This day is unusual. In Zhong Liyi’s three-year prisoner’s career, there is no wave. The plum blossom tree in the courtyard is full of flowers and branches like a fire. Although it is beautiful, it is often lonely, which makes the courtyard more desolate.

There is little snow in Shu, but this year it has become a swirl when the sunset is full of red berries. The first snow clock has reached out and caught a few snowflakes to see them melt into his palm. Three years ago, my father disappeared quietly in his own world like this snow, teaching him that he didn’t even have a chance to breathe, and even tears didn’t come and flow. The so-called growth is to watch people around him unable to pull back one by one, and then swallow tears and live quietly.
Zhong Li walked out of the door and leaned over the plum tree to caress the snow beside the root.
Luo Jialan looked sad on his face and suddenly felt uncomfortable and bowed his head.
The door was pushed, and the clock got up and stared at the bearer.
Qu Jinfu, the eunuch who accompanied Jia Di all his life, surrounded the unarmed southwest Shu Wang Zhong Li with a group of people. They all stood there and didn’t come to announce it.
It seems that people are Qu Jinfu in the clock, so they guess one side but look at these people coldly.
Qu Jinfu, a bunch of people waiting for Zhong Li’s meeting, should be polite to ask them what these people came here for, but we didn’t expect him to say a word. This is Qu Jinfu’s turn to be embarrassed, but this man has been around Jia Di for a long time. This embarrassment lasted less than a blink of an eye, and he said with a straight face, "The holy Oracle said that Shu Wang Zhong Li’s collusion with barbarians was aimed at rebellion, and the evidence was conclusive. When I read it, I made meritorious deeds and left his body to commit suicide."
Zhong Li Zi heard this sneer without saying anything, not far from him, and fell into a blue scorn. "Zhong Li Zi is an imperial clan even if he wears a sin. Sheng was not deprived of his dynasty at the beginning. He is still the king of Beiyi and the king of Jingnan. Now Jingnan is guilty, but he can inherit his clan blood. If this triple identity is naturally accepted,
Qu Jinfu was surprised-I didn’t expect to be so familiar with the "Dayuan Law" that even the imperial clan execution process was very clear! However, since he has come to Shu, he will not be sent away by these words.
"Today everything from appropriate if it weren’t for the emperor MingGuan to report such a joke! No matter whether the imperial edict of the three courts is issued or not, you can accept this message today. Do you want to cover it up? "
Qu Jinfu’s last word ended in praise of his followers, who invariably flashed their swords and pointed them at the two of them.
Compared with Lagaran’s angry clock, he smiled coldly. "Then thank the Lord for his kindness."
In the future, people handed poison and took it, but they didn’t hesitate to expose it. They didn’t even have a chance to react. What’s it like to add blue and white? The clock left the bottle and he called out the words "Clock left"
At this moment, the noise outside the courtyard made Qu Jinfu feel bad, but it was already three minutes late. The southwest Shu army broke in and the movement was better than Qu Jinfu’s for the National People’s Congress.
"What’s the matter? Do you want to rebel with Zhong Liyi?"
Qu Jinfu’s face is so timid-he entered Shu this time, which is a secret decree. If these Shu troops kill him now, Jia Di will never defend himself, and maybe he will teach himself to take the fall for the wrong. A false imperial decree killed the imperial clan in vain and sacrificed the Qu clan.
Luo Jialan saw that Qu Jinfu seemed to be afraid and shouted, "Why does Lord Qu want to see how the southwest Shu army can show its power?"
Qu Jinfu shuddered and bowed his head and said, "Asking about the rest of the sovereign is an official, not looking forward to the atonement of the sovereign. Presumably, all the fussy officials in the southwest have to leave now."
That a group of people just out of the gate clock away from Yi is no longer support soft body to fall down with blue hurriedly call to hold him "how can you be so impulsive? I’m afraid that medicine won’t work! "
The clock moved his purple lips, but it was not a wry smile-if he resisted, even if he saved his life, he would be implicated in the Luo family, especially Luo Jia Lan Luo Jia Lan, but he could not be moved at all.
"What will you do if you tell her to live?"
Zhong Li spit out one mouthful blood, and the whole person knelt down because he couldn’t support it. He felt that the influx of blood could keep the blood from flowing out of his nostrils with his mouth open.
Luo Jialan didn’t expect this medicine to run so quickly and frightened, squatting before holding the clock and almost shouting, "You stupid spit it out!" "
All the Shu troops exclaimed "Your Majesty" when they saw Zhong Li’s vomiting blood.
Zhong Li turned his head to look at Luo Jialan and wanted to laugh, but it made the blood flow stagnate and the smell from the nostrils increased, and the strength was also lost. He could not support it and planted it forward. Jia Lan held his voice trembling. "How can I spit it out?"
Clock from her fierce spit a mouthful of finally will be the mouth serum strength but bitterly spit out three words "jia emperor …"
Knife-shaped eyebrows pick a pair of phoenix eyes full of hatred, pale face and shocking blood.
The courier sent the Beijing newspaper, Luo Jialan, and took the bell and went into the hall to hand over the letter to him.
The clock looked at the letter, but his face became more and more ugly. Yingwu’s eyebrows twisted into a piece of eyes, showing the light of murder. He vomited one mouthful blood and said "Bing Bei" word by word.
Lagaran was surprised to see him react so quickly and took the letter to see it.
In the third year, Hunuke entered the capital northeast and Jia Di slaughtered Gu.
