I didn’t expect them to

But it is also possible that the old man didn’t know that someone else did it.
Ling day table feeling unchanged pointed to the second ha said
"Master Jiang died at the hands of that monster."
"What did you say?"
The old man’s eyes stared strangely at the past.
this moment
Jiang Ming has rushed back.
Erha, the bump almost knocked his insides out.
It took me a long time to see that it was a dog who attacked him!
The mood at that time can be imagined.
Almost exploded with anger
Fortunately, there is no one else here. Otherwise, wouldn’t he be humiliated and left at grandma’s house?
"Looking for death!"
Jiang Ming was furious.
Throw Jiang Yu and go straight to Erha.
Chapter 1161 You have to avenge him
Seeing this, the old man’s heart was in his throat.
If ling day didn’t lie to him, the monster beast strength is by no means he can compete.
More is not Jiang Ming can compete.
"Second young master …"
The old man is conscious of going out.
But it stopped after half a step.
What’s the matter with such a powerful monster? It’s just an extra head.
But if you don’t go out, the second young master will die
What will he tell you when he gets back?
When he hesitated, Jiang Ming had rushed to the front of Erha.
Two ha twist a head to see his one eye, raise your claws.
How did Jiang Ming come and fly back?
Old man canthus gave a smoke.
Jiang Ming is at his worst, but it is also a realm lower than him in the early days of shaking heaven.
What’s more, the Chiang family spent a lot of resources on training since childhood.
Almost the same enemy!
Even he can’t guarantee to crush Jiang Ming so easily.
But Erha took people away with one paw … There was no resistance at all!
The old man took a deep breath.
Look at ling day eyes gentle a lot.
"What’s your name, little fellow?"
"Jiang Ling"
Ling Tian casually made up a name.
The old man picked an eyebrow eye.
"Name is ginger? Are you a Jiang family? "
Ling day nodded.
The old man looked at his eyes suddenly much a few minutes.
"Since you are a Jiang family, you can still find it here, saying that you should know who caused the current situation in the Jiang family."
"Then you told me about the monster beast?"
He didn’t believe that Ling Tian didn’t know his identity.
Even if you don’t know it in detail, you can surely guess that he and Jiang Guyou have it.
In that case, you are kind enough to help him.
Said ling Tian must want something!
Ling Tian didn’t know that the old man thought so much in an instant that he smiled.
"The ginger family is not good to me. What do they have to do with me anyway?"
"I help my seniors because I think they are close to my eyes."
"Now it’s time to say it. It’s time for me to go."
"See you later."

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