Xiao Lingyu, if he wants to continue to benefit from or in this magic cave, he must overcome this Warcraft in the further front, which should have the real magic to repair Warcraft in the middle, which is almost negligible.

The three-headed snake saw that his warning didn’t scare off the other party, and the other party was still gaining momentum. When three mouths were together, three snake letters wrapped in red fluorescent rolled out like three magic whips, which seemed to bind the other party directly.
Although the snake letter is strong, it can be cut sharply in the artifact, but it is as fragile as tofu
The three-headed snake screamed with pain and anger, and then spewed out three poisonous fog of different colors.
To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, a mask breathing his own chaos was corroded by the poisonous fog, and he hurriedly offered six magic beads to a circle of sacred masks to surround himself.
In the sacred mask just formed less than a breath, the three heads of the three-headed snake actually gave birth to a sharp one-horned horn and stabbed Xiao Lingyu’s mask hard
A pair of silver wings emerged behind Xiao Lingyu’s cold hum, and his body turned into a silver light, moving around the cave and letting the three-headed serpent head hit his mask.
The serpent dodges with the sharp corner of his head. The sharp corner is many times tougher than the snake letter. It believes that it can stop the broken knife of the other side.
In silver moon, when the knife was broken, one head of the three-headed serpent suddenly split into two-headed serpents.
Xiao Lingyu has six magic fairy beads to defend himself, and the two sharp cones are extremely fast. He wants to hide and come, but he doesn’t just dodge to meet the two sharp cones and continue to move forward. silver moon’s broken knife is still chopping at the serpent’s head.
Xiao Lingyu believes that the town magic fairy beads can do anything or not. If you go to the serpent with a knife, there will be only one head left.
This mask is also like a balloon, and it will explode when it is punctured. Then those sharp teeth hit Xiao Lingyu’s body.
However, the results of the two are different. The serpent’s head is missing one, but those sharp teeth can pierce Xiao Lingyu’s body.
It seems that the serpent really realized that his opponent was fierce and was about to escape. Just as he moved silver moon’s broken knife, it happened again.
A red bead appeared in front of the three-headed snake.
The places where my body was hit by the three-headed snake’s teeth just now seemed to have broken the skin, while the toxins in those teeth invaded his body.
The three-headed snake toxin in the late stage of the real magic is not easy to dissolve. Xiao Lingyu’s ability to operate in situ can also control the spread of those toxins for a long time, and refine or excrete them by a slower method.
Xiao Lingyu feels that although he is not afraid of the real magic in the later stage, he has to pay a certain price for the other party to have a little special magical power even if he can win.
However, the speed of refining by chaotic fire alone is still a little slow, and then Xiao Lingyu himself just got the spell to cooperate soon to speed up the speed a little.
However, the consumption in these two years is also worth it. Now Xiao Lingyu’s release of poisonous flame will definitely make the monks in the later period of the real magic daunting.
Two pieces of red beads Xiao Lingyu came to the hole again and hesitated again.
Even if it’s not a noble lineage in the spirit demon period, it’s extremely difficult to overcome in Xiao Lingyu’s estimation, and even there is no chance to escape if there is a spirit demon in the later period of Warcraft.
Xiao Lingyu filled two red beads into the groove of the slate, and the slate immediately turned into a silver glow to wrap Xiao Lingyu and then suddenly disappeared.
Will be stable and look around for a week Xiao Lingyu quickly walked to a stone table at the end of the corridor.
Xiao Lingyu sank her mind into the jade slips and her face became more and more low.
If you want to hit this tin box, you need a key, but there is no ready-made key, and monks can make it themselves.
Xiao Lingyu was so angry that he wanted to scold her. Although he could make such a key, he was sure to fail several times, which would consume a lot of time and energy.
After thinking about it for a while, Xiao Lingyu still felt that it was really meaningless to forge the key when the waves were raging. What was in the treasure box was not necessarily something to him, so he gave up forging the key first and looked for a way out in the corridor.
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Chapter 32 Spirit Magic
? Chapter 32 Lingmo
Jade bamboo slips say that if you want to hit this iron box, you can’t use force, or the iron box will explode. Not only will the treasures in the iron box be destroyed, but the prestige created by the explosion of the iron box is no less than that of a monk in the later period of real magic.
If you want to hit this tin box, you need a key, but there is no ready-made key, and monks can make it themselves.
Chapter 321 Difficult way out
? Chapter 321 Difficult way out
Xiao Lingyu simply tunnel "by senior arrangement"
Xiao Lingyu really didn’t care much about what was in the tin box. Otherwise, he wouldn’t find a way out directly.
"You wait."
The old man said, he sank the magic knowledge into the jade slips after several breaths …
Chapter 322 Kyubi no Youko Magic Fox 1
? Chapter 322 Kyubi no Youko Magic Fox 1
"Thank you for your guidance!"
Xiao Lingyu should fall into the darkness of the cave without thinking after a while, and he doesn’t want to stay here even if he fights for the spirit magic period of World War I.
It’s so weird here. Xiao Lingyugen doesn’t know if he can make it to Qidong Extreme Cave Day, and this time …
Chapter 323 Kyubi no Youko Magic Fox 2
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Nine tails roared like nine magic whips with several ghosting images, the fastest and best in the Chinese website ()
Bang! Bang …
Xiao Lingyu is light drink a silver moon broken knife severely hew out.
But the back four tails are swept again in Xiao Lingyu’s body. Xiao Lingyu’s body is swept away again, and the bone fracture is crunchy. It is also continuous to make his body suffer and feel that his bones are about to fall apart.
This battle has almost become a suspense.
Fortunately, the Warcraft didn’t make track for it. It seems that Xiao Lingyu is not allowed to move on, and Xiao Lingyu has no desperate plan.

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