Ling Tian repeatedly assured that it was true that Chen Guzhu was overjoyed

"It seems that our Chen family is really lucky."
"Ling Gong, thank you"
This statement is sincere.
Ling Tian smiled and waved his hand.
"You don’t have to thank me. It’s all your choice."
Having said that, Chen Jiazhu disagrees.
At that time, they were willing to be here in Lingtian because there was no way.
They have this option.
I didn’t expect to get great benefits from this.
Chapter 1223 What are you talking about?
After Chen Guzhu left, Ling Tian met several people alone again.
Everyone left after a few pleasantries.
It’s not that they and Ling were born thin, but they all know that Ling Tian’s travel-stained arrival must be tiring.
It’s better not to delay his rest
One-night talk
next day
Ling Tian opened his eyes and suddenly felt as if he had forgotten something.
Just then someone came to report.
"Ling day adults outside someone looking for you, your acquaintance called Cheng Hengwang …"
Hearing this name, Ling Tian couldn’t help but clap his forehead.
By the way, I forgot Yin and Cheng Hengwang.
"Invite him in."
Ling day simply washed and hurried to see Cheng Hengwang.
As soon as they met, Cheng Hengwang’s black face became darker.
"Did you do it on purpose?"
"You eat and drink in it but leave us outside?"
"You had a good sleep. Look at me!"
Cheng Hengwang pointed to his two big dark circles and wanted to kill people.
He stayed up all night!
It was not until early that he heard that Ling Tiancai knew that the goods were delicious in the Duke’s mansion.
I was so angry at that time.
Ling day some indefensible dry cough together.
"I’ve had breakfast prepared for you. Would you like to eat first and have a good rest?"
"Eat a fart!"
Cheng Hengwang angrily pointed to Ling Tianbi.
Seems to want to continue to scold.
The result is one second.
"Take me!"
You’d better be car-scrapping for a while.
Ling day let a person take Cheng Hengwang to dinner, and he went out to see Yin and Xiaomaotuan.
These two are not angry.
They are monsters living in barren hills and wild forests.
It doesn’t matter where you rest.
"I haven’t said anything about you. You continue to hide your ability and come to the main house with me first."
Ling day said to Cain

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