Xiao Wei doesn’t think this job is so easy to get, but now that he has taken this job, he feels that he should be able to do it well.

Former Xiao Wei thought that the secret office of the Student Union was the most important place. After the meeting, he realized that the secret office was actually responsible for organizing the meeting, and then supervising the workers in various departments according to the requirements of the chairman.
It is really the central department of the student union, the organization department, which organizes and coordinates all the activities of the student union. The key to the success of the student union work exhibition depends on the ability of the organization minister
Xiao Wei will listen to Long Mei, a little girl, with a strong and coherent voice. The detailed work plan is very capable on Monday, and I have already looked up from my heart
After the meeting, everyone dispersed separately. Long Mei packed up a venue and was ready to leave.
Xiao Wei lost no time to go out of the teaching building with Long Mei.
It’s natural for Long Mei to see Xiao Wei come out with himself and walk side by side with Xiao Wei while chatting.
Xiao Wei said, "You said Lao Ji was Ji Changqing, right? He was the head of the liaison department before?"
Long Mei laughed. "Yes, it’s this old Ji. I said why I didn’t become a minister. It turned out that there was no vice chairman before I became a vice chairman. I think it’s probably because I arranged a position for you that I added this vice chairman position."
Xiao Wei was surprised and asked, "Will it? I don’t think so? "
Long Mei said, "Why not? Organization is the personnel arrangement. If I can’t even understand this, isn’t this organization minister in vain? "
"What do you mean?"
Long Mei went on to say, "Lao Ji was the first to be elected to the student union. The senior high school is in the high school attached to Dream Works, and there is a relative in the college who is familiar with the teachers of the college. Lao Ji entered the student union so that he can stay in the school after graduation."
"But Lao Ji belongs to a nice guy who doesn’t want to show his face. At that time, the International Liaison Department was also arranged because there was nothing specific about this place. In other words, I found it myself."
Xiao Weigang wanted to say something, but Long Mei interrupted him and said, "I know what you want to say, but that’s Lao Ji. If it were you, it would be different. Lao Ji can win it from school, but you need to get sponsorship."
Xiao Wei is also an old Ji. He is a native of China, but he is a northerner himself. He should never go back to Pengcheng to get sponsorship.
Speaking of this, Xiao Wei asked, "What about this chairman Wang Xuan? I don’t listen to his accent. "
Long Mei replied, "He is not a local person. You see that there is such a tall Wang Xuan in the northeast of Dream State, specifically ln."
Speaking of this, Long Mei turned his head and asked, "Have you ever heard of the Northeast Tiger?"
Xiao Wei stunned and replied, "What Northeast Tiger?"
Long Mei said, "I mean the Northeast Tiger in our school."
"Oh" Xiao Wei suddenly realized that Long Mei said it was a "Northeast Gang" among school students.
In fact, the so-called "Northeast Gang" refers to those students from Northeast China. Because Northeast students are generally big and aggressive, the average person in the school dares to provoke for a long time, and someone gave them a nickname called "Northeast Tiger"
Xiao Weibai came to Long Mei and said it was the "Northeast Gang", so he said, "I know a little but I haven’t touched it."
"Just know" Long Mei went on to say, "Chairman Wang Xuanwang is the Northeast Gang, and it is said that it is still the person who has the final say. What is the president of the student union now?"
Xiao Wei said, "It turns out that the school is also for management purposes. Is it possible for someone else to be the chairman to stop the Northeast Gang?"
Long Mei "giggled" and laughed. "How can you say something so straightforward? Don’t say it thoroughly. You will always be friends."
After that, Long Mei seemed to say to Xiao Wei and said to himself, "Why am I telling you this? Do I know you well?"
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Chapter 131, Wisdom of the Northeast Tiger
Xiao Weixiao replied, "Don’t you think we are very familiar now? At least you are more familiar with the rest of the student union. At first glance, you are a warm-hearted person. You told me so much today, which made me take a lot of detours after work. I really should thank you. "
Long Mei nasal "hum" a said "thank me? I think you are also a straightforward person. I just told you so much today. I just said it for a while, and you just listened to it. After that, I won’t admit it. "
Xiao Wei said, "Even so, I have to thank you very much. How about Long Mei, if you will do us the honor, let’s have dinner together?"
Long Mei said with sly eyes, "Do you have any idea about inviting me to dinner the first time we met?"
Xiao Wei raised his right hand with anger and laughter and said, "Where do you start? Heaven and earth conscience I Xiao Weike is an indomitable spirit. I have absolutely no idea. I just want to thank you sincerely. "

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