"This" Yang Wu’s heart, what do you care what he does? You ordered them to be driven away, but your mouth said, "This may be robbing us of food. After all, Tangzhou’s piece is too poor."

Du Hong thought for a while, and Yang Wugang’s words came to his heart. It’s April, and it’s just the time when the green and yellow don’t pick up food. It’s very possible. Besides, his strength is really not as strong as usual.
Yang Wu was afraid that Du Hong would think of something else and quickly said, "General, if you don’t chase so many people, you will run away. We elephant soldiers are fearless and invincible."
Du Hong was finally persuaded by him to March, which saved Li He his strength. There are still two or three or four schemes to lure him in. This one is enough to chase him all the way. Don’t say that this defeated soldier really belongs to a rabbit and runs very fast, and he often wants to set fire to scare the war elephants. But these war elephants are trained and burst into small fires. So all the way, they will be the last. This group of people actually ran into the gate of Wu’ an County, ready to defend themselves.
At this time, the sun has set, leaving only the last ray of sunset in the sky. Du Hong is going to send a sergeant to attack the city like a war elephant. He will shoot arrows at the war elephant to cover others and climb the ladder to attack the city.
Before the city was attacked twice, the tower stone thrower threw a few things to this side, and Du Hong was still braving the fire. This was the enemy’s fireball, which was a means to deal with the war elephant. I didn’t care much, but after the fireball fell to the ground, there was a loud bang, just like thunder before the summer rain. Du Hong was so shocked that his ears rang "buzzing" that he couldn’t hear anything. This still belonged to someone who was far away, so he fell directly from the war elephant. At that time, the war elephant was also frightened. At that time, it was scattered and spent four
Not far outside Wu ‘an, Chen Hui laughed when he heard the loud noise. "Make the rockets of the three armed forces chase the elephant soldiers all the way to Luocheng."
Du Hong defeated the base army and wiped out the snail city. How could the 1 oooo troops face the 2oooo army? It took only two days for Chen Hui to conquer the snail city. After two days, Shao Ting donated news. They also attacked the original Aizhou (the original Aizhou was only 4 oooo troops). So the two armies joined forces to attack Fengzhou. Instead, they attacked Wu Changwen first. If Ding Bu Ling occupied a mountain, it would be better. Unfortunately, he occupied a topped mountain and a cave, in front of which was a large forest. At ease, I don’t know how the Chujun attacked them at all. The oil was a torch, and Ding Bu led 1ooo troops to burn down and then besieged Fengzhou together. It was only half a month before he took Fengzhou and initially completed Ma Yun’s plan.
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Chapter 2 Old horse’s new ideas
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Chu’s soldiers in Annan and other places were crushed to death, and Wu’s separatist forces effectively deterred the twelve envoys who were eager to move? ? No.1 middle school? ? Wenwang? ? Shao Ting donated the Second Water Army and then wiped out pirates in Nanyang, which not only ensured the maritime trade, but also made the name of Chu Army.
With the decrease of South-North exchanges between pirates in South Asia, merchant ships have also increased a lot of South-East Asian gold, silver and grain, which have been continuously transported to Chu in exchange for silk brocade and porcelain from Chu, Yi Lin, wax and other small countries in South Asia. Although there are only three or five small countries in Guangzhou, there are really few major events for Chu, from Qing Xiaoyi, who specializes in foreign affairs, to Xu Zhongya, who is in charge of the overall situation, and Ma Xiyin, who is very never in charge of fame and reputation.
Even Ma Xifan, the king of Zhao, who lives in the palace, was shocked. The old horse is in his forties this year. In addition to meeting the chiefs of ethnic minorities in Nanning (now Huishui, Guizhou), Yizhou (now Fenggang, Guizhou) and Nazhou (now Donglan, Guangxi), it is rare for international friends to come to pay tribute. What’s worse, most of the chiefs in front have now turned to exile and become good citizens of the Great Chu State. The old horse is full of energy and has repeatedly written to let Ma Yun come to Changsha with these envoys and meet these guests from afar.
