The To Hoai whale appeared in the Chinese medicine hospital when it arrived at work.

He hurried to the ladder.
The stairs are rising one after another.
A paunchy pregnant woman beside him suddenly held him. He looked blank. "What are you doing?"
"My stomach hurts and I can’t support it." The pregnant woman grasped his arm as if she could not hold it.
Before To Hoai whale can react, she has held her by herself. "Then you can hold me, but you can’t rely on me. I just help others to do good deeds."
"Thank you!" The pregnant woman bit her lip painfully.
"Where are you going? I’ll take you there."
"I’m going to obstetrics and gynecology. I’m in the hospital!" The pregnant woman preached to him
To Hoai Whale said, "It’s a coincidence that I’m going there, too. I’m telling you, my fiancee is a very good obstetrician. Don’t be nervous. I’ll send you there soon."
"Thank you!" The pregnant woman had no strength and leaned directly against the To Hoai whale.
To Hoai whale watched the ladder go, but usually thought it was fast. Now why are you so worried and too slow?
Pregnant women are nervous. "My amniotic fluid seems to be broken …"
"ah? You must hold back and take a deep breath with me! " To Hoai whale made a deep breath demonstration.
Pregnant women take a deep breath
To Hoai whale shouted to her belly, "Take your time, son. I will definitely send you to obstetrics and gynecology. If you are born in the ladder, you will definitely be laughed at. You must hold on …"
The child probably never thought that he was scared back by a strange uncle when he was born.
The ladder is finally here.
To Hoai whales carrying pregnant women to go inside.
While walking, he shouted "Help!"
Obstetrics and Gynecology Nurses’ Desk heard the sound, and someone chased it and saw To Hoai holding a pregnant woman forcefully. The pregnant woman’s amniotic fluid broke and she walked very slowly.
"Dr. Xia’s fiance is you, your child?" The nurse recognized the To Hoai whale at a glance.
To Hoai whale shook his head. "Forget it. Let’s take care of the baby first. Let her take care of it quickly."
The nurse went back and called someone to push the bed out together. They tried to push the pregnant woman’s bed directly into the delivery room to give birth.
"Dr. Xia, your fiance sent a pregnant woman to have a baby," the nurse shouted as she ran into Xia Lu’s office.
Tanya got up directly. "What, he has children?"
"No, it’s not wrong. The pregnant woman in bed 39 will have a baby alone." The nurse explained it, but it didn’t seem to get to the point.
Xia Lu rushed to the delivery room and didn’t come to say hello.
Whoever the child is born to will be born soon.
Because there are no family members to give birth, the pregnant woman signed her own name and completed her mission.
This pregnant woman is Xia Lu. After divorce, she found that her pregnant ex-husband had already found another one, and she divorced because of infidelity. She told her ex-husband that she was pregnant, and her ex-husband denied that the child was divorced, so she simply chose to have children and raise them with her ex-husband after the child was born.
The ex-husband agreed to notarization when he thought it was beneficial to him. Of course, it was not time for the pregnant woman’s family to think that she was particularly unwise and chose not to care about her.
Women have to make many choices in their generation.
Maybe sometimes the choice is not necessarily the best, but it is the most willing.
Does Suoxialu know about this child and To Hoai whale?
"You said that your fiance is also a severe pregnant woman and he is really not afraid of being blamed?" Tanya smiled jokingly.
Xia Lu snorted "You are indifferent"
"The main reason is that it is very difficult to save people in this society and the fact that people will be criticized if they don’t save people once again proves that your fiance is a real good man." Tang Ya praised him.
Xia Lu doesn’t know how much To Hoai whale bought Tonya.
Tanya always says hello every minute.
It is not surprising that the family atmosphere in the Su family is good enough to cultivate To Hoai whales’ sense of responsibility and justice.
"Is it finished?" Xia Lu went to the nurse’s desk and saw where the To Hoai whale was waiting. When she came, she was busy asking her.
The nurse joked, "Dr. Xia, I told your fiance to sit and wait for him."
"It’s okay. He likes it." Xia Lu smiled. "After giving birth, your father is incompetent. Don’t wait outside the delivery room."
"What deer deer? Don’t get me wrong. I saw it in the ladder. It wasn’t me. No, it was me. But I told her before I sent it that you could watch the monitoring." To Hoai Whale explained it seriously
Sure enough, let people misunderstand again, right?
He has already taken the blame for what happened to Shen Wei before, and he can’t take the blame again today.

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