Chapter three hundred and fourteen Moku four

When we went back to the lab, Longjie and others were cleaning up the battlefield, and the rest of the Japanese were gone, even the guy whose head was crushed was gone. Longjie was busy with a lot of bottles and cans, picking up something and pouring it into another one or sprinkling those unknown powders into other solutions.
"What are you doing?" MuYunChen asked.
Longjie went on doing his own thing without looking up. "Do experiments. Isn’t that what doing experiments is like? It’s very simple."
"Don’t put it" Hirata watched Longjiang throw a yellow thing into a beaker filled with blue solution, but it was too late to stop it. "Boom" A whole room was dripping with blue smoke, and the smoke was pouring from the beaker and soon occupied the whole roof. The pungent smell came instantly.
The shrill alarm of "Ding Rinrin" sounded in the corridor.
"Zha Zha" Stone, Yu Mu and Zou Kai ran in from the outside.
Leo’s face has turned into blue hair, and it’s just a monster. But at this time, no one can laugh. A big head of leather boots hit the ground from a distance, and the horse line glared at Leo. He took out a pistol from his pocket and said to Yu Mu, "Don’t let him get away."
Mu Yunchen pushed the iron gate through a crack and looked out of the door. He saw that all the lights in the road had been lit, and a large group of Japanese people were searching room after room. They were very careful and almost all of them had to go in to check the blue smoke coming from the laboratory where they were located. The Japanese soon noticed this, and several Japanese soldiers rushed to this side.
Hirata quickly rummaged out a few pieces of white clothes from the cupboard and threw them to Ma Hang. Several people "quickly changed their hopes to get along." Ma Hang looked at each other one leng and MuYunChen quickly changed clothes.
Knocking at the door rang, and Ma Hang hit the door with a Japanese soldier. Looking at the room full of blue smoke, he quickly saluted, "Excuse me, what happened?" The Japanese soldier pointed to the smoke.
Ma Hang glanced at it. "It’s okay. One of my students accidentally misplaced something. Normal phenomenon. Normal phenomenon."
There are already a lot of people in the corridor watching the blue smoke coming out of the anthrax lab. A guy shouted, "This guy Ji Chuan sometimes misses. Hahahaha, how can he face us after seeing him?"
Another echoed, "I have always been arrogant about this guy and think anthrax is the most powerful bacterial weapon. You know, plague kills the most people."
"Musashi Jun, you are mistaken." Previously, the humanitarian said, "I remember that smallpox was the most common killer, although smallpox did not break out in the whole. Actually, half of people were killed by smallpox virus."
For this kind of debate, the Japanese soldiers have obviously heard it more than once. After saluting Ma Hang, they turned around and left. Ma Hang also boasted that his research object was the best with those people outside. Ma Chang took off his mask in one breath and "ready to retreat."
Listen, there’s no movement outside, so the iron gate is opened and Zou Kai leads the way and keeps going. According to the map given to them by Hirata, this land base is huge, and it’s almost hard to imagine that there are dozens of trucks. It’s an accident that they broke into the abandoned place because rats are rampant and cement stones are sealed. I don’t know why, but it has never been made, which gives Ma Hang and others a chance.
Bypassing the water room, passing through the dining room and then passing through the lounge is the first sentry post, showing the documents of Ji Chuan and others. After passing through the laboratory, they enter the testing ground, where the laboratory is responsible for studying the virus and the testing ground is responsible for making and observing the virus.
On the left-hand side of the corridor, there are rows of iron cages holding China people, men and women, old and young. Their eyes are full of numbness and they are brought here. Sooner or later, they will die. It is better to endure it silently. This is the characteristic of China people
Stone some could not bear to want to save lives by Yu Mu a pull here than the cold and cheerless corridor on both sides of the laboratory, one by one, armed with guns, keeping watch on every cage, holding China’s troops and walking to the right. On the right is a deep pit, from which screams come.
Probe to a few big fellow is screaming at a young China, which is coming from that person. Next to him, a tall man wearing a white coat and a white handkerchief is blocking his mouth. The beating stopped with a wave of his hand. He went to the China man and looked down and shook his head. "No, this potion can’t increase people’s regenerative ability. Look at these blood vessels and there are no signs of repair. Pull him away."
