Section 329

Chapter 46
What’s not drunk? If you’re drunk, you don’t want anything. If you’re drunk, he can see his little song …
He reached out and rubbed his eyes.
The cold wind fluttered and sang as he remembered, wearing a white shirt and a light blue denim skirt without makeup, and his face was clean and beautiful.
She was smiling and talking to the men around her.
Su Jinghuan’s eyes are obsessed with passing her and then falling on her side.
The man stretched out his hand and gently hooked the hair on her cheek behind her ear. He bowed his head and stared at singing. He looked at her with a gentle smile and bowed his head and kissed her lips.
At this moment, Su Jinghuan finally saw the male face, which was the same as Mu Yunze’s face, as gloating, as disgusting as having a proud light!
He clenched his fist and threw the beer bottle to the ground. He got up and jumped from the steps with a sullen face. He went straight over and grabbed the man’s collar and smashed it with his fist.
That punch left no strength to directly hit the man and fell to the ground.
That’s not all. He walked over and pulled the other side up and punched around. The man was heavier than one. After the initial shock, he was also angered. The black face was playing with Su Jinghuan and swearing at the same time.
The girl is in a hurry but can’t get in.
The boy is a school sports student, and his physical quality is naturally very good. Su Jinghuan’s muscles in the office all the year round are just a flower stand. Now he drinks wine again, which is naturally provoking, but few people will knock him to the ground and ride him one punch after another. "Your mother dares to beat the old! My mother … "
Su Jinghuan’s mind was dizzy, but he could hear clearly. He tried to get up several times and was easily overturned by the other side.
It’s always like this when fighting. The more the other party resists hitting people, the more excited the boy is. The boy has already beaten his eyes and hands, and Su Jinghuan’s nose is full of blood, which makes his face look shocking.
The girl was scared by the side and pulled the boy’s skirt path. "That’s enough. Don’t make a mistake. Let’s go quickly. If the school finds out, it will definitely be a demerit."
The boy froze when he heard it. After all, it will affect graduation if the students remember more than two times. He spat and picked up Su Jinghuan’s collar. "Don’t fucking let me see you again!"
He got up to go, only to find that his trouser legs were pulled.
He hesitated for a moment.
Su Jinghuan’s face was covered with blood, but he was still stubborn. Finally, he grabbed his trouser leg and said dumb, "Mu Yunze, I will give you everything. Will you give me the song?"
The boy frowned, kicked him, scolded him as "crazy" and left with the girl.
Su Jinghuan was lying on his back, and the sky was as dark as ink. He felt uncomfortable and his voice was choking.
Didn’t you say you were going to marry me after graduation? Didn’t you say that you would teach our children to learn to draw in the future? Didn’t you say you loved me? Everything has changed, song. What do you like about Mu Yunze? Why is Mu Yunze …
He vaguely heard the phone ringing, and he fumbled for a long time before taking it out of his pocket and pressing the answer.
"little song"
As soon as the words were connected to Su Jinghuan’s voice, she choked up. "Will you come back? I don’t want anything. I want you to come back. You like Mu Yunze and forget him without me."
"Song, I have never forgotten you. What did I do before is to attract your attention? What did you forget me easily but endure the pain in these four years? Song, this is not fair to me. "
"I really want to what didn’t kill me in that car accident, so you will never forget me? Song … "
His voice trembled with a hint of despair, which made the listener’s heart tremble gently.
He has gone from being an ordinary man to owning his own company, but he can’t get back the woman he likes. If not, there is a way to make a splash in front of singing, and he will never choose this road from the beginning.
He lied that the situation in our country was good, in fact, to find a reasonable excuse for himself to stay.
He wants to sing like crazy!
There was a long silence at the other end, and a gentle woman was speechless. "Is there really no other woman in your eyes except singing?" What is there in her that makes you almost give your life and still stubborn? "
Su Jinghuan’s eyes are not focused. "She has many advantages but more disadvantages, but I just like it. Where do you need a reason?"
Bai Xiaoran slowly clenched his mobile phone for a long time before saying softly, "Teacher Su, when you were thinking about singing, did you remember that you were the first person to know me? Did you ever think that I was suffering when she was sad?"
Su Jinghuan didn’t hear it or heard it and didn’t care about this world. If it can still make him care about anything, there is no one else but singing.
Singing and dreaming at night, the dream returned to the car accident in that year. This time, she could clearly see Su Jinghuan’s face. She heard herself crying and crying almost in despair. Finally, she woke up with tears and wet the pillow towel.
Looking up at the ceiling and singing, I feel peaceful.
it has gone
She said to herself lightly
Su Jinghuan has the past. After this day has passed, she no longer bears this burden and owes people.
I made an appointment with Xiao Xuewan to see the house early in the morning and got up early to freshen up.
Singing loudly these days, the work has been pushed, and it is rare for sugar cubes to rest for two days and hold pillows to continue their dreams.
But the good times didn’t last long. The bright mobile phone bell soon woke up the sleeping person. She frowned and murmured and pressed the answer "Hello?"
"Hello, Ms. Fang, I am the owner of 91 …"
"Ah, Mr. Landlord!"
Sugar cube grabbed her hair and sat up from the bed. "I didn’t call you at the beginning of this year. You wanted to see me …"

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