And the corridor two people didn’t find Ann export that white figure.

Gu Lengchen went home early after leaving the banquet hall last night, got up at five o’clock in the morning and printed some documents. He was urged by Gu Ya to come to Jinling Hotel. I didn’t expect to meet Ye Ran and provoke a man with him last night. Early in the morning, Ye Ran, the presidential suite, had just woken up, and he had to think about it.
Calm face, the whole person is like hell to fix. On this day, Jinling employees have seen their own president’s temper and bombed to know that the president is in a bad mood today.
Ye Ran took a taxi and went directly to the villa in the distant mountains. She had to ask why they were so arrogant and reckless to harm her.
"Are Zhang Ma and Wang Ma there?" Ye Ran beat the villa door and shouted for the servant.
"Miss, what’s wrong with you? You’re sweating all over. Come in and wipe." Zhang Ma heard the sound and ran to the door.
"Where is Ye Tong?" Ye Ran asked and strode straight upstairs.
"Big Miss, they have gone to Maldives for a holiday and are not at home." Zhang Ma was worried.
"vacation? When do you leave? "
Ye Ran frowns, held a birthday party last night, and disappeared early this morning, hiding from her.
Zhang Ma rolled an apron and wiped her hands. "She said in the morning that she would not come back for half a month."
"My dad followed? What about the company? "
"The company is temporarily managed by his wife and brother, and your father gave him most of it. He is now in great scenery." Zhang Ma’s mouth is very angry
Ye Ran holds the railing, and the palm of her hand is cold. It is hot outside for three or nine days, but she feels cold from the outside.
"Big miss, you have to talk to general manager Ye. You can’t give away your fortune. Without the Yip’s group, you won’t even have a backer in the future. If you are bullied, this …" Zhang Ma advised Ye Ran intermittently and kindly.
"Zhang Ma, I will say that since they are not here, I will leave first. If they come back, please ask Zhang Ma to give me a call."
Ye Ran walked slowly along the long road like an overdraft, and her figure seemed to help the terrain to be remote, so she had to find someone to pick herself up and go back to the city center.
"Xiao Li came to the distant mountains" was connected and said.
Hang down your arms and slowly raise your head. Clouds are floating and the sun is shining. Everything seems so beautiful except her bad life.
☆ Chapter 50 Let me take off my clothes.
The car kept its promise, but Xiao Li jumped out of the car in a panic and pulled it up and sat in Ye Ran. "Boss has an accident."
"Burning ass yelling" Ye Ran roll their eyes.
"Boss Bo Yang’s boss committed suicide by jumping off a building last night, shortly after the birthday party. Ye Tong asserted that you threatened last night, and now the newspaper office is falling down. Fortunately, Su Zong stepped forward to stabilize his family temporarily."
"Boss Boyang?" Ye Ran asked, "The brain is spinning rapidly, and an old man with a chubby belly forced her to drink last night."
"Yes, what about the boss?" Xiao Li is anxious
"Going back to the company first can’t be a testimony by a few words from Ye Tong."
Ye Ran, the co-pilot of the two men driving through the streets, couldn’t figure out how Ye Tong could connect and talk about Boyang’s family when he was not in China.
At the door of me, Ye Ran looked cold and went into the lobby of the company. The security guard covered his head with gauze and went straight to Ye Ran’s side. "Editor Ye is terrible. You’d better not go home."
"Are you hurt? They incredibly dare to start work "Ye Ran frowned.
The security guard shook his head hard. "The editor-in-chief of the Boyang Group is famous for being unruly and difficult to meet such a bitch."
"I know it’s hard for you." Ye Ran hung his head and pinched his bag. He was so upset that she suffered a loss and turned around and she became a suspect.
Editor-in-chief’s office across the distance from Ye Ran heard a phone call crying and the pace gradually slowed down. It is understandable that a big living person suddenly lost his family and could not bear it.
"God, how can we live without our mother?" The woman’s crying is getting worse. Ye Ran understands. This is the first lady of Boyang Group.
"You calm down and tell us about the specific situation. Now that the official/party has entered the investigation and evidence collection, you can also sue you for libel if you are slandering us."
It was Su Zhicheng who Ye Ran first saw when he entered the office. His arms were wrapped around his chest and his feet were crawling with a woman in white. The woman looked very sad. Her face was heavy with makeup and her eyes were dizzy. She looked funny.
But she can’t laugh at this scene.
Other colleagues in the "Editor-in-Chief" office saw Ye Ran’s hiding woman coming towards her.
The woman rolled over and wiped her tears. She pounced on Ye Ran’s head and hit Ye Ran’s belly. Ye Ran fell to the wall, and everyone didn’t come to stop her.
"ah!" Ye Ran exclaimed before and after the attack hit her feel broken.
"Bitch, what did you tell my husband last night? Why did he jump off the building? " The woman carried chubby fingers trembling and pointed to Ye Ran’s forehead to poke her.
"You pay attention to it." Su Zhicheng threw the woman aside with a wave of his hand, twisting the woman’s arm with a big step.
"Ah, Yao," the woman cried out. She brought some servants to help her quickly.
Su Zhicheng did not consider many hands on Ye Ran’s shoulders and looked ferocious. She stared at her white cheeks and watched carefully. "Where does it hurt?" Let’s go to the hospital. "
Ye Ran shook his head and closed his eyes. He meditated and calmed down for a long time. When the pain was reduced, she took a long sigh of relief. "Nothing."
Everyone formed a circle around her to protect the thin Ye Ran.
Su Zhicheng turned his head, his black eyes were full of people’s cold, and he refused to pull his lips. "No one has the courage to run wild in my site. I remember you guys."
Say that finish ignore Ye Ran resistance arm around her shoulder and she walked outside the building.
The corridor was touching the parked car. Xiao Li glanced at the intimate body. The two asked, "Boss, are you also gloriously injured?" That’s a crazy bitch. I’ll help you clean him up. "
"Come on, let’s go first, and you can leave the aftermath button. It’s also okay to do something illegal at any time." Su Zhicheng’s eyebrows flashed sharply in front of Xiao Li, and the princess hugged Ye Ran and walked away
In situ, Xiao Li nodded foolishly and was bigger than the boss. It would be much easier if the boss made a speech!
Su Zhicheng took Ye Ran back to the "Jinling" hotel, or she stayed in the presidential suite last night. Ye Ran had a terrible pain, and her forehead was soaked with little sweat, and her broken hair was soaked with pain. She didn’t want to make trouble again.
"Stripping" Su Zhicheng’s eyes are burning.
"Ah?" Ye Ran heard wrong.
"I said take off your clothes and I’ll see if you are bruised." Su Zhicheng repeated.
"No, you go out. I want to lie down." Ye Ran blushed awkwardly and pushed Su Zhicheng by her bed.
Lonely men and women can’t tell if they are seen by outsiders.
"What can’t I do last night if I’m up to something?" Su Zhicheng pulled his face and looked straight at shy Ye Ran.
"That …" Ye Ran choked and somehow retorted that he was right. If he wanted that last night …

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