Qu Jinfu and others probably set out in the twelfth lunar month and made unannounced visits. The news is unreasonable. I’m afraid I have also received Luo Jialan at the moment. Looking at Zhong Liyi, I’m a little puzzled. "You should drive Hunu and wait for General Liu Wei in southern Xinjiang. Let’s get the joint commander-in-chief of the three armies before we can compete with just 100,000 troops like Hunu five countries?"
Zhong Liyi struggled to walk to the table and spread paper to write a secret letter. "She is in the capital …"
Luo Jialan was worried about what Bai Zhongli was-she was in the capital.
Clock from her quickly wrote and took the paper saying, "Fa Mi northwest told Yu Wensu Ji soldiers to secretly enter Beijing. I should be faster than him. On the 17th, we will meet in Liuping City near the capital and re-send Mi Nan Jiang to make Liu Wei lead the troops to the north quickly."
Lagaran now has a nod-more than one million people from the three armies of northwest, southwest and southern Xinjiang besieged Hunu, although it was reluctant, it was enough for Zhong Liyan.
Yes, he is deeply poisoned now, and when will he live well?
Zhong Li’s nose bleeds, and a soft body falls into the sleeve. When you look at it, you can see that it is Zhong Li’s precious piece of Yu Pei-Congcong.
The first chapter Luo’s gentleman dyeing
Yuandu at the end of the twenty-fourth year of Jia Dynasty
In the imperial city, there is a festive scene of returning to Beijing. The streets and alleys are covered with red lanterns, reflecting the snow on the streets. The night market is full of people coming and going.
Compared with the noise outside, the Xiangfu compound seems a little calm. If it is not the red lantern hanging on the side of the door, you can’t see that it is in the New Year.
This prime minister is the most powerful official at present’s court level-Deputy Prime Minister Yuwen Ji ‘an added the prime minister to Jiadi two years ago. This prime minister never comes to court and does not ask about the affairs of the court like an idle person. Ministers such as Yuwen Ji ‘an have never seen this prime minister, and I don’t know his name.
Yuwen Ji ‘an has a Yuwen Suji who is intelligent and eager to learn. He has the highest qualifications among the younger generation. Even Jia Di Yuan is full of praise. He promised to enter the Hanlin Academy after his coronation. This is naturally a glory. Yuwen family is very happy, but Yuwen Ji ‘an, who can be described as a deputy in the DPRK, is not very happy-Mu Xiu is afraid that someone will stare at Yuwen family.
Yuwen Suji’s gentle face is not harsh on others, but modest and courteous. Yuwen Jian feels at ease. Many banquets for ministers on New Year’s Eve are the practice of Dayuan, and the Prime Minister naturally has to go there.
However, after coming out of the banquet, the deputy minister’s face has been bad, and the servant dare not ask more questions. When he entered the young master’s room, he felt that the young master would be piteously trained and secretly squeezed by Yu Wensu Ji-it is good to avoid accidents during the New Year’s Day. At any rate, it is a bad year for an accident this year.
When the Prime Minister entered, Yu Wensu Ji was practicing calligraphy. When he saw his father entering, he looked solemn. Yu Wensu Ji immediately got up and saluted, "Father came late, but something happened?"
Yu Wen-Ji ‘an nodded and sat down before slowly saying, "After some days, the emperor will live a long life and you will enter the palace to wait on the banquet."
Yu Wensu Ji was somewhat surprised, and his handsome brow wrinkled slightly. "Even the officials of Yu Wenshi’s great family are also difficult to face. I am not weak and I am a banquet?"
Yuwen Ji ‘an also frowned. "Names are not important, but the holy will is the most important thing. Our Yuwen family’s favor seems to be very feared by others. This is exactly what I am worried about. You should study etiquette carefully these days to prevent mistakes."
Tough tone is also quite resistant to Yu Wensu Ji’s thinking about this matter, but listening to his father seems to remember something. "By the way, I heard that Zhu Longshou Jing, the South King, and his family will return to Beijing, and it seems that he will also attend the banquet."
Yu Wensu Ji at this time some not white "holy birthday is a big event imperial clan should come to Jingnan king and have the meritorious military service to bring his family into Beijing, but also thick father will worry?" In the main phase, my father is afraid that he will take the father’s phase? "
Yu Wen-Ji ‘an shook his head meaningfully. "You don’t understand that the imperial clan certainly needs to congratulate you on your birthday, but it’s just a coincidence that Wang Gang made meritorious military service in southern Xinjiang and Chu Ping feared that it would be the emperor’s intention for his family to enter Beijing at this time."
Yu Wensu Ji immediately thought of his face and was surprised. "Is the emperor suspicious of the imperial clan?"
Yuwen Ji’ an didn’t answer, but he took a meaningful look at his son. "Where is the imperial clan that can be brought down?" The emperor should worry about a southern Xinjiang. "
Yu Wensu Ji nodded and suddenly remembered a "terrible" thing and looked at his father with a bad smile. "King Jingnan came to Beijing with his family? So Wang Shi of Jingnan will follow? I heard that when the emperor was born, he valued him very much and gave him Yu Pei with him. "
Yu Wen-Ji ‘an nodded. "That child is really loved by the emperor. It’s not a preference. You don’t want to think about what to do with him. After all, people are imperial clan. Going out in this name is a great disaster for the family to engage in cronyism."
Never put off till tomorrow what you can push the door to stay Yu Wensu ji froze in place.
The servants went in from adults and came out soon, and their faces improved slightly. Even if nothing happened, they were relieved.

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