Reporters immediately held up their cameras to capture the scene.

After the show, the host took some time to introduce the film, and then let the hero and heroine talk about their feelings about taking the show, which is actually a final announcement
This kind of scene is almost the same as a TV drama conference, and it is gradually integrated into it, and it is not as tense as before.
She was staring at the camera in a generous way, and suddenly she swept into the corner and a figure sang and froze, and looked over there again.
Sealing in accordance with the beam-column hook lip smile looked at her.
When I saw her looking over, I stretched out my hand to say hello to her.
How did this guy come here?
Gao Ge muttered something in his heart, quickly withdrew his sight and continued to answer the reporter’s question. The whole press conference went smoothly, and after that, Gao Ge received a short message.
"Come out and meet me. I’m leaving soon. I don’t know when I can meet you."
When I saw the last sentence, I sang loudly and felt that I couldn’t refuse.
First, she called MuYunZe, but the line was busy over there. She sighed and felt more and more like a little wife. She had to report to him when she met someone.
I have been waiting outside the hotel for a long time before I saw a beautiful figure appear in my field of vision.
He walked over and waited until he was close, then smiled, "The tutor is so strict, is it so difficult to meet?"
Gao Kenai smiled. "Why don’t you help me persuade him?"
"I can’t persuade."
Feng Xiaoxiao "I just came to give you a New Year present."
Singing and looking at him unexpectedly
Pull the door and take out a bunch of flowers from the inside.
"Why do you like sending flowers so much?"
"Take a good look."
Section 162
Feng approached her with the bouquet of "flowers"
Glanced at the song and paused.
It’s not flowers in the bouquet, but paper flowers folded from the shadow tickets.
A handful of glistening flowers are dotted with several stars all over the sky.
Chapter 226 Should I praise your honesty?
Chapter 226
"I heard that this is your first big movie. I wish you a big box office sale."
Sealing eyes clear with a smile.
Gao Ge was stunned for a long time before he smiled gently. "How many people are you looking for?"
Feng sighed and smiled. "Can’t you pretend to be a little touched?"
"so touched"
Sing and cooperate immediately
Seal …
He laughed. "It’s too fake. Stop acting."
Gao Song immediately put away his fake smile and looked at him and whispered, "Thank you for the New Year gift."
Thirty movie tickets are willing to throw money and play romantic letters, so men are simply killers among women.
Fortunately, Gao Ge is a good woman, otherwise it would be really difficult to control at the moment.
If sugar cube hears this, it will definitely say that you are a good woman? Where do you look like a good woman?
Singing the wrong topic and asking, "Did you just say you were leaving?"
Seal nodded. "I’m here to inspect the goods. Of course I have to go back. Why don’t you want me to go? If you keep one, I might stay."
He blinked and smiled at her.
"Then you go. Bye."
Seal …
He smiled, "You are really honest."
He paused and asked, "Where’s Mu Yunze? Won’t he be with you on New Year’s Eve tonight?"
Singing and shaking his head, "I’m probably still busy. I can’t get through."
Just then, her cell phone rang, sang loudly, touched her cell phone and pressed the answer.
Mu Yunze’s gentle voice came from the other side. "Is it over?"
"Yeah, just finished."
Singing loudly, the corners of the mouth bend unconsciously.
"Don’t you have a shift yet?"
Mu Yunze paused for a second and whispered, "Today, the New Year’s Party of Linlin School just called me to attend. I have to go there first. You go home first and I’ll pick you up later."
Singing with stiff lips and shallow radian, "Why didn’t I listen to you before?"
"I just got the message, too," he added after a pause. "And it’s her seventeenth birthday."
Meaning he can’t refuse.
Gao Song curled up a finger and said, "Can you come back before the movie?"
Mu Yunze is a bad liar. He was silent for two seconds and whispered, "I’ll try my best."
With a loud laugh and a deep disappointment in her voice, she just said "I know" and hung up.
MuYunZe holding mobile phone when you are sad sitting in the back seat.
Ke Muqing drove the car to get a panoramic view of MuYunZe’s expression.
"Mu Zong’s New Year’s Eve party is held every year, but his wife has a big screen for the first time."
MuYunZe sipped his lips and was silent for a long time before he whispered, "It’s okay, she will understand."
Struve is an additional responsibility for him. This is the right time for his debt. He will tell Gao Ge all this.
She has always been very sensible, hasn’t she?
Ke Muqing sighed and didn’t speak again.
Women’s understanding is a kind of accommodation to men, but accommodation does not mean that they can be forgiven and ignored.
Mu Yunze and Gao Ge’s feelings have always been confusing, and he doesn’t know how to persuade them.
I feel her depression when I sing and hang up here.

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