The eye situation is a little subtle.

Among the seven people, if the theory of combat power is definitely better than Su Mo and Yun Ting.
But these two people may break out at any time, but they may become others.
The situation is changing rapidly. Seven people have a chance to take Yu Fu!
Yun Ting glanced at the battlefield next to it and then looked at Su Mo slowly. "I’m bound to have to kill two big swords with jade operators! I won’t give you another chance! "
Yun Ting’s self-reliance on the enemy’s front hand looks a little cynical
Only then did he get serious and prepare to keep it!
Yun Ting has been surging in waves of tidal waves, which is frightening.
Blood is like the tide!
Bang bang!
Then the tide stirred up waves of firm but gentle contention, piercing the golden crack stone and showing its sharp edge!
Su Mo looked dignified.
Yun Ting’s blood is too strong!
It’s not just simple blood, such as the tide and Yun Ting body. Every drop of blood contains the ultimate conan the destroyer sword!
Yun Ting’s body flows with sword blood.
It’s no exaggeration to say that he can slay a ninth-order Xuanxian with a drop of blood!
The pressure of confrontation between Sumo and Yun Ting has soared
Waves of blood gas surge through Yun Ting’s flesh and through many emptiness
Su Mo’s blue body showed a series of sword marks, and his cheeks were scratched and hurt.
Yun Ting hasn’t made moves yet. It’s like being in this qi, blood, Su Mo. There is a feeling of being torn by firm but gentle!
Affected by this kind of qi and blood induction, violet’s veins also become manic and restless.
Su Mo took a deep breath of pneumatic body violet blood.
The only thing that matters is the creation of violet heaven and earth
In those days, it attracted the celestial fairy king to rob Su Mo and dare not be careless!
He will never expose violet’s blood unless he dies.
"You lost!"
Just a moment when Su Mo pressed his veins, Yun Ting felt something. His eyes were full of whispers and he made a brazen move!
This is the top strong terrible.
Small changes can’t escape their perception.
Sue ink pressure vein momentum naturally weak to Yun Ting will seize this opportunity to burst into a fierce offensive!
Yun Ting’s hands are put together and his fingers are pinched into a sword. The form seems to be combative by waving two long swords.
Shu at first is dozens of sword light will finish Su Mo enveloped in!
The outbreak of qi and blood and the surge of Yun Ting’s combat power almost formed a crushing state, and it was unexpectedly necessary to suppress Su Mo with one move!
Su Mo fuelling Yuan Shen’s throat broke out into a growl with magical powers.
Then behind him, two pairs of four ivory as white as jade actually grew slowly!
Every ivory is sharper than it is filled with terror.
Behind Su Mo, there is a god-like image looming.
Talent, magic power, six teeth, magic power!
When Su Mo was a Xuanxian Yuan God, he could manifest two ivory gods.
When Sumo Yuan God broke through the land, he could have evolved four ivory gods.
This means that Su Mo’s power has soared by more than four times!
Although there is no blood, Su Mo’s momentum has soared to the point where Yun Ting can compete!
Su Mo’s hand or fist or palm or finger or claw or knee or elbow also continuously counterattacked dozens of strokes to resist dozens of sword lights around him.
Finally, Su Mo’s hands clenched into fists, and Yun Ting’s sword fingers severely collided!
Both sides take a step back.
Su Mo felt a stabbing pain in her palm.
He looked down and saw that his fist was stabbed by Yun Ting’s sword finger, and blood flowed out, but soon the wound healed itself and stopped bleeding.
Yun Ting sword blood is too strong!
Even though Sumo’s gift of supernatural power soared more than four times, Yun Ting barely tied.
Even he was injured by Yun Ting’s sword finger!
Good violet’s self-healing ability is amazing. This kind of injury is nothing.
It’s not that violet is really weaker than Yun Ting’s flesh.
If Su Mo moves his veins, not only can his strength overwhelm Yun Ting, but his palm will not be injured.
Yun Ting frowned.
Just met again beyond his expectations.
Even the innate magic weapon of Xuanjie can be cut into two pieces, but Su Mo left two wounds in his palm?
The most paradoxical thing is that a few breathing Su Mo palm wounds have healed!
I can’t see any trace!
This self-healing ability is more than twice as strong as him, which is almost worth the rebirth of the fairy limb.
This man is a monk in the world. What kind of flesh and blood can he compete with?

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