious clouds and suddenly came to her and became her hero, bringing her light hope.
Jixiaoyue jumped up in situ covering her mouth.
Nowadays, the mood of abortion is very complicated. On the one hand, things in Gao Xinglong’s family have been solved, and on the other hand, some people are embarrassed to face up to Xu’s jumping personality because of this, but there is no shortage of denigration of Xu. Who would have thought that this guy is the chairman of Xu Shi Group?
Jixiaoyue’s eyes are going round and round, hoping that maybe he won’t hold a grudge, let alone vent it to Jijiatou.
Jixiaoyue blinked his eyes and secretly looked at Xu, but he had to admit that Xu looked much taller and more dazzling at the moment.
Chapter six hundred and fifty Xia Bingqing news

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