She suddenly changed her mind when she left Ye Ran. She admitted that that night left a great shadow on her.

"Does it hurt to have a back pain after living in peace of mind and recovering from illness? Shall I call a doctor to see it? "
"No, I’ll stay in bed for another three days, and then you let me go. I’ll have to find a new room when I go out. It’s estimated that sharing a room with others will be a lot higher." Ye Ran wrinkled his face slightly distressed
"Don’t keep the change and live here. What’s the big deal? I’ll be your landlord and you’ll pay my rent every month?" Gu Lengchen side head tone sincere.
"No, my family has a villa on the waterfront. The security system in the ordinary community can’t move there than me."
Ye Ran’s mind is rippling. She wants to transform herself. If Gu Lengchen is kind to her, she may have a berth on the other side. She needs a harbor and a warm chest to care for her.
"Waterfront luxurious court? My home is there, too. You sent me back every time. "
"Well, yes."
Ye Ran’s eyes are drooping, and the orange sunshine shines on her bright feet, and her toes are curved, round and moist, which is lovely.
Gu Lengchen raised his hand and covered his cheeks. "Go back to your room first and your living problem is open to question."
Two people go to the building corridor quietly didn’t see a servant.
Ye Ran curious pull pull lip look light asked "good quiet people? Don’t come to the building? "
"Well, they are not allowed to come except for an hour of cleaning in the morning."
"Landlord, what’s wrong here? Why can’t you come at any time?"
"outsiders are not welcome in private venues"
"What about me? I not only came, but also stayed overnight."
"Are you an outsider?"
Gu Lengchen looked back and stood upright in front of Ye Ran. His devouring eyes were black and bright with a shallow smile.
So Gu Lengchen Ye Ran once again couldn’t control his chest deer.
What’s the matter recently? You always make a fool of yourself and miss men! ?
"You are my pity."
Before Ye Ran came out of complacency, he was choked to death by Gu Lengchen’s words. That tone almost blocked his throat
Gu Lengchen clearly captured that Ye Ran’s face turned sunny to cloudy, and her black and blue face was particularly funny.
Ye Ran snorted. "Yes, thank you for your kindness, but you don’t need me to go."
Stride out of the lip and sip tightly
She knew that she and Gu Lengchen also knew that she had climbed others, but the words came out of Gu Lengchen’s mouth and she was super uncomfortable.
When passing by, Gu Lengchen grabbed Ye Ran’s wrist and put away his teasing expression and whispered, "Don’t …"
(Gu Shuaige is a joke. When he comes to us, Ye Ran will abuse him and make him all kinds of coax ~)
Babies insist on bubbling. The reward is still the same ~ Thank you for your support. It’s even at two o’clock in the morning ~
☆ Chapter 59 Don’t be angry.
"I’m kidding, Doby. You didn’t mean it."
"Funny? What do you mean by facts? Let me go "
Ye Ran impatiently twisted his wrist and broke free for a long time, but he still couldn’t escape from his talons. His slender wrist was blue and "it hurts gently"
I heard that she shouted pain, Gu Lengchen slowed her hand and pulled up her white tender hand. A circle of red "delicate" was seen on her wrist.
"Natural skin can’t bear any injustice, and it will be red and swollen at the slightest touch."
"No wonder your back is badly bruised. You don’t even cry for pain, but you don’t feel it, do you?"
"If it doesn’t hurt, it will definitely hurt, but I can’t stand the pain."

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