Suddenly, so close, the heartbeat of the trees missed a few beats.

He bowed his head and locked her with dark eyes, just like a whirlpool pulling her to be trapped and never getting out.
"Of course, you seduced me, or I wouldn’t have lost my first time." They were so close that they deliberately lowered their voices with a deep echo, such as plucking the strings, and even this kind of light words became so beautiful.
"You you nonsense is that you can’t stand the temptation" Lin Muyin with lost soul quiver.
"That’s because you seduce me. Ms. Qing doesn’t dare to give me too much medicine every time. I try my best to endure it, except that … the object is you."
Maybe the aura fits. He was tempted by a woman holding medicine several times before, but this time he fell, and he was willing to sink.
The forest brain is surrounded by his own strong breath, thinking hard and forgetting to break free. "What do you mean?"
The attractive lips of the creeping trees are close to him. Look, they tempt him again. It must be enchanted to be so breathtaking.
Hold her body and turn around to press her against the wall
The cold wall finally made the forest brain awake, and she exclaimed-he pressed her against the wall and clung to her, which was already such an ambiguous gesture.
"I …" Trees raised their arms in his chest and just wanted to push him.
As soon as he bowed his head and kissed her, he happened to open his lips slightly.
A stream of coolness poured into her heart like spring water, and the residual consciousness was destroyed again. She was a little confused.
In fact, although she and Cedric are also default boyfriend and girlfriend, they have held hands and nothing else has happened.
Section 4
So this should be a conscious first kiss.
It’s a strange feeling for Qing, too, but for a man, it’s a skill to learn without learning. In his view, this taste is exactly what he wants to look forward to and likes, and he is never willing to change it again.
After a little temptation, I asked for trees deeply. I was awakened by this sudden attack and pushed him away with a single force.
Sleeve wiped his mouth and punched him on the shoulder. "Shame rascal" was caught with his fist, and she tried to kick it out and was caught with it.
Lean close to her so that her legs go around behind him. This posture is even more unbearable. The trees are angry and angry. "You let me go."
"Then you promise not to touch anything?"
The forest didn’t want to guarantee it, so he stared at him and gave her another peck on the lip, but he didn’t move
He tried to kiss the trees in other places of her again, and he failed to hide in the past. He followed her very slowly and knew that he was really going to turn against her on purpose, Doby.
The trees are short of breath and say, "I won’t slap you, you let me go."
Let her go or evacuate three meters away. She really uses force. He can’t fight back. Although in his world, women won’t be let go because of their weakness, this woman is different. For the first time, he wants to take good care of her in his hand. Even if she lets her be bullied.
When the trees couldn’t reach him, he got angry and ignored him and turned away.
Take advantage of the backward temper is also particularly warm, with a smile on her brow, quietly follow her and don’t talk, which makes her years quiet and good.
This White House has a relationship with the hostess. Today, the rice on the 16th and the pk on the 10th are very important. The beauties don’t leave messages at other times. But I made them kiss in those three days, and you don’t want to watch the text jump. Then give me some strength to get through pk.
Find the door
The clerk pushed a car full of dishes and put them on the table in an orderly way. The trees were once again ashamed. Even eating was a combination of Chinese and Western food, both western and Chinese.
Although the trees are angry with each other, they have no heart for food. Sitting on a stool, they choose what they like.
Sitting opposite her for a while, you can see carefully and know what kind of food she likes. Pick up chopsticks and clip them to her. It turns out that when you care about someone, you will naturally feel comfortable.
The trees didn’t appreciate it, so they set aside all his dishes.
Perseverance, two people, one clip and one dial, are more energetic.
It turns out that when you are alone, you will have great patience, even if she is having sex, you will not be impatient and bored.
Tilt her aside and put the food in her bowl to eat with relish. "Well, the food is fragrant when you put it in your chopsticks." He also threw a glad eye at her.
Her chopsticks are taking up her saliva and getting into his mouth, which makes me feel ambiguous. It’s really annoying to add his movement.
The trees are angry. Pick up the dishes and eat them. Hum, see how proud you are.
The smile deepened, and I don’t know what he had to worry about. It was only after eating that the trees realized that something was wrong. This was because she had touched his saliva and chopsticks with vegetables. She actually ate so much, which made it even more unclear.
The black face of the trees "snapped" a pair of chopsticks on the table to have a meal and do things. It’s really not plain and neat.
Dump when you don’t know how to behave gracefully and eat
Just as the trees racked their brains to think about whether to find a cockroach for him, the door was kicked. Angry Chen took the grievance and cried. Wu Yanli was outside the door.
Obviously, the bill is coming.
Cedric saw and leaned together, and his face was even more ugly. The veins stood out on his forehead jumped out. "Is there any law in the eyes of the two?" Should I give an explanation for smashing my car like that? "
I didn’t even move my eyebrows. A tree had to look up and glance casually. "Don’t know to knock first?" Is it polite? "
Her tepid attitude provoked Chen and Wu Yanli to get nowhere. What they hate most is her expression.
Wu Yanli walked in and stared at the trees intensely. "I asked the repair shop that this car has no repair value. You can either pay me 700,000 yuan or pay me a new car." She didn’t dare to ask for compensation, but the trees? She still wanted to hold the handle and teach her a lesson.
The trees looked at it, still graceful, cutting steak, as if he had blocked people and things next to them. It was agreed that he had a solution, and now it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not.
"What if I don’t choose either?" The forest light asked her if she didn’t know how to solve it. Just play hardball with leaning.
"You? That I good call the police "Yan-li wu blocked dumb potential out his phone.
The trees kicked and tipped on the table. Do you really want to call the police? Isn’t it a wave?
Cedric angle just saw the forest moving. Are they so close? It is said that this man never likes to be followed by women for more than half an hour, even female secretaries, but he has only broken several cases of trees. What does this say that he is interested in trees
Isn’t this woman very lofty? At the beginning, I liked him only to let him hold a small hand. Now I take the initiative to ask others how their legs are ambiguous. How long have I known each other? At that time, the wedding was heartbreaking, but it took only over a month to get popular.
Pour received distress signal this just put a knife, fork and towel wiped her hands and looked at the trees, but it was said to Wu Yanli
"I told you one million spiritual compensation last time, but you can hit my account?"
"She is fine" Wu Yanli pointed to the forest road.
"Didn’t you hear what the police said that day? They all said something was wrong. Do you want to question the laws of our city? "
"You are in cahoots." Wu Yanli was mad but didn’t dare to be really mad. She couldn’t see the inclined expression, but even a silhouette made her feel scared. I can still remember the scene of hitting her with a keyboard once. Fortunately, there was no danger at the scene.

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