Even Fang Zhou disdained to sneer at coldly. "What about that? You are so naive! If this method comes into my house, you will be recognized by our family, and Azeri will like you? Don’t dream of the Spring and Autumn Period! Worship heaven and earth with Azeri is the eldest lady of Xu Guogong’s mansion, and she has nothing to do with you! I’ll throw you back to Xu Guogong’s house now. Who will believe you if you say this today? Pull out her clothes quickly and tie her mouth! Mother Lin immediately ordered the car to wait for me at the east gate. I’m going to Xu Guogong’s house! "

What else does Meng Tingting have to say? Where is the chance? Who will understand her if she struggles with her eyes wide open?
Ice green looked at her like this, and her heart was in a good mood. When she was tied, she had to pinch her body and arms severely.
"oh! Where’s Bingmei? Where is the ice plum! " Mammy Lu suddenly exclaimed.
Lian Fangqing said quickly, "I secretly saw this woman and that girl pressing a girl to cover her nose and mouth. I don’t know if it was the ice plum!"
Lu mammy and ice-green color-changing stare at Tingting Meng, wishing her eyes would spurt out fire. Chapter 136 Make a fuss about the frenzy.
Lian Fangzhou ordered someone to look for it in the new house.
In a short time, the ice plum was found out from the big cabinet.
Hands and feet are tied, mouth is stuffed, and people are unconscious.
"You vicious bitch!" Mammy Lu, angry, angry and distressed, kicked the girl and thanked her. Even Fang Zhou and Bing Lv went to untie Bing Mei and shook her.
At that time, the carriage was ready, and even Fangzhou didn’t have time to ask Bing Mei what to tell Lian Fangqing and his third aunt to wait here to cope with the delay when Lian Ze came to the new house and said that he was here to talk to his new brother-in-law
He also ordered Qinghe to talk to Chunxing to let her know.
With Redjade, Mama Lin and other nine people, they took Meng Tingting and the four dowry girls in the carriage and went to Xu Guogong’s house.
Besides, Meng Tingting decided that Xu Yiyun had robbed her marriage, and Xu Yizhen was always unwilling to add it. Xu Yiyun also had a good life, so the two hit it off and decided on such a plan.
Those four dowry maids are all Montessori. Of course, listen to Xu Yizhen.
This morning, Xu Yizhen found an excuse to send away Mammy Lu and Bingmei Binglv, so it would be much easier to leave things.
Xu Yizhen smiled smugly when he saw that even the family came to pick up the sedan chair and picked up Meng Tingting smoothly.
She thought it was very simple to cook uncooked rice into a mature meal, and even if she wanted to regret it at home!
With those four dowry maids to take care of the wedding day, the groom will definitely drink too much, and nothing will go wrong!
In the day, hehe, if the family is unwilling to deal with it, why don’t you send Xu Yiyun, that little bitch, as an aunt, so that the sincerity of the family should be fine?
How could cousin get that little bitch? One is the mistress, the other is the aunt, and you can’t worry about killing her!
Xu Yizhen would think so. It can be said that she doesn’t know Lian Fangzhou well.
How can Lian Fangzhou endure people’s calculations to his own head? Even if Meng Tingting’s medicine in Lianze’s new house becomes a good thing, she will still let Lianze kick Meng Tingting out the door if she finds it is not a person the next day!
Face? It’s not even a matter of family face. Xu Guogong’s government is not kind. She will do fifteen on the first day of school!
Let’s see if the people in Beijing will say that there are not many families or that the Xu family is not many!
It didn’t last long. At noon, both Xu Guogong and Montessori knew about it.
Two people, of course, is frightened to disgrace will Xu Yizhen a good scold.
But what can it be like now?
Now that the mother and daughter are retreating, Xu Yizhen is crying and making an apology. What else can Xu Guogong say?
Anyway, his relationship with Xu Yiyun’s father and daughter is also weak. Besides, the sedan chair has gone out. Is it difficult for him to catch up with his family at this time and say that the bride made a mistake? Can’t afford to lose this face!
He believes that he can’t afford to lose face, not only his family but also his family.
You have to live a good life today. Even if you lose face at home, you can mistake your mistakes.
Anyway, even the family wants to be with their own in-laws. Meng Tingting is her own "adopted daughter" and her adopted daughter is also a woman!
Xu Guogong can sigh "! What is there to say after all this? Lock the cloud girl in the room so that she doesn’t have anything to do! Just look at the sky! If everything is safe in the sky, it will be over! "
Say never put off till tomorrow what you can hate stared at monteggio, there is still resentment in my heart. If monteggio doesn’t know anything about what happened at home, he doesn’t believe it! It’s Montessori. I don’t know!
Although fathers and daughters has a niece who keeps it from him, he calculates that his own daughter is a little bored.
