Swordsmanship is sharp and sharp, like a storm. I don’t know how strong it is just now.

At that time, Ling Tian was forced to retreat repeatedly.
I have to admit that Luo Kun has some accomplishments in swordsmanship.
Watching Luo Kun’s sword stab like a flash matches Ling Tian’s chest.
Luo Kun eyes ferocious with a grim sneer at a way
"Lingtian is over here!"
Ling day eyebrows tiny Cu when a Luokun sword play.
But I didn’t expect Luo Kun to be a serial sword.
The sword was instantly stabbed to Ling Tianli by Ling Tianli instead.
Ling day pupil shrinks quickly sideways to escape.
But I don’t want to have a sword in my hand and a whirl to sweep the neck of Ling Tian.
Ling Tian wants to avoid the roots again. No!
"Remember, don’t be my Luo family!"
Watched the sword will fall in ling day neck Luo Kun a face of proud cold way
Watching all the people with their hearts in their throats, their faces full of horror.
Is Lingtian finished?
Is the Hall of Hades no match for the Gu Wu family after all?
Poof ~ a light ring lotus flower splash
Luo Kun’s body suddenly froze and his sword stopped one inch away from Ling Tianbo.
Look down with deep horror in his eyes.
Only to see his heart with a soft sword.
The blood is low and the breath of life is flying away!
"No, it’s impossible!"
Luo Kun was surprised and afraid with a hard mouth that was deeply unwilling to despair.
Ling day looked at him coldly cool way
"Nothing is impossible"
"I said that the sea of clouds is a restricted area."
"You are a dead man from the day you step into the sea of clouds!"
Ling Tian finished a leg and kicked Luo Kun out.
Bang, Kun fell to the ground without breath.
"Second young master! ! !”
Luo Hongyuan face big change a exclaimed.
Figure such as jump to the front of Luo Kun will Luo Kun in her arms with a full face of panic.
I still can’t believe what a second young master Luo Kun is!
It’s a pity that Luo Kun has already lost his breath.
Where can I hear him shouting?
Open Gu Wu Luo Gu Er Gong Luo Kun died!

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