At that time, Zhong Liyi knew the seriousness of the matter, but he didn’t ―― the lock was really precious, and he wouldn’t show it off at an important moment. Naturally, he wouldn’t lose it, and he didn’t want to take it out. But my father insisted that if people saw another right and wrong, they had to lose it.

But now my cousin told him so solemnly that Zhong Li knew that he couldn’t nod his head well. Nuo Nuo said, "I remember, by the way, don’t you have goods to ship? Why don’t you leave? Don’t you always pay attention to credibility? Now you make an exception?"
Luo Jialan stared at him. "I think you can behave yourself these days after your uncle leaves Beijing. I can’t protect you if I’m not an official!"
The promise of Zhong Li’s patience is that they talked about some hurtful topics again. Zhong Li is afraid that she is sneaking out to leave home, jumping over the wall from the backyard and sneaking into her room unnoticed.
The fourth chapter Pei Yuzhu
At the beginning of Jia twenty-five
It was sunny yesterday, and the west wind started in Wan Li night. In the morning, it snowed again, but Lan Lan came to Wangfu on time to ask his uncle, whom he had never met for a long time. King An Jing Nan was also very welcome to greet him. Many of them asked curiously, "Why don’t you see my cousin? He won’t still be sleeping?"
King Jingnan looked nai. "I went to his room this morning and saw a message on the table. I will go to the Acropolis in a hurry and return to Beijing before the palace banquet. This child braved such heavy snow, which really makes people uneasy. When you go to Jiangnan, pay attention to the Acropolis. If you wake up, he will come back as soon as possible."
King Jingnan sighed, "It’s not good for Beijing to send someone to look for it, even if it causes you suspicion."
Luo Jialan naturally knows what the clock is doing, but this can’t tell King Jingnan to be passive. Nuo Nuo came out of Wangfu and went to Luoshi Jun to dye his life, settle down the goods and go to Zhangnan again.
The bell rang, the black horse vaulted his horse and waved dark black’s cloak. The monks dared not stop them, but they looked at each other and bowed their heads automatically. I don’t know about the gift and outfit of the bell rang-this is the imperial clan office. Who dares to offend!
Zhong Li entered the courtyard and walked straight into the Meilin, only to find that it was covered with white snow, and there was no other color except a piece of pure white, let alone looking for something. Besides, the snow was still blowing violently in the west wind, and the garden was blooming prematurely. The red and white red plums in the sunset complemented each other, but it was sad and beautiful.
Clock from her memory came to the plum tree where she met with falling red, but she couldn’t find the piece of wishful thinking.
"How can it not be here?" Clock from the murmuring slowly got up and took out the handkerchief and wiped the snow. The sailor frowned and looked for a few trees, but he still didn’t find Ruyi Pei. At this time, he was disappointed. Clock from shaking his cloak and falling snow looked at the snow all over the sky, but he was anxious-it was difficult for ordinary people in the water temple to get into the imperial clan, but in-laws could get into the clock from the clock. This Ruyi Pei was a rare piece of jade with a well-balanced color and a bright face. But the average person in jade didn’t say that he could get such a piece of jade, but he didn’t dare to wear it.
Zhong Li wondered if someone had picked it up. If that person was kind or thought about it, he saw something shining in the snow next to a plum tree. Although it was cloudy and dark, the light of that thing was especially noticeable.
Zhong Liyi leaned over and picked up the object, and saw that it was a small night bead with a blue shimmer. What kind of noble in-laws were surprised that there were such rare things as night beads? Not many people came to Zhong Liyi Temple to ask the abbot to see the abbot slowly. "Amitabha met because she wanted to see the benefactor in the afterlife. It will always be goodbye."
Zhong Liyi was still unwilling to hear him say this and asked, "I think this thing is unusual. I wonder if any dignitaries have settled in the Shuishui Temple these days?"
