Fu Wei left the Fu family to come over, not talking about a problem now. By the way, he told Fu Shen that Fu Jingyun was close to a little doctor.
And the picture has the truth.
Fu Shen and Cheng Qing pretended not to know.
"You say that Jing Yun is somehow our Fu family daughter. How can a little doctor be so cheap? What a loss! Eldest brother, you should also take care of her. A woman’s family accounts for too much in the group. I’m afraid I feel distressed when I look at her money." Fu Weili just wants to pry Fu Jingyun away.
"Let your uncle worry" Cheng Qing didn’t good the spirit way.
"Sister-in-law should go to Jing Yun, too. I have a friend who just came back from abroad and I set up a match," said Fu Wei.
Cheng Qing pie mouth "Jing Yun is not short of good people"
"It’s also that I have nothing to do today, so I will tell you that I am afraid that you will be kept in the dark." Although Fu Wei knows that Fu Shen has raised people in the group, he has not appeared in the group after all.
It’s good that he deliberately went to annoy them.
After people leave
Fu Shen shook his head. "Did you call her?"
"She asked Wang Ma to send the key back. Wang Ma said that she didn’t want anything in the room. This is a rebellion with us." Cheng Qing didn’t expect Fu Jingyun to be so decisive. "These two people really have the same temper as you."
Soon the bank called.
Fu Shen looked dignified after he finished speaking.
"What’s the matter?" Cheng Qing doubts
Fu Shen "Fu Jingyun stopped all the bank cards." These cards were still available in every bank when he went to the bank for unified management.
From the age of fifteen, he gave her an independent bank card. Over the years, more and more money has been made, and she has frozen the assets and transferred them to the cardholder’s account at that time.
In his hand.
"It’s really a good daughter." Fu Shen didn’t expect her to be so determined
"When she has suffered, she will turn back." Cheng Qing is also very sad at a side. She doesn’t know how to save her. As she gets older, she finds that women are getting more and more out of her control. They will listen to Fu Shen’s words before.
Nobody listens now.
Especially that day, she really felt that she was getting farther and farther away from her daughter.
"She won’t." Fu Shen knows that her son and daughter are all the same.
"Then what are you going to do to drive her out of Fu’s house and drive her out of Fu’s house to make her self-reliant? Look at the second uncle’s sample. It’s just that you want to do this well and it’s not easy to stabilize the situation. Do you want to be like five years ago?" Cheng Qing resisted Fu Shen for the first time.
Generally speaking, at home, she listens to Fu Shen and tells her what to do. That’s how she educates her daughter to set an example for a rich wife.
"It’s not rare for such a big Fu family." Fu’s body was wobbly when he got up. "I won’t believe that I can’t manage it if you go and talk to that man."
Cheng Qing lowered her eyes. "Then do you want her to stay at home and never get married?"
"My daughter Fu Shen can’t be unwanted."
"Then will there be despicable means? Is this really what I want?" Cheng Qing smiled far-fetched.
Fu Shen nu way "how do you even want to rebel against my decision? You are the mistress of the Fu family. You should be on par with the Fu family in everything. You just listen to me and do nothing else. Chenxi also keeps an eye on it."
Cheng Qing looked at him and wanted to hold him in front of the building. "I’m not disabled yet."
He is alone in the building.
It’s because he fell, everyone ignored him, and his daughter no longer listened to him. Now he can also control his tattered body.
Cheng Qing bemoaned the sight of him walking slowly step by step on crutches.
She still doesn’t know that this man is in control of others all his life. Now he can’t control anything, and his heart will be no less lost than that of a woman.
She can’t do anything

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