"Report to my king, in the past, Liang Wu did not forgive me for plotting against my brother, killing the minister of loyalty. With Hou Jing starving to death, the country in the palace is in danger. Today, Ma Guangliang conspired against me. How can the king of thieves read the family relationship regardless of the righteousness? I asked you to be a quasi-minister." Said Ma Yun knocking on the ground, followed by Xu Zhongya and Cao Bin.

The king of Chu was pushed back by Ma Yun, but he didn’t get grumpy last night. After a while, he sighed heavily and said, "Then cut the nobles out of the temple."
Ma Yun saw that the king of Chu called Qing instead of "Yuner" and knew that the king of Chu was still feeling bad blood. He smiled indifferently and said, "Yes, I do."
April 20, the second year of the Grand Jin Dynasty was the 46th birthday of Ma Xifan, the king of Chu. On this day, the king of Chu successively declared that Ma Guangliang, the second king of Jinghu, was plotting chaos, which depended on Ma Guangyun, the commander of the five kings, to counter the rebellion. Therefore, Wang Guangyun immediately cut the horse and light the people’s circle, forbidding Yuezhou to kill Li Gao, allowing Qiong clan and killing rebellious ministers, and sending 29 people to the front to slay Li Jie.
At the same time, the king of Chu agreed to Ma Yun’s invitation, which was to restore the official position of the kingdom. Ma Yun outsourced the military affairs to Xu Zhongya, Liu Zhaoyu, Wu Ban and others, and they still re-established the supervision institute, Tuoba Heng, and the supervision institute, suggestion and cheng.
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Chapter 26 Great changes (3)
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Allow Joan to stagger out of Changsha along Xiangjiang River with her own pro-led surplus troops, and prepare to go to Xiangyin, then turn westward and finally reach Yiyang, the destination.
The second report plans that he knows that July 7th, in his opinion, when he was deceived and put into Changsha, the five reports are already a phoenix without wings. Without the support of Jingnan army, he can keep silent in Changsha. If he wants to rub his circle, he has to become a circle. If he wants to rub the other side, he has to become a square. If he is clever, he will immediately stop relying on Peng Shigao to station in the east gate, and the 5ooo military forces may be able to walk away. Once he enters the Chu Palace to celebrate the birthday of the king, it must be shooting turtles in a jar and being captured by the silver gun camp on the spot.
Allow Joan to ride his horse and enjoy the scenery in the horse. Suddenly he looked back at Liao Renyong, who had been staying with him, and said with a teasing smile, "Brother Liao, you look sad, but what’s on your mind? Tell me if you believe me. Maybe I can help you? "
Liao Renyong’s mind doesn’t belong to him all the way. He is in the family and Ma Yun’s repeated measurement of the king’s birthday. The second report is ill-intentioned, and the fifth report is ill-prepared. It can be seen from Ma Guangliang’s temporary deployment of troops in Yiyang, the northwest gate of Changsha that Ma Guangliang has defeated Ma Xiguang. Now the monkey has sent them to deter Ma Xiguan. After this chicken has done this, what Ma Guangliang wants to do is already in the past, and Ma Xiguang and Ma Xiguan are balancing in the middle.
If Liao Renyong was born to raise him alone, then he must have chosen Ma Yun’s side, but he was wrong in the block diagram, so it became a problem to explain whether he was on the left or the right when there were one or two hundred people in the family.
See permission Joan all the way, cocky and a little mean. Liao Renyong was secretly worried about Ma Yun, but he was a little annoyed. He couldn’t wait to smoke permission Joan’s two whips. Now this picture doesn’t mean that Ma Guangliang and his five princes have already discussed it and don’t know how to deal with it.
See permission Joan suddenly ask yourself Liao Renyong simple and honest smiled and said "nothing? I was thinking about how to make up with our master? "
It is well known that Liao Renyong and Liao Renyong don’t agree with each other. Now that Liao Renyong said so, Joan accepted a contemptuous expression and gave him a few words of comfort by squeezing out a little smile.
Warm sunshine and gentle breeze in spring; The standard flutters in the wind, and the colors are as bright as fire armor, and the dazzling eyes are shining. The army of 10,000 people follows the order and follows the official road in an orderly way along Xiangjiang River.
Permit Joan and Liao Renyong in Zhongjun chatting one build what did not build while following the big troops slowly forward, chatting and listening to the horseshoe behind them, turning around and looking, the three men galloped on horses and came to the rear, so there was a little commotion.
The rider seemed to be in a hurry, waving his whip and urging the horse to run quickly, and shouted, "General Xu, please stay. General Xu, please stay. The king has a purpose."
This man came very quickly, an arrow came quickly, and Joan looked intently and turned out to be an acquaintance. AG, the official of Chu Palace, allowed Joan to think that the success of the second prince’s action had already taken Ma Yun. Now, it is urging me to take a military line to completely grasp Yiyang City before the news reaches Langzhou.
Gao Jin bridled the reins in front of Permit Joan and said, "Your Majesty has an order."
Allow Joan and Liao Renyong and others to turn over and kneel on the ground and listen to the instructions of the king of Chu.
AG glanced quickly out of the corner of his eye, kneeling on the ground, allowing Joan and others only to get a little longer when Liao Renyong’s eyes stopped. He straightened his horse and took out the imperial edicts of the king of Chu, saying, "Permission Joan will get to Yiyang in two days to speed up the March." Liao Renyong’s arbitrary emergency can be dealt with urgently and then grasped afterwards. "This paper imperial edict was actually urging permission for Joan to speed up the March. In addition, it was granted permission for Joan to hurry and cheaply. Joan smiled and shouted at the age of chitose. Thanks to the favor of the king of Chu, the king of Chu can say one thing at this time, that is, Changsha has changed greatly, and the second prince has won. This is to urge him to quickly station in Yiyang to deter Ma Xi calyx and let him give up his coveted heart."
