Although he didn’t know how many people like him were among the 200 Qinbing, Zhang Huang An estimated that there should be no less than 20 people.

With these twenty people coordinating with each other, how could Li Yuanqing find the clues?
What’s more, these people are monitoring Li Yuanqing’s message to the capital without hurting Li Yuanqing.
All of them know that even if they take a step back, it will be an abyss. How can they not snack?
So how can Li Yuanqing easily find them?
But at this time ~ ~ Li Yuanqing directly camped in this barren hills, and the whole thing was completely beyond the control of Zhang Huang An …
In the middle of nowhere in this deep forest, it is supposed that they don’t send messages at all and they don’t worry about exposure.
But Zhang Huangshan can clearly feel that although Li Yuanqing has not moved on the surface, an undercurrent is surging in the dark …
It’s strange that even the emperor and such a big man as father-in-law Wang would be so afraid of Li Yuanqing.
Li Yuanqing this person is really … It’s a little too profound.
Zhang Huangshan suddenly could not say regret.
Isn’t he stupid?
Let’s have a good day, but don’t let our own women have to pick and choose those bad things?
Is that woman much better than his wife and concubines?
Looking back now, that’s the way it is, but it’s just a little more swinging in bed …
In my mind, someone suddenly slapped him on the shoulder behind me. "What is Ange thinking? Shunye just got another wild boar back. Let’s go and carry it! Hahaha! Today is really good luck! "
Zhang Huang An was startled, and almost seven souls were scared out of six orifices, just about to send it, but suddenly he reacted and smiled. "You scared your brother to death in spring, so it won’t be smaller! Wait for my horse to pass. "
"Okay, come on, brother, hurry up!"
This is called Chunshu Qinbing, and he has already reached Lin’s side.
Zhang Huang Anli wiped his face and steadied his mind. He quickly chased this call Chun Qinbing in the past.
"Qi Weichun you turtle ink? Don’t fucking come and help. This wild boar is a big guy! I’m afraid I have to have six or seven hundred pounds! "
Someone in front is yelling. It’s Shun.
JiWeiChun busy ran to say with smile "Shun Ye BeiZhi this is not to call people, come on, let me carry this side"
JiWeiChun busy smiled and accepted the work conveniently.
Shun didn’t good the spirit kicked Qi Weichun’s ass. "You’re a slippery dog and you always have to pick a piece of meat later."
Qi Weichun cried and couldn’t help but suffer a bitter face. "Shun Ye didn’t say yes. Give me the pigtail, but I love it the most."
"Ha ha! How dare you bargain with the old man, you slick dog? You always have to cut the pig’s tail in half. "
Qi Weichun cried for a moment, but hey hey smiled. "That ~ Shun Ye rib can get me more points."
QinBing around are laughing.
At this time, Zhang Huang An also quickly came here and smiled. "Shun Ye, don’t be angry. I’ll give you a hand."
Said the busy will come and carry the big wild boar.
Shun is a smile. "Don’t worry, there are enough people here in the wild boar. You go to the back forest and there are more than a dozen pheasants and rabbits. You go to that group of kids and tidy up the old ones. Don’t lose everything."
"Hey, come on!"
Zhang Huang An busy ran in the direction of Lin with a smile.
When Zhang Huang An goes far and meets Qi Weichun, he sneers slightly.
Here Zhang Huang An just walked into the forest and saw a dozen pheasants and rabbits being thrown aside. Several QinBing were carefully cleaning up.
You know, mountain chicken feathers are very beautiful and valuable things, and they cost less than a dozen words.
Take it home, whether it’s for the wife or the children, they will certainly like it.
Therefore, these QinBing are carefully packed.

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