So Yu Ran seized the opportunity to escape, found a place to hide himself, looked at no one to chase him out, and found no abnormality. Yu Ran was relieved, and it seemed that he had made the right bet.

"I’m finally out. I have to hurry to find Xin ‘er." Yu Ran felt glad and then quickly decided to arrange it.
According to Yu Ran’s understanding of Luo Xiner, it was almost impossible to find out where Luo Xiner was, and Luo Xiner could not help but exclaim when she saw Yu Ran appear in front of her.
"Why are you here?" Luo Xiner quickly calmed herself down, but clasping her hands still revealed Luo Xiner’s true thoughts and her voice was slightly unnatural.
"I managed to escape. I came to you as soon as I escaped. Hin, I really love you and I have done so much. Can’t you prove it? In this situation, you still say come with me. I swear I will protect you! Never let you get hurt! " In some excitement caught Luo Xiner hand.
"You believe me, if you want it, I will do my best to give it to you. Just come with me like before, okay?" Yu Ran looked at Luo Xiner with a full face of hope.
Luo Xiner froze and froze for a while, and he loosened his grip on his hands. He felt very disdainful and looked at him in a flustered way, pushing him a little.
"I won’t go with you. I don’t like you now, and it’s the same after. I advise you to die before it’s too late." Luo Xiner refused without hesitation and seemed a little indifferent
For such a result, it is obviously unacceptable that Yu Ran’s face is full of three characters of disbelief and he feels that he is hearing voices.
"I heard wrong, right? How can you not like me? Don’t be ridiculous, "said Yu Ran who never gave up, but after seeing Luo Xiner’s eyes, he was silent again.
"Even if you don’t like me, give me a reason." Yu Ran is very unwilling to believe that Luo Xiner must have a reason to do so.
However, Luo Xiner is too lazy to do nothing when the snake is unwilling to wave.
"You think too much. I’ve never liked you. I’ve been here just to benefit you. I naturally want to treat you well, which naturally makes you misunderstand."
"If you are still profitable, I naturally don’t mind if you continue to misunderstand, but you obviously have no profitable value now. What am I going to do?" Luo Xiner turned the knife into a knife and plunged it into the heart of Yu Ran.
If Luo Xiner didn’t say anything, she could still lie to herself, but Luo Xiner’s words have been said so clearly. If she doesn’t speak vernacular, Yu Ran will grow so big in vain.
Desperate, he didn’t forget that he was leaving here. He managed to escape, so naturally he couldn’t be easily caught back.
"You really don’t want to elope with me? Although I have nothing now, I will do my best to give you the best life. "Yu Ran still has a glimmer of hope.
If she says yes, I’ll treat her as if I didn’t hear anything just now.
Yu Ran hypnotized herself in her mind to give herself the last glimmer of hope, but Luo Xiner didn’t want to cooperate.
Luo Xiner is not white. She speaks so plainly. Why do you ask this question? What’s the point? It’s just a wave.
I don’t want to continue to go with Yu Ran. Luo Xiner turned around and left. I don’t know what kind of wind Yu Ran will take. It’s better to leave early.
Looking at Luo Xiner from the back is unwilling to be full of heart, but it is even worse to think of Luo Xiner doing all kinds of things before her.
"What did I do so much before? Is really funny enough "in self-deprecating smile some regret up what he had done.
But at this time, nothing can come, and no matter what you think, it has already happened. He can’t go back and change the past.
When I was sad, I saw a figure far away and it was very similar to Shen Xuefu’s instantaneous reaction. I turned and ran away.
"How did she catch up with me so quickly? I didn’t disturb anyone when I fled." Yu Ran was annoyed, but she ran for her life as fast as she could.
If even Luo Xiner can’t be taken away, he can’t just be caught by Shen Xuefu again. His mind is very firm
However, this does not change the fact that Yu Ran himself was seriously injured, so it is impossible to chase after Shen Xuefu, and the result was soon chased by Shen Xuefu.
"Today’s thing is that I’m not as good as people. Whatever you do with it," Yu Ran is unwilling to look at Shen Xuefu, although he also wants to resist, but he has no resistance ability.
Shen Xuefu looked at Yu Ran who was seriously injured and still unwilling to compromise. She felt angry and funny. What exactly is this human brain made of? Is there something missing?
I’m already like this, and I’m still thinking about those who have Shen Xuefu saying that I can’t understand Yu Ran.
"You see what you are now. Think about what you were before. Aren’t you white? " Shen Xuefu could not help but scold a way
Yu Ran doesn’t talk, just like Shen Xuefu said, a dead pig is not afraid of scalding water, but his heart was touched by Shen Xuefu’s words. He was also a high-spirited person. Why do you want to keep yourself from becoming what you are today?
