Tian-ling zhang face upheaval suddenly felt a pentium than terrible pressure Xiao Yu palm to horrible unpredictable palm force has been nullified.

Zhang Tianling just wanted to resist, but my heart suddenly chills. I know that I can’t resist this palm. Once I forcibly resist myself, these arms will definitely burst on the spot!
Suddenly, his heart was shocked, and suddenly, he suddenly burst into a horrible and unpredictable light and rushed out of seven powerful ancient treasures. The murderous knife, gun, sword, halberd, clock, tower, tripod and seal were blazing and murderous, and they directly nullified Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu swept out a palm with a horrible and unpredictable Gangfeng whizzing and playing a virtual explosion. These seven ancient treasures also made a click, and the light was dim and slammed.
Horrible unpredictable palm wind whizzed past like tens of thousands of knives directly, which suddenly made Zhang Tianling feel a burst of chills than terrible breath, and his body retreated back again.
Xiao Yu, this is a terrible physical strength explosion, which not only shattered all his treasures with a palm, but also directly made Zhang Tianling feel terrible!
This physical strength is simply an enemy!
In addition to those Uber Zhang Tianling, he has seen it for the first time!
How can this be born in the world of yin and yang? Isn’t the blood already extinct? Will continue to appear!
His heart was shocked, his mouth was desperate and he roared, and his whole body was full of vitality and he retreated wildly.
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed cold light when he missed a blow, and his body jumped like a terrible dragon’s golden breath explosion, and he rushed over again.
"Zhang Tianling, I won’t kill you if you beheaded me earlier. I’ll clap your hands and call it quits!"
Xiao Yu voice cold way
Zhang Tianling’s body is colder and faster, and his heart is shocked and angry. Give him a hand? Xiao Yu is such a horrible flesh who dares to let him clap his hands!
He just didn’t expect it until now that he realized that Xiao Yu’s physical strength is absolutely comparable to those ancient Uber! Even those ubers will vomit blood when they are slapped by him!
The golden gangfeng exploded, and Xiao Yu’s huge palm was snapped again with a pressure of terror. The power was vast and unpredictable, and it simply destroyed everything.
Zhang Tianling suddenly roars at a number of runes, and suddenly his hands print, and at the moment, a number of mysterious French seals appear. His palm force pushes and blows, and a number of tall and gloomy tombstones appear all over his body. The heavens and the earth stand like a number of scary giant swords.
Waves of dark breath instantly filled the whole area.
When these tombstones appeared, Xiao Yu immediately felt the body’s flesh and blood rushing up, and some flesh and blood actually dissipated directly. It seemed to be suppressed by a mysterious force, which quickly disintegrated and disappeared.
This made Xiao Yu’s heart cold and bright in his eyes, and the power explosion in his palm accelerated, and he covered his hands with nine fingers, which seemed to communicate with the mysterious heaven filled with terrible breath.
Zhang Tianling’s mouth suddenly roared with his hands. Suddenly, several terrible tombstones rushed towards Xiao Yu’s body. At this moment, it was like taking a bite of a giant sword and murderous.
Finally, the two men violently collided together.
There is an explosive force in the sky, and it is distorted and radiant.
All over the sky, the dark tombstone was swept by a horrible golden torrent, and suddenly there was a sparse sound, and several cracks appeared, and then there was a bang, bang and rumbling, all of which were blown to pieces.
The explosion of tombstones all over the sky has made this area chaotic!
Zhang Tianling stuffy hum a kuangpen one mouthful blood body by a golden breath boom inverted out on the spot.
Xiao Yu was also directly shocked by the terrible tombstone power of the other party. He snorted a body and flew back directly.
His eyes fell to the ground with a cold flash and he rushed forward again.
Zhang Tianling shuddered and roared, "Xiao Yu, you don’t keep your word. You said I’d just pick you up and shoot!"
Xiao Yu smiled grimly. "Old Xiao Yu has always been like this. He once promised you to die of old age!"
He broke like a meteor with one punch, burning in the bright sun and blasting away at Zhang Tianling’s body.
Seeing that Zhang Tianling’s body is about to fall, Xiao Yu’s fist is falling apart, Zhang Tianling also issued a hysterical roar, trying his best to resist the crazy burning of all his nutrients as if he were desperately trying!
But at this moment
Suddenly, there was a terrible and unpredictable atmosphere in high school.
It’s like nine days when the Milky Way washed away and shattered and swept away!
The whole area seems to be instantly replaced by a terrible field force, and Xiao Yu, Zhang Tianling and Yang Sancai all become motionless.
Stopping there directly one by one seems to have suddenly turned into sculptures!
At this moment, Xiao Yu, Zhang Tianling and Yang Sancai couldn’t help but feel a surprised in their hearts and then felt a burst of creepy breath.
In high school, a terrible shadow whizzed by quickly to the extreme, and Xiao Yu and Zhang Tianling appeared in the blink of an eye. The body and eyes were cold and filled with a horrible atmosphere.
Cut the coach!
Xiao Yu and Zhang Tianling couldn’t help but shrink their eyes.
I was shocked by the beheading coach so soon!
See this moment behead coach face unprecedented gloomy appeared here in an instant immediately eyes for scanning to see the beach ground meat, blood …
Luo Cha four strong were Xiao Yu broken body dead!
This makes the anger in the coach’s heart can be contained
"It seems that you really don’t know how to live and die. It’s really killing you to ignore my words!"
The coach’s voice is gloomy than terrible.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and ninety-one Copper column
The coach’s figure suddenly appeared here, and the great magic blocked everything. The whole area was transient and motionless.
Xiao Yu or Zhang Tianling stopped one by one, where the body was dim and his face changed, and his heart surged in an instant.
When the coach’s body appears here, his eyes are cold, scanning Xiao Yu and Zhang Tianling’s palm, and a terrible thunder whip appears. The wrist is more than three meters thick, and there is a scratching sound. There are several thunder-filled bursts of destructive breath.
He directly to the mouth terrible thunder whip toward Xiao Yu body mercilessly crazy smoke to blow the thunder whip smoke suddenly turned than terror LeiHaiBang moment will drown Xiao Yu.
In an instant, several thunderbolts hit Xiao Yushen, banging, flashing and thundering.
Xiao Yuzhou’s golden scales are flashing and mysterious, and his strength is simply harder than even cutting the coach’s strength, which has failed to leave any mark on him!

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