"Fuck you" Zhao Yucheng roared.

"Yeah, broken eggs are not wronged." The young man didn’t good the spirit hum a step away.
Yu-cheng zhao look one leng almost fainted.
Jiang Jiang’s good mood is completely gone.
After dinner, I went home directly with Ye Qin.
A few days passed quickly.
On June 6th, the freshmen of Yunjing University learned.
Jiang Jiang got up early.
Pull a small suitcase and report to school alone.
She is beautiful, and several seniors at the reception desk of freshmen are vying to lead the way, but they have not run the wrong way.
After eleven o’clock, the admission procedures have been completed.
To the dormitory.
There are bedding, mosquito nets and other living things piled up in different categories, and you need to get the receipts.
Jiang Jiang slightly thought about pulling the suitcase floor first.
She is in dormitory 339.
The door leaves are left unlocked. There are already people in the dormitory.
Jiang Jiang calmly pushed the door and pushed in.
Yes, the light is very good. There is a bed cabinet for six people. The second floor is a hard bed. The bed is a whole set of tables and cabinets. It is painted in a comfortable light green. On the left, it is placed in a compartment. The rows of shelves are brain tables. To the right, it is connected to a wardrobe and then to a shoe cabinet.
Although the sparrow is small, it is almost enough for one person.
Jiang Jiang withdrew his sight.
A girl who was sweeping the floor with her back to her turned to smile and asked, "Are you Meng Jia Wu?"
"Ah?" Jiang Jiang one leng "no"
"Aren’t you our dormitory?" The girl seemed a little confused and looked around, and her eyes rested on the only idle desktop. "Are you alone?"
Her voice fell to the ground and she was busy sorting things out. Several people also looked at her in order.
Jiang Jiang discovered that every corner of the bed was affixed with his student number and name.
Six beds is just one thing on the desktop on the left.
It is Meng Jia Wu.
"I’m Jiang Jiang." Jiang Jiang smiled and looked around. His eyes came to the innermost corner of Meng Jia Wu’s bed by the window with her name impressively attached.
Jiang Jiang’s eyes rested on the new washbasin on the desktop.
Arch eyebrows tiny cu she moved the place with the washbasin.
From the feet of the red suitcase also pushed to the front of the table.
"It is estimated that she put it in the wrong place." The girl who spoke just now spat out her tongue and said with a smile, "My name is Tong Tong, and my childhood name is Wu Tong."
Tong Tong has a round face and a deep dimple when he smiles. He looks cute in T-shirt bibs.
Jiang Jiang nodded and smiled. "I’m Jiang Jiang Jiang Qing Jiang Jiang."
"Last name is Jiang?" The girl who is making the bed opposite Tong Tong seems to ridicule, "Are you related to our mayor with the same surname?"
Section 72
"A lot of people ask" Jiang Jiang shrugged and smiled and didn’t answer.
"Ha-ha, I’ll stick to my divination." The girl who made the bed is the fattest and hearty among several people. "I’m Li Minmu, and after Li Minmin, I’m a family. Everyone takes a lot of photos."
She spoke enthusiastically and relaxed, and the atmosphere in the dormitory became familiar.
The girl in the bed opposite Jiang Jiang turned around and nodded and smiled, "I’m Chu Jing, the appropriate woman, Qing Jing, the appropriate Chen, the appropriate Xi."
Chu Jing should wear wedge sandals, tall and graceful, with a shawl and long hair that is black, supple and elegant enough to shoot shampoo advertisements. The standard oval face is beautiful and makes people shine. The elegant goddess Fan girl speaks with a reserved and polite taste and is slightly alienated from the aura.
Obviously, such girls are born to bring oppression to the same sex.
Ginger is very sensitive.
Naturally aware of the dormitory atmosphere stagnated for a moment.
The girl in the bed next to Chujingyi smiled and introduced herself. "I’m Wang Ling, and I’m very glad to meet you."
"Jiang Jiang, Chu Jingyi, Wang Ling, your names are really nice." Li Min pointed his finger around and finally landed on Tong Tong and said with a smile, "Just remember the names of me and Tong Tong. I heard that the military training will be held tomorrow. How about signing late and going out for dinner?"
"That’s what’s the problem?" Tong Tong smiled and gave her a call after a long hesitation.
"Just … Meng Jia Wu. She seemed to have a bodyguard when she came just now."
"ah!" The others obviously didn’t see Li Min’s exaggerated shouting and asked, "Bodyguard?"
"I’m not sure," said Tong Tong, sitting in a chair after sweeping the floor. "Just look tall and strong. A man is wearing a black suit. His wrists and tattoos look terrible. Call her Miss Wu."
"Miss Wu?" Li Min screamed mysteriously again. "It’s not … that Meng family, is it?"
"Which Meng family?" Wang ling curious way
"Are you not natives?"
In addition to Jiang Jiang, the other three people shook their heads in unison.

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