The abbot raised his head and looked at the clock and smiled. "The world is joking. The contacts between the water temple are dear. Nowadays, the contacts between the dignitaries on the holy birthday are even more important. How dare you reveal the whereabouts of the nobles to the world without the holy letter? The world is still fate, and it is destined to meet each other. "
Taizu said-unless the monks in the Imperial Imperial Imperial Palace Temple were not allowed to reveal their relatives’ whereabouts, the offenders immediately cut off the clock and stopped asking, "It’s because the clock was abrupt, so the clock left and disturbed the abbot’s meditation."
When the abbot heard him say this, he put his hands together and said slowly, "It’s inconvenient for Amitabha to travel at night, so it’s better to stay here for one night and prepare horses and chariots for the day."
Zhong Li looked at the dark sky and thought that he was riding a horse. The snow was thick and he couldn’t return home without riding a horse. He nodded, "Please, abbot."
Luoshui Temple is a Buddhist temple where people spend the night. It’s not really simple. It’s impossible to come to Luoshui Temple without telling my father. Now it’s impossible to return home to Japan because of heavy snow. It’s inevitable to have a nagging.
However, I didn’t find Ruyi Pei, but I picked up the night pearl clock. I was seventeen years old, and my face was slightly sad. I was turning around in the backyard of Luoshui Temple.
It’s even harder to walk in the water when it’s getting dark on a snowy day. Although the plum blossom in the temple is fragrant, it’s hard to reach the west wind, and it’s desolate when it’s covered with snow.
Zhong Li-yi remembered the incident of falling red in this place. The little guy was simple and lovely, and his words were serious, but he was like a peach blossom in spring, not a demon.
Because of the snowy night, the ink is like paint, and the snowy night lights up the red plum clock in this hospital. Looking at this plum garden layout, I feel very uncomfortable.
It’s still cold during the Spring Festival, so I didn’t plan to spend the night here, so I didn’t bring thick clothes, but I didn’t think of the snow. Zhong Li was brought up in southern Xinjiang and never experienced such a cold season, so I couldn’t help shivering.
The passing of the clock caused the tree crows to panic, and they spread their wings and fled
"Who’s there?"
A female bell is a little shocked ―― if there are women staying in the national temple of Luoshui Temple to avoid suspicion, the reputation of Luoshui Temple is also clear. Usually, women live in the front yard. This plum garden is far from the front yard and it is not renovated. It seems that it is a bit shabby to stay here. Where are you willing to live in this plum garden?
Zhong Li’s voice is quite resolute, unlike ordinary women’s softness and weakness. I just want to know which girl can condescend to it, but when it goes in one ear and out the other, I can turn around and avoid that hidden weapons can listen to the call, but the self-defense device can passively prevent a group of servants, Ding Zhong Li, from fighting around, but I don’t really dare to hurt him. From time to time, I will knock these people to the ground and look for the owner of this hospital proudly.
Only then did the woman say, "Go and watch tea in the moon."
When the words fell to the ground, there was a light. Someone lit the lamp "Please"
Xu is the girl named "Moon", and Zhong Liyi greeted her in the depths of the forest with a gift of "visiting the girl late at night".
The head didn’t respond to the moon, and he didn’t talk, so he took him into the depths of Meiyuan.
Zhong Lisha saw a little pale purple, like orchids on the northern rock wall.
She turned around and looked up. It seems that people’s eyes are not enthusiastic-less in Zhong Li’s eyes, which are full of indifference. Those cheng eyes are slightly squinting at people getting closer and closer.
The moon’s eyebrows puckered slightly, and a bunch of fire tattoos have an inviolable majesty.
A purple dress is a little luxurious, and it’s a little surprised to be trapped in a red sandalwood wheelchair called Zhong Li.
"Where did I come from? The wildcats disturbed the cleanliness of the drowning temple, but it turned out to be the palace. The clock was really distinguished." The female eyes rested on the clock and hung the token around her waist and glanced at it, so she stopped looking at the front person. The tone was cold and mean
Zhong Liyuan thought that he was really in a hurry during the day and blushed a little to make amends. "Zhong Liyuan lost her valuables here and lost her sense of propriety, which made the girl laugh!"