Now that the Liu family in Lingnan has been destroyed, two old feuds have been settled, and secondly, all countries have come to Korea (although only three or five). When chatting with Ma Xiguang, Liao Block Diagram and others, the old horse has revealed that he wants to be too arrogant. Well thought, let alone Li Jing, a unlucky man in the Central Plains, who can be emperor of Shu and Meng Chang, a kid who can be emperor. Now, with such a large population of 7 million and more than 100,000 soldiers in Chu, he can establish his country with his back to the north.
Liao Block Diagram People are old, but their minds are not confused at all. A while ago, I just had a group of officials to persuade me to do things, and there was a time when civil servants and officials would write reports every day. Now this storm has finally been suppressed. It fully says that Ma Yun, the king of Chu, doesn’t want to be an emperor, and besides, this time is not mature. But it can’t persuade people to know that the king of Chu is so diligent and loves the people, and the demonstration must be going to the throne of the emperor. Now you can’t persuade others to put it aside, that is to give others a handle. He has
While attending Ma Xiguang’s heart attack, his brother is the emperor’s nephew and the emperor himself. This old uncle has to be a sovereign, anyway. When you are a sovereign, you can’t enfeoffment a state food city. We can’t go to places to enjoy food and drink spicy chat, but it can also harm the people. Isn’t it a hundred times better than staying in this Changsha city every day now?
But this guy is not an idiot. He knows that Ma Yun doesn’t like him very much now. At present, he doesn’t dare to take the risk of doing such a disharmonious thing. At that time, his brain turned to Ma Xifan and Ma Yunfu, and he was a slap in the face to persuade King Wen Zhao to let Ma Yun reign as emperor.
The old horse was touted in the fog and wanted to write a letter to Ma Yun, telling him to hurry to the throne. Before he could get a pen to write a letter, Ma Xiguang advised him, "Third brother, this is a good thing. You should order heaven to let everyone know that this is called universal celebration!"
The old horse didn’t expect his brother to be preoccupied with his own good deeds. He hesitated and thought it was quite right to be an emperor and not a thief. Of course, he should be aboveboard, so he ordered Leo Liu, the great eunuch who served him, to take Huang Jinlai’s imperial edict.
Leo Liu is a bit difficult. Since the abdication of the old horse, he has never finished the imperial edict according to his own wishes. There is no Huang Jinke in this palace. The old horse is in the mood. Liu Yanke dare not touch this brow and trotted off to find the eunuch in charge of the former palace, Zhang Shun Leo Liu. After telling his purpose, Zhang Shun’s eyes turned. He said, "Liu Gonggong’s eyes know that the amount of Huang Jin is very limited, and although the king has not returned from the expedition, he still has to manage the sky. If it is not this Huang Jin, he will take a part of it. Now it is the Queen
If this words were put in the past, Leo Liu would naturally not believe it, but now, except for the moderate degree of the palace, the degree of the palace has really greatly reduced the meal of the queen empress, and several empress sitting around a table is just a dish. Maybe there is really no Huang Jin here.
There was no way to Leo Liu, so Zhao Ziying went to the main hall of Chengle Palace. A few days ago, Ma Yun had a new subject in Guangzhou, after having obtained an examination, so that the Taoists in Guangnan East had a chance as soon as possible. Ma Yun had written to Enke to hold a big contest in Changsha in June, that is, when palace examination Leo Liu went to find Zhao Ziying, Zhao Ziying was "listening to politics" and discussing with Xu Zhongya, Fan Zhi, Zhong Ju, Wu Ban, TaBaHeng and others.
After listening to AG’s report that Leo Liu had something to see Zi Ying, what happened to the old horse? Ma Yun flaunted loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, righteousness and Ziying all day long, and he was also quite nervous about the old horse. Immediately, Alex came in.
After Leo Liu came in, he bowed down and gave a "handmaiden kowtowing to the empress."
"Leo Liu is the king. What can I do for you?"
