The vip ward on the top floor of Didu Hospital

"get out! Get out of here! " Sharp and shrill women filled the original quiet corridor
As they hurried out of the ward facing the nurse’s desk, the two nurses looked eager to leave the room quickly, and they almost ran with infusion bags in their hands.
Not far away Dean Ding came up with a slight frown.
"Dean Ding" several nurses said hello.
"Well," Ding Yuqing replied, "Why doesn’t she cooperate?"
"Yes, Miss Ding didn’t eat anything early today, and she refused to take medicine, and …" The nurse raised the infusion bag or bottle in her hand to signal that he didn’t even want to hang water.
Ding Yuqing sighed lightly but said nothing.
He went in the direction of the ward, but as soon as he opened the door, he saw something coming at him! He hurriedly tilted his head and hid the glass in the door frame and broke it all over the floor.
"What are you doing!" Ding Yuqing looked at her face flushed with bloating and was sitting in a hospital bed and lost her temper. Ding Yu pupil.
Suddenly, I heard the voice in the machine. "At 9 o’clock this morning, Huasheng Group was less …"
Ding Yuqing suddenly turned white.
He walked beside Ding Yu pupil.
Ding Yu’s eyes were red and he clenched his teeth. "Dad, where on earth am I not as good as this woman? What grew up together for mutual affection? Why should a woman who didn’t know me long do this to me? Why didn’t you just let me die? "
Ding Yuqing looked at her daughter in front of her, which was very unpleasant.
Not long ago, Ding Yu was so beautiful and energetic, but now …
I want to say a few words, but he still doesn’t have the heart to look at such a daughter
He whispered, "Rain Pupil, don’t do this. Everyone’s life is different, and you will meet a good man. He will appear in the near future. Dad told you long ago that it was not you, and even if you tried your best, it would still not be you."
He paused. "Although your mother is gone, you are still me. You will always be my favorite daughter. Listen to my father and stop thinking about that man, okay?"
Ding Yuqing’s tone is endless.
Fate made people have a good home, but just three weeks ago, a car accident ruined everything …
Yan Yiqing and Ding Yutong had an argument in the car and the big truck collided.
Yan Yiqing, the co-pilot, died on the spot, but Ding Yu’s pupil was rescued, but the situation was very bad.
Severe injury to the right leg and calf, amputation of the knee and multiple fractures.
What a beautiful girl! No one can stand losing a leg like this.
Now seeing Huo Yanming and Qiao Cen get married, Ding Yu pupil is probably on the verge of collapse.
She couldn’t help crying. Ding Yuqing held her in her arms and comforted her gently.
Near the end of the wedding, most people have driven to the hotel for a banquet, and the Huo family and the Qiao family, including the best man and bridesmaid, are also ready to go.
When they got off the bus, Ye Qing was also preparing to lift their eyes only to see Xiao Mu on the steps not far away.
I don’t know if it was intentional or intentional, but he just looked at her.
Ye Qing is too far away to see Xiao Mu expression at this time.
She also no matter Xiao Mu can see smiled at him and turned the car.
Ye Qing and Xiao Mu still live in an apartment, but when they got home that day, they both had a tacit understanding and didn’t speak. Even today, Ye Qing sneaked out while Xiao Mu was still sleeping.
Maybe that’s what the so-called strange bedfellows means. Ye Qing wry smile.
In fact, you don’t like her that much
Huasheng group and Jingyang group are naturally married, and everyone who received the invitation came.
Invitations to Zhao Xiaojie are two courtesy. Besides herself, Qi Yicheng, the original big star, has a busy schedule and generally won’t attend such occasions, but she didn’t expect him to come.
Qi Yicheng’s appearance is outstanding. Today, a low-key dark gray suit seems to make him more elegant. Many people around him are toasting.
All the processes are almost over, and Qiao Cen is tired.
High heels are not high, but she doesn’t wear them often, so she is not used to it.
At the moment, I am holding Huoyanming’s arm with a bitter face and complaining.
"I’m so tired. When will it be over … suddenly I miss my bed at home?" She looked around with a pie mouth. Two parents were entertaining guests. They could have a rest now.
Huo Yanming raised her lip angle and she helped her to lean on him. "Do you miss your bed at home?"
"Otherwise?" Qiao Cen bitter face.

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