As a result, I was shocked when I got to the box, because there was another person in the box, a person who would not appear here.

"What did Wang Yan do with Teacher Tang? Don’t you remember?"
Wang Yan looked at the strange man in front of her and shouted, "Teacher Tang, how did you become like this?"
Tian Hui quickly coughed, "How can Xiaoyan talk!"
Su Jinghuan smiled and gave a hand. "No, it’s not a secret. There was an accident a few years ago, and local plastic surgery was done on this side of the corner of the eye. Isn’t it a bit strange to look at it now? And I changed my name. My name is Su Jinghuan now. "
As he spoke, he touched the white shirt with a mature and handsome face, which made him a little more puffed up.
He downplayed it, but Wang Yan was embarrassed for a moment because he was able to make a handsome man cut his face.
"By the way, what about the tall beauty? Why did you come back alone?"
Chapter 69 Teacher Tang has just left (3)
"By the way, what about tall beauty?"
Zhang Peng interrupted the stiff atmosphere at the scene. "Why did you come back alone?"
Su Jinghuan held the cup hand for a while and then took a sip of the wine with a slightly clenched look and a calm look.
"Singing was a little drunk and was picked up by her friend."
"She left?"
Zhang Peng is a little sorry. "If I had known, I wouldn’t have kept it from Mr. Tang."
Wang Yan licked a lip trail. "Even if Gao Ge knows that people will not necessarily stay, they have a boyfriend now. Just now, their boyfriend came to meet people."
Others didn’t hear what Wang Yan muttered, but Su Jinghuan heard it clearly.
He put down his glass, got up and walked out.
"Teacher Tang? Teacher Tang?"
Will those sounds are left behind Su Jinghuan striding out of the balcony ladder.
In a few seconds, it seemed like years to him. When the stairs stopped, he almost rushed out of the hotel.
There are several hotel parking people outside the parking place, but no one else is there.
He slowly clenched his fingers into fists in Kuang Square.
Five minutes later, a man and a woman came out of the revolving door of the hotel.
"You don’t know how much you can drink?"
The president’s face is particularly gloomy. Halfway up the stairs, this damn woman is going to throw up. He can come from another floor to take her to wash her hands.
Looking at her, he felt distressed and angry.
What can you do if you can’t drink?
It’s the same with Dongsheng Bank and Liang Yiming. Now it’s the same for classmates to get together. If you can’t drink, you won’t refuse? Serve you right!
In my heart, I scold you for moving your hand, but I don’t stop bringing people to the car before I start it.
"Teacher Tang, where have you been all these years?"
"Yes, I haven’t heard from you since graduation. How have you been these years?"
At the dining table, the students asked him about his recent situation while toasting.
Su Jinghuan drank one cup after another and said with a smile, "It’s good to study abroad these years. How about you?"
"Can’t it be good? People have gained weight."
Zhang Peng joked with a smile, "Wang Yan is now the editor-in-chief of a comic magazine. Tian Hui is now working as a teacher in a state-owned enterprise and Xu Pang has returned to his hometown. Now I follow him and always rely on him to get by."
Xu Pang put chopsticks and took a sip of wine and added, "If this mix is the best, it must be our tall and beautiful woman. Now it’s a big star who just takes a movie and attends an event. People with tens of thousands of incomes can’t compare with others."
"Why don’t you mix an actor?"
Xu Pang looked nai. "I’d like to, but I don’t like my audience so much. This face-watching society!"
He grabbed a chicken leg and took a bite.
Everyone laughed in a hubbub for a while before Su Jinghuan said, "Are you still connected with Gao Ge?"
"No, I haven’t been in contact for many years, or Zhang Peng didn’t know how to get a singing assistant. I didn’t expect to be able to ask her out. I didn’t expect to be successful. Singing is really getting more and more beautiful. It’s no wonder that she entered the entertainment industry, but it’s a pity that she was the teacher’s favorite in that year. I didn’t expect to change careers after graduation."
"I heard that their family is quite rich. How do you think about being an actor?"
"I guess I want to catch a rich man. Is there less news about the rich marrying an actress in the entertainment circle now? And …"
Section 45
Zhang Peng said the sound and pressed it. "I heard from my dad’s company that she was kept."
The spoon fell into the dish and made a crisp sound. Mu Yunze paused calmly and picked it up from the dish.
Wang Yan frowned. "Don’t talk nonsense if Zhang Peng has no evidence!"
"It’s true. My dad said that singing is covered by someone in the circle, and there are a lot of people who cover her. You all know that she doesn’t take the intimate drama, right? I don’t want to think that without a little backstage, she can not perform if she wants to?"
"You just said the somebody else have a rich dad? Still not allowed to be covered by her father? "
"You don’t know this, don’t you? Singing is not Linda Gao’s own daughter. She has a younger sister who is said to be very popular. In the future, half of the Gaos will be handed over to her. It’s nothing to say after singing. You say that his father doesn’t care about her. She doesn’t hurry to climb a big tree now. What should I do in the entertainment circle? To put it bluntly, she is not a place to eat green rice. How big a deal can she be mixed up to now? I don’t believe it if no one is behind her!"
"Come on, eating can’t stop your mouth!"

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