"Report back that the Empress Tai Wang prepared an imperial edict for the King to ascend to the throne, but there was no yellow brocade in the palace, so he sent a handmaiden to get a yellow brocade."
Hmm? I didn’t expect the old horse to have such a mouthful of Xu Zhongya. Leo Liu seemed to want to tell whether his words were true or not. It has been four years since Ma Yun succeeded to the throne. In the past four years, although the country has been tight, the people are getting better every day. The disobedient officials in the government have been completely sidelined and the army has been reorganized. Now Ma Yun’s throne can be said to be rock solid. King Wen Zhao should not have other ideas, right?
Fan Zhi and Wu Ban have a bitter face. This old horse’s imperial edict belongs to the duck-driving rack. It is hard for the king of Chu to refuse this matter. But in this way, Chu and the Great Han Dynasty will certainly deteriorate. Is this army going to be expanded again?
These men didn’t say anything over there. TaBaHeng couldn’t help but say, "What time is the eye of mischief? How can you do this?" It’s harmful to our great Chu. How can the emperor be at ease now when he comes to the door? "
After hearing what he said, Xu Zhongya jumped out and said, "Tuoba’s adult is right. It’s only a matter of time before the king proclaimed himself, and the ministers and the people don’t agree with it, but now is not a good time. Well, the king still needs to explain. Why don’t you ask Tuoba’s adult to go?" The queen and empress, like the king of Chu, are not good at directly opposing themselves in front of the king, and they don’t want to go to the school. They are not familiar with you, so who can go if TaBaHeng doesn’t go?
TaBaHeng is a straight man. He knows the meaning of Xu Zhongya’s words on the other side, but he has always been brave enough to take risks and never refuse to follow Leo Liu to see the king.
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Chapter 3 Long siege years
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There is a saying that everything has its vanquisher. When Ma Xifan was in power, he didn’t care about this TaBaHeng except knowing that TaBaHeng was loyal and didn’t drive him out of the court. ? ? ? ? ? However, after he became a Wang Ye, he didn’t realize that TaBaHeng had a position and insisted that few ministers often came to visit him. At that time, TaBaHeng talked about the truth, and Liao’s block diagram comforted him with a few words. Finally, he took back the newly released emperor.
The southern Chu State won successively, and the northern Han Dynasty also turned from crisis to safety.
Three rebel borders are connected, so naturally, they won’t be idiots. Let the court break them one by one. According to Zhao Kuangyin’s suggestion, Guo Wei will attack Li Shouzhen first, and finally surround him in the river. The most difficult and powerful Li Shouzhen, Zhao Siwan and Jingchong Wang, will be scared to death.
For example, attacking the house in the river, such as annihilating Li Shouzhen’s army, there are many different ideas. However, whether Guo Wei ordered the river to be surrounded on three sides outside the city, he only left a gap in the south of the city. At the same time, he transferred the people of five nearby counties to build a long wall to connect the three camps together
After the completion of the project, he gave up everything, put the Tang dynasty stand in harmony with the soldiers, and sometimes even showed that he loved soldiers by eating the same pot with the soldiers. Guo Wei didn’t scold the soldiers for not having clean hands and feet, but he just gave him a verbal education. But when he asked the soldiers to attack, even trivial things, Guo Wei was rewarded handsomely.
The three armies think Guo Wei is really a good leader, even the Mao emperor Liu Zhiyuan is not as grateful to him as Guo Wei. Guo Wei took these troops with him, and Li Shouzhen was kind to these soldiers. He stayed in the middle of the river and looked forward to the army mutiny outside every day, but there was no movement on the left and right.
This kind of silent war even many generals in the Han army didn’t know Guo Wei’s intention. After Guo Dashuai became famous, his bravery became smaller. Some people, such as Bai Congke, Liu Ci of Ningjiang Army, and Chang Kegong of Zhao Yijun, didn’t understand this. Guo Wei explained cheerfully that "the river is a big county in Xizhou, and it is difficult to storm. We have food to sit and eat slowly until the food in the city collapses, and then we will win without fighting."