After the will, AG changed the license just now and cheerfully lifted it up. Joan and other people kept congratulating the generals backwards. Although there were many arbitrary generals, there were not many. Even veteran Liu Yantao went to war and sent the army to supervise the license. Although Joan didn’t get promoted, this honor also made him two at a time.
Although this matter was discussed step by step with Ma Guangliang before he left, Joan could not help but ask, "Gao Gonggong, what’s the situation in Changsha?"
AG responded and said, "This is just a few days away. Is General Xu homesick? Ha ha "suddenly he (turn down the bass said" general xu before he left two report asked me to give you a message FuFu has never put off till tomorrow what you can shoot the Wolf "
Allow Joan to make a move. He came over in vain. The second report told him that Ma Yun had been cleaned up. Now it depends on whether he can subdue Ma Xi and hold on to Yiyang. Allow Joan not to hesitate and immediately make the three armed forces March into Yiyang.
Permit Joan to make AG smile in front of him and give a package to Liao Renyong, saying it’s a sparse block diagram, and give him some clothes. After returning to Changsha, let Liao Renyong take a trip back to Liaofu’s master, who is old and wants to take the initiative to make peace. This is human nature’s permission, and Joan didn’t take it to heart. After all, it is more important to be able to hold Yiyang well than anything else.
Joan constantly urged the 10,000-strong army to finally arrive at Yiyang City on the evening of the third day. The sunset outside Yiyang City is half the sky red. There are three or five gatekeepers at the gate of Yiyang City. The sergeant is chatting lazily in the gate hole and chatting. It’s nearly dusk now, perhaps because it’s soon time to go in and out of the city behind closed doors. There are no people at all.
The city’s flag was ringing, but the sergeant patrolling the battlements was not seen. I’m afraid these people have long lost the vigilance permission that soldiers should have. Joan’s army turned out to be the first defender of the city gate cave. After stretching his neck for a long time, he suddenly realized that he was looking for a report. When they reported the situation to Yiyang County Magistrate, a fast horse flew by the dark army. When they arrived at the city gate, they shouted, "Report Wuxian County to order General Xu to station in Yiyang on the orders of the king and let him hurry to take orders from General Xu."
The magistrate of Wu did not immediately rush to permit Joan Zhongjun after knowing the situation. Instead, he panicked and commanded the sergeant to close the four doors. Joan was so angry that she was stationed in a field one mile away from Yiyang City. With this Yiyang 5oo garrison, she could not withstand a charge from his army. But the magistrate was right. She wanted him to go out of the city to see the permit. Of course, Joan could take out the imperial edicts from the king. If there were no imperial edicts, I would be sorry.
I’d like to take this opportunity to bully Joan to touch a man who dares to be serious. He is willing to do business properly and then send someone to meet Wu County magistrate with the imperial edict of the King of Chu.
"Officer Koujian Xu General This Yiyang is located in a remote place, and has never been granted the official position of Changsha Prefecture. The official position offends the general from the official position. Please ask the general to make atonement." Looking at a fleshy guy kneeling on the ground and constantly kowtowing for forgiveness, Joan just rose and lost a lot of anger.
"I don’t know if I don’t sin. Wuxian Order, please get up. The general is stationed in Yiyang under the orders of the king. You are the magistrate of a county. You should properly arrange the accommodation for my ten thousand troops. Otherwise, don’t blame the general for not being merciful and engaging in your military affairs."
The meatball repeatedly bowed his mouth and said, "It’s getting late in Yiyang and Yiyang is a small town with a limited military camp. Can the general let the army be temporarily stationed outside the city tonight? The Japanese official will definitely arrange the army to rest in the city properly."
"hmm?" Look at this disgusting fat nai nodded and agreed. Although this man looks as stupid as a pig, he is telling the truth. It’s getting late. It’s really hard to do.
See permission Joan nodded and agreed to one side, but Liao Renyong laughed. "Wuxian made me hear people say that Yiyang has a’ Yiyang Beauty Nest’, but it’s true."
Wu county magistrate seemed to be stupefied, smiling, juryman, trembling and obsequiously saying, "General Liao is really well informed. Yiyang is rich in beauty. In the evening, the official gave a banquet to invite you generals to enjoy the scenery and enjoy the characteristics of Yiyang."
Before Xu Keqiong could speak, Liao Renyong clapped his hands and said, "OK, OK, Brother Xu, why don’t we go shopping together?"
Since AG’s call, Liao Renyong seems to be a different person. He has been really flattering Xu Keqiong with permission. He is said to itch to appreciate the characteristics of Yiyang, and it is not good to give Liao Renyong a pause and agree.
In licensing Joan and other senior generals, Wang Yun, a famous soldier in Yiyang City, followed her into licensing Joan’s camp and imperial edicts of Chu. It is not easy to capture the Lord in an army of ten thousand people, but once the Lord leaves the army, two or three warriors will be enough to capture him.
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Chapter 27 Liu Yan Three Strategies
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Wang Yun designed to seize the permission of Qiongdi Army in Yiyang City and escort it to Changsha. At the same time, Ma Xixi, who was far away in Langzhou, got the news that Ma Yun’s coup was successful.

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