As early as snow, there is a glass of white water sitting next to the clock.

Liu Jingyuan said that she felt cold and rested, so most of them were unfamiliar faces.
"I haven’t seen you generals for a long time, and a few of them seem to have put on some weight." Zhong Li-yi couldn’t drink cold food like mung bean soup for a long time because of his injury, so he drank a bowl of mutton porridge, but it was also a little smaller than others. When he was holding the bowl of jokes, several people here always felt a little weird. It seems that someone restricted our little prince’s meal …
Several people here all laughed, and one touched his belly and joked, "It turns out that the food in the kitchen is good!" "
Zhong Li smiled. Some generals in northern Xinjiang didn’t eat anything when they were teenagers. Of course, they couldn’t grow any meat after days of training!
But now things seem to have changed.
Zhong Li made the rice and flour in northern Xinjiang mixed together, even the brown rice generals and soldiers ate the same.
Although this order called several generals a little unhappy, people were very moved and felt that our little prince seemed very close to the people.
"I heard that some short-season vegetables can be planted in autumn in northern Xinjiang. I wonder if you generals know it." After joking, of course, I want to get down to business
Several new generals scrambled to answer, "It is really good to grow some if it is the first in drought!"
Zhong Liyi nodded. "It’s a good time, so ask the soldiers to set aside some land to grow some things and food so that we can spend the winter!"
At this time, the generals looked at each other and asked boldly, "Didn’t your majesty prepare that’ A banquet’ when he went back to Yuan in winter?"
This matter is the first major event in the Dayuan dynasty. If there is nothing particularly important, a family like Zhong Lishi can’t go back to prepare?
As early as snow, look at the clock at this moment. "It’s five or six months from now when the first banquet is Chinese New Year."
Go back and wait for the party at this time. What?
Zhong Liyi smiled. "It’s not a big deal. It’s not bad for the king of northern Xinjiang to stay here. Besides, it would be great if Hunu attacked!"
"It’s not so simple for Hunu to retreat to the west of Yujie Mountain and then besiege it. These days, we will recruit some recruits to play for you and plant some vegetables for the winter. Let’s fight Yujie Mountain to drive Hunu out of the abyss next year!"
This goal sounds difficult to achieve, but in the past few months, it seems that everyone has seen the hope of recovering Yujieshan and seeing the hope of truce and recuperation.
So the generals followed Zhong Liyi and said, "Fight Yujieshan again next year to drive Hunu out of Dayuan!"
Clock from her look at these ambitious generals handsome eyebrow pick by the way and have another sip of soup.
Chu Ruxue looked at Zhong Liyi here to say something, but he didn’t say anything in the end.
Chapter 44 Leisurely time
Twenty-five years in autumn.
Jia Di looked at the silver needle in Junshan, which was requested by northern Xinjiang to recruit soldiers, and changed back to Luan melon piece Qu Jinfu. She watched from time to time and peeled off a few new tribute walnuts this year and put them on the plate, but Jia Di didn’t eat them.
Jia Di suddenly said, "My son seems to be very worried about things in northern Xinjiang these days. It is my fault after all."
Then Qu Jinfu put the walnut pliers on Jia Di’s knees and said, "The emperor dare not say that! This day is an imperial war, and the decision is Huang Yingwu! It is Emperor Yingwu who always makes some people feel that the emperor is good at bullying! "
Jia Di looked at Qu Jinfu at this moment and looked at it from head to toe with a kind of examining eyes for a long time before saying, "You know me best in all these years."
This sounds like a compliment, but if the answer is not good, it will be fatal! Jia Di is the emperor and heaven, and his thoughts are heaven. If a Buddhist like Qu Jinfu understands it, it will be great!
Qu Jinfu didn’t even pause and replied, "I dare not understand the emperor! Emperor, you can’t just guess what you mean every day! It is our family who has been around the emperor for years knowing that the emperor is hard. Our family is distressed that the emperor has worked so much! "
Jia Di thought for a moment and said, "I don’t really want to eat this plate of walnuts at this moment, so peel it and give it to Lingyuange’s little girl. She loves these things to tell her not to eat too much. It’s not good for girls to be too fat!"
QuJinFu hurriedly agreed to get up and peel these walnuts harder.
When Qu Jinfu sent walnuts to the past, he fell red and sat on the top floor of Lingyuan Pavilion, holding a chess book and watching it carefully.
However, when I saw Qu Jinfu holding a little girl to eat, I was very happy to accept it and promised to make cakes for Jia Di personally at the party.
Qu Jinfu also conveyed to Jiadi on behalf of my little girl that Jiadi didn’t care much at that time, thinking about what this dress could do for my little girl.
But I didn’t expect the little girl to come running with a box in the evening and fight proudly.
Jiadi then put her head in and found that several pieces had been broken.
At this moment, the little girl said to herself strangely, "I didn’t see any problems when I was doing it. How did it become like this now?"
Jia di motioned for her to put the box on her own and take out a piece of it and taste it. "It’s too scattered and can’t be stuck without gathering. Just before you ran in such a hurry, it naturally broke, but although it looks bad, it doesn’t taste good. Have you been doing it for a long time? It’s hard for you to stay in the kitchen in such hot weather. "
My little girl scratched her head when she was sure. She was a little embarrassed. "I just wanted to do this when I didn’t spend much time!"
Such honest words make Jia Di feel very relieved. Touch the little girl’s head. "It is good that you have this heart."
Falling red is a big piece of pure land in Jiadi’s eyes. When he is tired, he wants to say a few words to this little girl, and he feels that it is a godsend. It is such a small box of cakes.
In fact, this cake is very sweet and greasy with too much sugar, but Jiadi doesn’t care much. If she makes it, he thinks it’s good.

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