Meng Shi quickly promised Xu Guogong to be angry again. Just coax it later! If you want to see the past, everything will be fine
Who knows, just after dinner, I heard the housekeeper report that Mrs. Weining Hou had come with a group of maids.
Guo-gong Xu and Montessori were all surprised when they spoke with kindness in their hearts.
However, these two people feel that they are afraid of their identity, and even Fangzhou is really shameful and still calm.
"Mrs Weining Hou is really what to do in our house this big night! It’s rare for her to be free on a day like this! Master, please go. I wish I could meet this widow! " Montessori unhurried said with a smile
"Well, then I’ll go first. The visitor is a guest and the in-laws have something to remember and say!" Xu Guogong nodded as cool as a cucumber. That’s calm!
"Don’t worry, my Lord, I’m not that ignorant!" Montessori smiled.
Off the Guo-gong Xu and leisurely sit elegant and dignified side tea leisurely drink a mouthful of took out a handkerchief to wipe the corners of the mouth tea stains that slowly to mammy Parker said, "listen to master? We can’t neglect the visitor. Go and meet him! "
"yes, madam!" Mammy Parker smiled and bent down and replied.
Who knows, before she walked out of this small hall, she heard a lot of noise outside. Several servants and servants had not yet recovered. Even Fangzhou had stepped back from the girl who was in the way and was not allowed to come in. She strode in and stared at Montessori coldly.
When Montessori deliberately procrastinated, he just killed it. Even Fangzhou’s spirit was equivalent to giving it to a horse. Who knows that people didn’t give her a chance to guess that when the housekeeper came in to leave, they forced their way in.
Luckily, she still pretends to be a joke!
This breath is being suppressed in the chest, and Montessori is extremely depressed.
I haven’t come yet, but I saw that Meng Tingting and the four dowry maids turned ugly as soon as they were rudely pushed in by Lian Fangzhou’s maid.
"Li Furen, what do you mean!"
"What do you mean?" Even Fang Zhou smiled coldly and skirt slightly, and kicked Meng Tingting to the ground and snorted. "Mrs. Xu, what do you mean by this! What does it mean for your government to get such a thing as a bride? "
Montessori zheng not sorry service road "turns out to be the way it is, we are thinking about the past and tell Li Furen and children-"
"Don’t give me nonsense!" Even Fang Zhou sat with a big smile and sneered, "It’s just shameless excuses, madam. She’s too lazy to listen! I’ll give you half an hour to dress up Miss Xu and send her out! "
"Not so cheap!" Montessori couldn’t help but be annoyed with the cold face. "Today, so many people saw your sedan chair take the door and took people away. Now, in turn, they are looking for me." Hum, I’d like to ask you where your family took our eldest lady, because they tied up my adopted daughter again! Li Furen, don’t you think you should give me an explanation?
Shameless people have even seen Fangzhou many times. This Meng bite back and even ignored Fangzhou root. "Ha!" Look up a sneer at took a glance at monteggia unhurried way "are you sure you don’t pay people? It’s true that people were picked up from your house, but no one saw who was picked up when they were covered with a hijab. If you don’t pay, I’ll send you shameless adopted daughter and these dowry girls to Shuntianfu yamen. Oh, and Mammy Lu, Bing Mei and Bing Lv are all witnesses! From this moment on, Mrs. Xu, I will go wherever you go. I won’t leave you for half a step. I’ll wait outside for you to go back to your room to sleep with your man. I’ll wait outside the room. Generally speaking, I’m with you. You can’t do anything behind my back until things come out! "
Even Fang Zhou said and shouted, "Did you hear the red Yulin mother? Lord, I’ll follow Mrs. Xu, the other stewards of this house, the mother and the maid. It’s up to you to follow! If people are not enough, go back and call! "
Redjade, Mama Lin and others agreed loudly.
Montessori was so angry that he nearly fainted. As the saying goes, Li Furen is a freak if he reaches out and doesn’t smile!
You don’t even listen to the explanation, so you’re so rude!
"You are simply deceiving others!" After a half-ring, Meng Shi shivered out a word and said angrily, "We are a sovereign government here. You must not be presumptuous!"
Even Fang Zhou grabbed the teacup next to him and went to the ground to smash it. "Your frenzy is not allowed to be presumptuous. Our family is free to hold soft persimmons at will." You dare to calculate my aunt without asking! Now I’m not ashamed. The thief shouted, Stop the thief! Hum, if Shun Tianfu sentenced me to wronged you, would you dare to punish me for kowtowing to you in public and slapping your mouth to make amends? "
Said and sneered, "Mrs. Xu, don’t be impulsive! Both inside and outside want to get what they want in the end! If this person is sent to the yamen, hey hey, the government has the means to make them tell the truth. If you don’t send Miss Xu out, I will! "
"You, you …" Montessori’s face was so white that he couldn’t say a word without a trace of blood.
I’m angry, anxious, annoyed, hateful, surprised and afraid. I’ve never felt anything in my life. Now I’m all alive!

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