It seems that the man didn’t expect Zhong Liyi to apologize. He was just about to get the tea. He turned to look at Zhong Liyi’s faint mouth. "If everyone is in such a hurry, this plum blossom in the drowning temple will suffer."
Zhong Li’s thought that the man who walked in Meiyuan in the afternoon can bear the blame now without trace.
The candlelight reflected that the woman’s cheeks were reddish and crystal clear. When she raised a glass and sipped tea, there was a limit of sadness in her eyebrows, which was noticed by the clock.
A servant of the "Master" came to report that Zhong Li, who was watching for a while, was coming back to listen to him again. "The meditation Zen master’s child came to say that there seems to be a strange change tonight. If the master wants to enter the city, he will plan early."
This is not taboo. Obviously, it is also said to Zhong Liyi. Zhong Liyi unconsciously looks up at the sky-the night is as thick as ink and slightly snowing. He grew up in southern Xinjiang and naturally didn’t understand what this astronomical phenomenon in the north meant, but he listened to the woman’s slow way that "the wind in jathyapple’s tentacles is likely to fall blizzard."
The hand that leans out of the sleeve doesn’t have much meat, and it’s a bit bony. Although the owner of this hand is a woman, she is resolute and doesn’t dare to offend easily.
Zhong Liyi remembered what she said, "When you enter the city, you must pass through the Gulong Canyon. I’m afraid it’s difficult for the carriage to travel after the blizzard. The meditation Zen master is really prepared."
That’s not meaningful. Let the woman in the wheelchair frown slightly. The tone is still cold. "It’s hard to run a carriage after the blizzard. I’m afraid it’s not easy to race horses. How can you want to spend the fifteenth year in this drowning temple before entering Beijing?"
After hearing this, Zhong Liyi didn’t get angry and asked with a smile, "Since it’s difficult to race horses and the girl warmly invited Zhong Liyi, it’s better to be respectful than obedient."
The woman didn’t expect Zhong Li’s words to come in the end, and her tone was a little cold. "I didn’t’ invite you warmly’ if I left, I ordered my face to be ready to stay."
This is a great concession. Zhong Liyi nodded and smiled but threw another question. "The girl is so enthusiastic about Zhong Liyi but disrespectful. It is because the girl didn’t register her surname but called Zhong Liyi. I am afraid that if anything happens, I will not be able to report it, right?"
When the woman came to say that she was going to leave, she had to turn around and stare at the clock. Word by word, "In the early days, it was like snow. If something happened, I called Wangfu to come to me and kill people. Although I didn’t encounter many such things, it was not a troublesome thing for Wangfu to report some experience."
Zhong Li-Shan thought that what she said was very reasonable, so she said, "Well, what the girl said is reasonable. It’s really a good thing for Zhong Li-Shan to give all her life to the girl! My home will be open tomorrow! "
This is as angry as snow at first, but I don’t know that I can’t reason with such a person and I can leave angrily.
The fifth chapter solitary dragon canyon
Gulong Gorge in Beijing suburb at the beginning of the 25th year of Jia’s reign.
In the carriage, the faint fragrance floats, the candle shadows shake red, and the purple clothes are like snow. It’s not like walking on the road to read a scroll of poems in your hand slowly-there is no such leisure in walking on the road!
At the other end of the chess table, the clock is off, but the eyebrows are frowning. Those evil eyes can’t wait to stare out the hole in this chessboard. The black in their hands is slightly warm, but they still don’t know where to go.
Churuxue doesn’t urge him to wait until he falls, then slowly picks up one and puts it on the chessboard.
Clock from her breath "lost"
Churuxue saw his one eye faint mouth, "You just failed to deploy troops correctly, but the battle has been decided, but you are an unwilling person who will not give up until the end. Now this tragedy is not my fault."

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