Gu Qingshan surge of emotion surge some say a sigh with emotion.

He shouted and touched the fruit.
He hit the fruit against the branch without hitting it.
"hmm? Brother, why are you here? " The fruit asked.
Gu Qingshan primly said, "What time is it to sleep? Roll over to bask in the sun. "
The fruit froze and ate. "You always forbid me to bask in it-"
Gu Qingshan interrupted her and said, "From today on, you must bask in the sun or you won’t be able to keep up with nutrition!"
"Ah, good brother, come with you."
"Of course my brother will come."
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven Fate struggle!
The autumn wind has not fallen, and the morning glow is brilliant
Two fruits are bathed in the morning light by the branches.
"Elder brother, I’m full" Xiaoxi said.
"You can’t eat any more if you eat too little." Gu Qingshan said.
"I usually don’t eat early …"
"Hum, if you don’t eat breakfast, how can you have nutrition and eat it every morning?"
"got it"
The fruit of Mingxi stays quietly in the branches.
The orange glow gradually rises, and the half-shades alternate, and the bright golden light reflects her little body.
Xiaoxi couldn’t help but sigh, "The morning light is so beautiful."
Gu Qingshan silent a roll to the side of Xiaoxi way
"Xiaoxi, this is called sunrise."
"Are you? What a wonderful name. "
"But the appearance of this glow proves that the weather will become bad," he explained.
"oh? Will it rain? " Small evening interested in asked.
"It’s probably rainy-there’s a saying,’ Don’t go out at sunrise’"
"What does this mean?"
"Simply speaking, when sunlight shines through the atmosphere, it is scattered by the air along the way. In the spectrum, violet, blue, cyan and other colors with short wavelength are the most easily scattered, while red, orange and yellow with long wavelength have strong light transmission ability. If the morning glow is bright, it means that there are more water vapor and larger particles in the atmosphere, and the state is very unstable, there will be a high probability of rainy days."
Xiaoxipei said, "Brother, you know so much."
"Haha, if you don’t understand anything, you can ask your brother to promise to tell you the answer."
"… it turns out that my brother has always been very fond of me."
"Of course!"
Gu Qingshan said while thinking quickly in his heart.
I have been in this world for about a little while.
I’m afraid that fate will come to occupy this body soon.
Is there any way to make the goddess of fate fall?
I’m a god, and I’m a fruit, so I can’t resist it.
But …
Renee Doyle is still alive even though she is occupied.
Her soul has been and persisted to the end.
Do you want to repeat this process yourself?
….. no
To occupy one’s body by others is to hand the knife to others.

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