These three walls isolated Li Shouzhen, which made him confused about the intention of the Han army. He thought it was not a thing to be old. After waiting for two months, he finally couldn’t help sending people out to destroy the wall.
This changed the battlefield situation.
The Han army was successfully transformed from the attacking side to the defending side, while Li Shouzhen was transformed into the attacking side. Never say that the best defense is to attack Li Shouzhen. With such an attack, he will lose a lot. The river house is Li Shouzhen’s lair. He will never give up, but he sent troops out to destroy the wall several times. However, after he destroyed it, he failed to break through, and he could return to the river house to wash and sleep again. Every day, he saw that the long wall destroyed yesterday had been repaired overnight.
Every time Li Shouzhen went out, some soldiers were damaged, while the Han army side was less affected. The wall was broken and repaired. Soldiers hang up and make up for Li Shouzhen’s depression. He’s still stuck in the dry city. The brothers are still loyal. They didn’t hit the gate to meet the officers and men.
Guo Wei’s attack on Li Shouzhen doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about Zhao Siwan and Jingchong Wang or sends troops to contain these two people. In Chang ‘an, Zhao Siwan, my uncle doesn’t kiss my grandmother and doesn’t love her. There is no way to be trapped alive and eat people like Li Shouzhen. However, in Fengxiang, Jingchong Wang, due to geographical advantages, he invited the Shu army to support himself as soon as he dropped the table.
Shu soldiers can play in Fengxiang East Baoji losing streak in two fronts of Han army, and Zhao Hui can defend Baoji’s emergency message, which will soon be sent to Guo Wei account, and Guo Wei will gather people to discuss who will rescue Zhao Hui.
Is this still negotiable? What kind of Shu soldiers are? Guo Wei knew quite well before the military meeting. He asked, "Which general is willing to take troops to Fengxiang for rescue?"
As soon as the sound came down, the whole tent was quiet, and the senior general was not willing to go to this four or five months. It was not the beauty of Guo Wei’s wall-building. They all realized that it would take a long time. Li Shouzhen’s weight was much higher than that of Jingchong Wang. When Li Shouzhen was in charge of the camp on the North Road, Wang Jingchong was a small one. These two positions were different, and the credit was definitely different.
Veterans don’t want to go to Zhao Kuangyin at the end. "At the end, they will be willing to lead troops to rescue General Zhao of Zhao Hui."
Guo Wei laughed and said, "Good Guo Rong and Zhao Kuangyin told you to take your troops to Fengxiang to rescue Zhao Hui at once!"
Guo Rong and Zhao Kuangyin belong to the younger generation, and Li Shouzhen followed the veterans for a long time. Even if they have merits, they have to be divided by the veterans. Do you always have to talk about qualifications? Zhao Kuangyin volunteered as soon as he got together, and Guo Wei also agreed.
Two people with 5ooo white army go Iowa, dry state straight to Baoji.
"Seventh brother, should we deal with the Shu army?" Lu Guorong asked Zhao Kuangyin that although Shi Shouxin, Gao Huailiang and Gao Huaide are all here, Guo Rong still believes in Zhao Kuangyin more because he is really planning a war.
Zhao Kuangyin looked at his eyes and was silent. Wang Pu smiled. "There is a saying that it is difficult to get through Shu, but it is difficult to get through it. What do you think the Shu army is most afraid of in Shu?"
"What are you afraid of?" Guo Rong carefully thought about it. Since the Shu army dared to come out, how could it be afraid?
"Why didn’t Zhuge Liang win once in seven Qishan places?" Zhao Kuangyin laughed.
Guo Rong’s eyes lit up. "Brother Grain Seven, do you mean to break the Shu army’s route for providing foodstuff?"
"This Baoji is a mountainous area. It is inconvenient for our troops to fight with cavalry. If it is damaged, we will lose money. In my opinion, we will not cut off his grain route and set his grain depot on fire. The Shu army will naturally retreat. The younger brother has another plan to deal with Fengxiang Jingchong Wang!" Zhao Kuangyin said confidently.
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Chapter 4 Origin of Houshu

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