The man got up and looked up, just opposite Ma Hang’s eyes. Ma Hang’s unforgettable eyes turned out to be yellow, just like the eyes of cats and dogs. The pupil turned out to be erect. Ma Hang took a deep breath and went back to the proving ground. Many various experiments were conducted here. China, North Korea and even Russia were all their experiments.
No one spoke on this road. When passing through the second sentry, they were in trouble. Several Japanese soldiers refused to let them go out anyway. Even Ji Chuan’s documents were carefully examined, so that several people could take off their masks and the horse line slowly winked at several people.
The movement was very light and slow. Unconsciously, several people fanned out, pulled a face mask, and several people jumped at the same time. Two Japanese soldiers were surrounded by six murderous bandits. Is it good to lean the body against the wall and gun it as if it were still on the job?
Okanagan felt uneasy from morning till night. Oshima Shaozuo reported that he had been to the horse line in St. Cisse Hospital from now on. At that time, he seemed to be carrying a patient. He wanted to check before he was stopped by Dr. Henry. It should be to treat that person. Okanagan immediately sent Oshima Shaozuo to the hospital to investigate. It is strange that no one in the hospital knew that the patient was there and no one saw him being taken away.
Gang Yinan feels that things are more strange. All kinds of signs indicate that Ma Hang, whether attacking the hospital or asking Li Shiji about Sanlitun, seems to have something to do with this patient. One week, Masao Inoue sent a report to Gang Yinan saying that he had conducted an experiment on a hand in Ma Hang.
Although the newspaper is very vague, this multi-party combination, Gangyi male can guess one or two dozen dialed the base words, and after getting all the news about Ann, I still don’t worry about asking Zhu to go to Sanlitun East Army for epidemic prevention and water supply personally.
Chapter three hundred and fifteen Discovered
"Where have you been? You didn’t call me when you left."
Stone was a little angry. He volunteered to take the lead, but he didn’t expect to be insulted by several people. Leo hey hey smiled. "You rushed forward without asking if it was right. If we hadn’t come over, you would have fought those two Japanese soldiers."
The driveway "according to the small map, the last checkpoint is from here, and the gate is after that. Let’s go."
Mu Yunchen raised his hand and looked at a watch to stop the driveway. "Wait, let’s come in for almost a day. Now it’s just noon outside. I’m sure people will find out at a glance. I mean, stay here for a few hours and it will be dark. Let’s go again."
"I don’t want to stay in this wronged place for a minute. Let’s stay there." Look around the stone. "It’s such a road. If the Japanese come, they can’t run away."
Ma Hang re-developed the map. "Brother Mu said it was not good to move during the day. There should be a small room here. We will go there when I see it when I come over."
Back to the original road and walked back for about two minutes. Sure enough, there was a small room. It was strange that the door was made of wood. In other places, the steel door was completely different. Longjie took out a dagger and put it into the keyhole. As soon as he moved the door, he immediately hit the scene inside and let a few people eat it.
A man and a woman are naked and hugging together, and strangers should be coming in, although the men’s asses are still stirring up one by one.
"Ah Yao" leoco quickly covered his eyes to lambaste unlucky.
Stone smiled. "These two guys are really in the mood."
On the "Baga" day, the man probably stopped after finishing the work, picked up his clothes from the ground and stared at the horse line. "How did you get here in that department? Is there any consent from our police station?"
Ma Hang and Mu Yunchen looked at each other on the street. "This is the sergeant base. Do you want me to report your behavior to Gangyi Men’s Pavilion?"
Hearing this, the man softened and the woman said while dressing, "Do you know Gangyi Nange?"
Ma Hang laughed. "Of course, Gang Jun and I should be considered classmates to risk our lives together many times."
Stone eyes have been staring at the woman behind the man. This woman must be a coquettish Lord. The eyes of the public don’t care about her clothes. Stone and Longjie will be stunned. If it weren’t for Yu Mu’s gentle push at the back, the water will fall to the ground.
When a group of dog men and women got dressed, they asked, "It turned out to be a second lieutenant. What are you talking about?"
The second lieutenant said, "Jiro Qingtian of the base guard."
"What about her?" Ma Hang pointed to the woman, Jiro Qingtian, and quickly said, "She is she is."

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