Li Yuanqing smiled and was about to leave Li Sansheng, but he hurried to Li Yuanqing and whispered, "General, do you want to take this woman away? Her white skirt is too conspicuous. "

Li Yuanqing one leng also to react busy force patted Li Sansheng shoulder "so small! I didn’t even expect to get a black dress! "
Soon Li Sansheng went to get a boat, and the Filipino maid wore a black robe and respectfully handed it to Li Yuanqing.
Li Yuanqing a motioning with his hand, everyone turned around and didn’t dare to look here.
Li Yuanqing smiled: "Change your clothes."
Megan also reacted at this moment and couldn’t help whispering, "Are you taking me back to Manila?"
"Hehe, you don’t want to?"
Megan snorted and just wanted to say I wouldn’t change, but suddenly she reacted. Once she followed Li Yuanqing back to Manila, wouldn’t there be a lot of escape opportunities? "Good! I’ll change! But you have to turn around and don’t peek at me! "
Li Yuanqing smiled: "As you wish."
Li Yuanqing said and turned around.
Seeing that Li Yuanqing turned around so easily, Megan really wanted to run away into the jungle.
But for a moment, she came here for nothing. How could she run past this group of bruisers in Li Yuanqing?
To make matters worse, this jungle is even more terrible than Li Yuanqing.
While thinking about her, she took off her long skirt and revealed her glittering and translucent skin, which was like a stagnant white jade. She wore this Filipino maid’s black robe on her body at a rapid pace.
Li Yuanqing didn’t look at her, but her ears have been listening carefully to her side.
Although the contact is short, Li Yuanqing has already touched some Megan’s sex. This is a very smart and beautiful woman. She should know that she should choose.
A moment later, Megan said, "General Li, I changed it."
Li Yuanqing turned to look at Megan’s eyes.
This beautiful girl is simply a hanger!
She is about 1.75 meters tall, which is a fate in this era.
This black robe of Filipino maid is a little small, but it makes her smell like a nun.
"Very good, very good"
Li Yuanqing smiled: "Miss Megan, let’s go. Soon you will be back in Manila, which you know best."
Said Li Yuanqing crouched down and motioned Megan to his back.
Megan is not polite and quickly climbed into the Li Yuanqing vest, but she has already used Li Yuanqing as a Malay ride.
Li Yuanqing naturally too lazy to pay attention to Megan’s careful thinking. She’s holding it in his hand and she’s afraid she’ll fly.
Hello Li Sansheng put a few boats from the ship and took some tarpaulins to keep out the rain. Li Yuanqing and Yang Lei quickly sailed into the deep sea and rowed rapidly in the direction of Manila.
At this time, although the wind and waves are great, Yang Lei and these Qinbing are all skilled masters in water, and soon they adapt to the rhythm of the waves, and the reference objects of Coconut Island Lighthouse slide rapidly behind them to ensure that there will be no direction deviation.
The boat is very small, and it is even smaller if ten people have to put themselves down and paddle.
However, Li Yuanqing has been protecting Megan. She is not wronged too much. Plus, she is too tired and soon falls asleep in Li Yuanqing’s arms.
Yang Lei, they all rowed as hard as they could and arrived in Manila. It was not yet five o’clock in the morning and it was still dark.
There was a Spanish Chinese ship here, and soon a group of people came directly to the ship.
Firefighters have already prepared meals for Yang Lei. They went to take a bath, eat and rest. Li Yuanqing took a cold shower at will and handed Megan to ten female guards. She wore a Qinbing shirt and quickly returned to him by boat.
Chapter 677 Pretty little Filipino maid!
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Thank you on your knees!
Last night’s raid on Coconut Island was very private, and it was impossible for Li Yuanqing ladies to get the news.
Plus, it was still raining heavily at this time. When Li Yuanqing returned to the boat, it was less than 5: 20, and they were still sleeping.
Let the Firefighters make a big pot of hot mutton soup, even drink the meat and soup to drive away the cold. Li Yuanqing took a warm bath and washed away the smell of blood. This just came to Zhang Baozhu’s room to’ pay the agricultural land’.
Colorful flags should be inserted, but the red flag can’t fall down.
In this respect, Li Yuanqing is already at home.
Zhang Baozhu came to hug Shiro and slept soundly, but was fiddled by the most familiar Li Yuanqing for a while, and the two soon entered the rhythm.
Manila governor’s office
At seven o’clock in the morning, Valentagama got up from the soft big bed on time.
This is a habit he formed many years ago.
As the saying goes,’ the early bird catches the worm’
It is definitely not just luck that one of the poorest shoemakers, Valentagama, has come to this day.
After washing, wear a white shirt, tie black trousers and tidy up the black bow tie. Valentagama came to the restaurant on the first floor for breakfast as usual.

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