The trees were silent for a long time and finally shook their heads.

She said that she couldn’t afford to gamble. Since he was crazy enough to bankrupt Anjia, she couldn’t tell him that it made him even more crazy and irreversible.
Bankruptcy is not illegal. When people die, there is a price to pay.
For this heavy topic, both of them chose to change.
Lin Mu asked Ruoyan if she had brought the man named Jing Rong for more than three years after she left. She knew that the man was already a superstar.
If Yan left the pie mouth "broke up"
The trees were startled. "What’s the matter?"
Didn’t we go out to play together yesterday? We also abandoned her, the best friend we haven’t seen in years.
If YanMei also have a few wisps of fatigue "yesterday is to talk about breaking up, otherwise how can you and I not pick you up? I’m going to be with you when I’m done with him. "
"What? Didn’t you say that he is a kind person and the type you are looking for? "
"I broke up because of his kindness. I can’t stand his kind. Others have to leave me at any time, as if I was never the most important in his eyes. I don’t like this feeling. I don’t like him to see others as more important than me."
The trees are silent, the happiness in the world is the same, and only those who are unhappy have their own postures.
La, la, la, la. If Yan Zhen’s destiny hasn’t appeared yet …
91 lovesickness
They both thought about their own worries until the forest alarm rang. She took out her cell phone alarm clock and climbed out of bed. "I’m going to get up."
She is going to the children’s hospital to prepare for the operation at 19: 00. No one would have thought that she was a general doctor in children’s department a few years ago and actually became an expert in surgery a few years later.
In the past few years, she has done everything in Africa, including neurosurgery and neurosurgery. The medical conditions there are really poor, and there are even fewer capable doctors.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
First, she helped the support team. Later, the support team left, and a group of them didn’t come yet. She just had to hold up and operate alone for a long time. Her ability became stronger and stronger. The most valuable thing was that she finally succeeded in reversing several emergencies, which made her more and more capable and now she is famous.
Two months ago, she accepted Lu Yang’s suggestion. Lin Shen is over two years old and is about to reach kindergarten age. Obviously, the child can’t stay here in the future, and she followed him to his country as a pediatrician in the Institute of Adult Studies.
After washing and getting dressed, she is going upstairs to drink a bowl of porridge. She hasn’t eaten here for many years. I really miss it.
If Yan is still in bed, although it is her who broke up, after all, she is still sad with her head covered.
I can’t accompany the trees to have breakfast, but I gave her a suggestion. This community is surrounded by snacks, which are all very good. She can taste them at will these days.
It’s a good idea, but it’s a pity that a particularly conspicuous and arrogant Maibakh stopped at the gate and the trees stopped. Part of the reason why she got up early was that she was afraid of leaning on the door to harass her.
He didn’t hear the door slamming earlier, but he just held his horses.
When he saw the trees coming out, he walked in the cart door, and his posture was still so tall and dazzling. Compared with yesterday, it seems that he has specially undergone some modification, and his hair has been cut. Some bangs hang down on his brow, and a pair of deep eyes seem to be inlaid with a dazzling diamond. The exquisite facial features are more three-dimensional, but compared with a few years ago, if he remembered something, I wonder if he still drinks to drown his sorrows.
The trees hung their eyes and looked up as if they didn’t see him. Since there will be no more friends, keep your distance.
Pour very uncomfortable he grabbed the trees wrist looked at her "can’t you see I’m here? Don’t pretend not to see it. "
The forest ignored him and walked out, leaning toward her in a strong posture and picking up her hand, breaking her fingers and crossing her fingers.
The trees didn’t struggle either. His personality struggled and broke free. No, in fact, sometimes not resisting is more powerful than resisting.
Section 5
So his heart sank to the bottom, and he would rather she gave him a scolding
They were silent for a while, and he was the first to speak, otherwise it would have been wasted. First, he put on a nonchalant look and kept praising "Gee, woman, you are getting more and more beautiful, just like I see you in my dreams every day."
The trees focused on the front.

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