Holly looked at Mark with an imperceptible smile and said, "I’m not too white. What do you mean? Director Louis, Allen and Sharon are my daughters with Angkor Dawes."

Mark laughed. "Sharon may be, but Allen is definitely not."
Holly’s face is also a little less beautiful. "Director Lewis is so sure?"
Mark nodded and said, "since Ms. Carter once served as the director of aegis London branch, she should also know that there is not only an ordinary dark side in this world, but also another extraordinary world."
Holly couldn’t help looking up at Mark.
Mark smiled and looked at Holly with great interest. "Ms. Carter, your next answer will determine my attitude to deal with Allen Carter."
Holly frowned and said nothing.
Next to Kate, she said to Mark, "What are you doing? Lylis decide her love. you are her father. "
Mark nodded but looked at Holly and answered Kate’s question. "I have reason to suspect that this Allen Carter may be a Aegis crow."
Everything in the former Soviet Union is still widespread.
The suspicion is that the former Soviet intelligence agency Yan and the crow hooked the beautiful man and the handsome crow hooked the lady …
Helishen said, "Allen’s future is London."
"Sure enough …" Mark nodded and smiled at this. "So you also noticed the secrecy in SHIELD?"
Next to Kate, there are some twists and turns.
How did the topic deflect again? Didn’t you just talk about your children’s private affairs again? Why did you go to SHIELD again?
Shielding is secretive?
What problem?
Holly’s old eyes suddenly shrank and looked at Mark.
Mark or mark?
Holly sighed and said, "Allen is my child, but not my child."
Mark smiled.
This is the right way to show.
Who are Carter’s parents in Allen? Mark also thought of a possibility, but Mark would rather hope that it is not true.
quite a while
Holly looked up and glanced at the ceiling of the living room with memories and said, "It was July 1994 when my sister Peggy Carter retired from SHIELD and returned to London and found me …"
It was a normal London mor filled with fog.
Holly Carter, who was only forty-four years old in 1994, is working in the center of Aegis’s London branch.
Peggy’s arrival showed no sign.

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