"Is it not a woman? You just let yourself be like this? If that woman is really worth it, I won’t say anything, but think for yourself. Is it really worth it? " Shen Xuefu hates iron and looks at Yu Ran.
"Who do you like? You have to like Luo Xiner. You must hang yourself in this tree. Are you satisfied with this situation?" Shen Xuefu don’t agree with let in clearly felt.
After hearing Shen Xuefu’s words, Yu Ran regretted it even more, but Yu Ran also knows that he regrets nothing now. Everything has already been like this, and nothing can come.
Chapter 27 Come a little late
Looking at Yu Ran bowed their heads and covered in scars made him look even more pitiful. Some Shen Xuefu sighed, and after all, some didn’t have the heart to pursue it again.
Originally, she really wanted to dispute with Yu Ran. After all, he really went too far, but looking at this scene, she couldn’t say anything, thinking that otherwise she would let people go.
"I don’t say much, and you may not be able to listen. Now that you have this sample, you can go. I won’t arrest you." Shen Xuefu turned her back to watch Yu Ran leave by himself.
But to Shen Xuefu’s surprise, there is nothing to leave, which means sitting silently in the same place seems to be thinking about something.
I haven’t heard the sound for a long time, which makes Shen Xuefu feel strange. However, I have been hurt like this. It is impossible to walk without any sound.
Shen Xuefu curious turned around and saw a face of complex look don’t look at yourself in some shocked this man why not go?
"Aren’t you going to escape after all your strength? Why don’t you go now that I let you go?" Shen Xuefu said that he was very puzzled.
In a wry smile, he really wants to go, but what’s the difference if he walks like this now? His body knows that he can’t go far.
I clearly felt the passing of life and knew that I was dying soon. However, I suddenly woke up and looked at Shen Xuefu with a serious face.
"What are you doing? I let you go. You don’t go. Are you going to stay and fight with me? Do you love Luo Xiner so much? " Shen Xuefu bit his teeth and became angry.
However, he shook his head. That’s not what he meant. He has woken up to Luo Xiner’s feelings and is not going to continue.
"That’s not what I mean. I want to apologize to you. I hope you can forgive me. Of course, you shouldn’t forgive me. After all, I feel unforgivable when I think about it myself, but I owe you this apology." Yu Ran had the strength to finish and fell again
He has little strength to support him. He just wanted to apologize formally with a belief. His life is coming to an end, and it is good to have less regrets after all.
And Shen Xuefu is silent to apologize for Yu Ran. Some of them are silent. She can’t forgive that what Yu Ran did really hurt her, but she can’t refuse to do so. It’s just that Luo Xiner has benefited the poor man.
"You don’t have to worry about me, I just want to apologize, so I can have less regrets." Yu Ran’s voice became smaller and smaller, and finally he closed his eyes and lost his breath.
Shen Xuefu looked around and found that people were even more silent after they really died, but they were relieved soon. Maybe this is the best ending.
I have no idea to stay here and see Yu Ran. She always feels that her heart is very complicated. Just then Shen Xuefu arrived.
"I’ll leave it to you to deal with it and bury him well." Shen Xuefu arranged things and then turned around and quickly left.
She has been here for a long time, but she still needs to go back to other things as soon as possible. What’s the accident?
At the same time, Luo Xiner on the other side also got the good news she recognized.
"We have found the hiding place of Shen Beibei. I wonder if you have any plans for coming?" Hear hand report Luo Xiner some excitement.
"Good. We’ll go there now. Shen Xuefu is good at hiding people tightly enough. It took me so long to find someone, but she will regret not picking them up." Luo Xiner smirked.
"You lead the way in front, and we have to hurry to get there. Since we can’t hand Shen Xuefu, don’t blame me for doing it to her daughter. What should I do before she is heartless?" Luo Xiner urged.
On the way to Shen Beibei’s hiding place, Luo Xiner is already thinking about taking Shen Beibei away, so it should be laid out to maximize the benefits.
It shouldn’t be difficult for her daughter to exchange what I want. She can’t watch her daughter die, can she? Luo Xiner thinks about being in a good mood.
Now she is looking forward to Shen Xuefu’s choice between the two. Anyway, she won’t lose anything.
"Faster, we need to get there as quickly as possible. If Shen Xuefu reacts, it will be bad." Luo Xiner urged.
"Yes," the hand picked up speed, and Luo Xiner followed it with some difficulty, but it was rare. She didn’t complain about anything, and she relaxed a lot.
Rushing to Shen Beibei’s hiding place, Luo Xiner looked at Shen Beibei huddled and laughed at it. It was really good to find this place, but it was a pity.

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