Gu Jiujiu skimmed his lip. "I’m looking at my father this time and I just told her that this is the last time. If it’s impossible again, I mean it!"

Gu Jiujiu patted his small chest!
Song Yuyan laughed at him and Gu Jiujiu also didn’t believe her.
Hurriedly said, "I mean really, my dad’s illness has just improved, and it must feel bad for him if he doesn’t solve this problem for her. I only helped her this time. If she makes a moth again, I won’t care about her."
Song Yuyan looked at her. "What if she makes something again and she pulls her father to beg you?"
Gu Jiujiu hey hey smile "dad is not that kind of unreasonable"
Song Yuyan smiled and said nothing.
Chapter 113 Want a baby and want you.
It’s also a coincidence that Gu Jiujiu happened to help Qin Yuqi when she met her again.
"Aunt, are you hypoglycemia?" Gu Jiujiu asked
Qin Yuqi nodded his head.
Gu Jiujiu knew that people with hypoglycemia needed to replenish sugar quickly. Just in front of them, there was a cake shop. She hurriedly helped Qin Yuqi into the cake shop and bought her a piece of cake.
Two people sitting in the cake shop lounge chair.
Qin Yuqi felt relieved after eating a few mouthfuls. She looked up at Gu Jiujiu.
Even though she told herself it was impossible, but … Looking at this face, she still …
Gu Jiujiu couldn’t help feeling a little strange when she saw her looking at herself like this. "What’s wrong with aunt looking at me like this?"
Qin Yuqi smiled gently and shook her head. "I think you are very similar to an old friend."
"Old friend?" Gu Jiujiu some surprise.
Qin Yuqi nodded her head, perhaps because she felt that jiujiu was too much like her, and she talked with her unconsciously.
"To tell you the truth, you and my mother-in-law imagined when they were young, and my own daughter looks like my mother-in-law."
"Your own daughter?" Gu Jiujiu is even more surprised.
Qin Yuqi nodded. "Yes, it’s a pity that she was abducted by a human trafficker when she was a child. We have been looking for her for a long time and there is no news. So many years have passed in a blink of an eye."
Speaking of her daughter Qin Yuqi, tears seeped out of her eyes.
Gu Jiujiu pursed her lips. Although she was not familiar with Qin Yuqi, she could feel Qin Yuqi’s sadness.
Qin Yuqi looked at Gu Jiujiu. "Miss Gu, don’t mind if I can’t control my emotions."
Section 22
Gu Jiujiu smiled and shook his head. "No, aunt, you miss your daughter too much."
Qin Yuqi nodded his head.
Just as they were chatting, Qin Yuqi rang.
After she finished speaking, she looked at Gu Jiujiu. "Miss Gu thanked you today. If I hadn’t met you, I would have fainted on this road."
"Aunt, you’re welcome. It’s all right."
At this time, suddenly, a sound came up. Gu Jiujiu looked up and saw Yun Siran beside Qin Yuqi.
She was slightly surprised.
And Yun Siran was surprised when he saw Gu Jiujiu!
"Why are you here?"
Yun Siran spoke first.
Qin Yuqi was a little surprised. "Do you know Miss Gu?"
Yun Siran has no good face. "I met her when my grandfather and I went to a charity auction."
When Qin Yuqi heard this, she realized that she almost forgot about the auction, but she also went there.
Gu Jiujiu has seen Yun Siran twice, but … The atmosphere is not very good.
She got up. "Aunt, I have something to do, so I’ll go first."
Qin Yuqi nodded "Be careful on the road"
Gu JIU JIU Li bakery
Qin Yuqi looked at Gu Jiujiu’s back and disappeared completely, and then she turned her eyes back. As soon as she withdrew her eyes, she saw her daughter’s gloomy face. "What happened to you? I just saw you and found that you look very pale. What did you have with Miss Gu?"
Yun Siran left her lip. "What can I have against her? Mom, how did you touch her and seem to be familiar with her?"
Qin Yuqi told Yun Siran what happened in the hospital and what happened just now.
After hearing this, Yun Siran even dismissed it.
Gu Jiujiu went back to his family directly after leaving the cake shop.
Gu Zhifan told her that she had something for her.
Although Gu Jiujiu asked what Gu Zhifan was when she was talking, Gu Zhifan was very mysterious and said that she would know when she came back.
Gu Jiujiu returned to his family, and Gu Zhifan was alone at home.
"Dad, what do you have for me?" She asked.
Gu Zhifan smiled gently and motioned for her to follow.
Gu Jiujiu followed Gu Zhifan upstairs to Gu Zhifan’s room.
See Gu Zhifan took out a box that looked very delicate from the password box.

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