Bah! What a coward. I’ve experienced many big scenes myself. How can I be frightened by such a person? Is it because you have degenerated? You must not let the other side look down on you, but Duanmu Ming doesn’t have the kingliness of N-odd pig feet.

"I will be afraid of you? Joke! I’m never afraid of being alone. "
"Are you? Then why do you tremble? Why are your hands shaking? Why can’t you look at me directly? "
"How do I know that it is willing to shake?" Now Duanmu Ming also tries to cover up the fact that he is afraid, but he still insists on his own koo opinion verbally, but even he thinks it is sophistry.
The emaciated guy gave a terrible smile. "You are not too depressed. All creatures at this level will have uncontrollable fear when they see me except one and a half people."
"This level …" Duanmu Ming surly to "you mean you are the first master of the five realms? No, one and a half people are not afraid of you … How can there be half people? "
"Because that person will still be afraid of me now, but he has abundant resources, but he hasn’t been inspired." The haggard guy looked at me with a gherardini Duanmuming.
Duanmuming’s face changed. "You said it was me?"
"Do you have confidence in yourself?" The haggard guy suddenly asked
"Yes, of course, and I have more confidence to beat you." Duanmu Ming suddenly rushed to the haggard guy with great strength, and his sudden action would definitely catch the other side off guard.
But the haggard guy didn’t panic at all. Instead, he calmly looked at Duanmu Ming’s eyes flashing with strange light. Duanmu Ming’s hand turned into a trance punishment to cut this guy’s body and suddenly seemed to be separated by Wan Li
"How far away?" Duanmu Ming’s face changed a little. This is the ability to control the distance between himself and the enemy at will. Although all the control abilities can be considered medium, they are still very real in battle. Even if he is proficient, he is just able to get involved.
"Who the hell are you? How can it be controlled? " Duanmu Ming’s mood almost fell to the bottom. Since he had the ability to control time, he has always regarded this ability as a secret weapon, and he has never met an opponent. Even if he once assassinated a person with the same ability, he was far from himself. I didn’t expect to touch a hard hand today to see that the other side was much stronger than himself.
For people in the same field of manipulation, skills and strength are meaningless, and it is almost impossible for them to escape. It is just the ability to manipulate, which is a place where there is no opportunism in head-on confrontation
This is also the highest level of combat.
"Are you strange? Or depressed "haggard guy like a ghost" floating "in front of Duanmu Ming" not strange or depressed because this is my field, you can’t pose a threat to me "
"Your field? Who the hell are you! " Duan Muming is a little angry. This guy always doesn’t reveal his identity. Does he have to be a fool himself? I don’t know whose hand is dead.
"I am the doomsday blade."
Doomsday blade? Sounds familiar. Isn’t this a battle in Heroes 3?
Duanmuming was about to laugh at the shameful behavior of the other party’s eyes opening and telling lies. Suddenly, a lot of information came to his mind.
Doomsday Blade This is the secret of extinction among the three treasures. This blade has the power of conan the destroyer. This is not a rhetoric but a real fact. Creator created this secret treasure to destroy the world when it can’t go!
And Duanmu Mingyuan is the doomsday blade to face the treasure knife that can’t remember the source.
Although Duanmu Ming’s power is not small, how can it be an opponent of the doomsday blade? At the same time, Duanmu Ming also believes that it has no malice to himself, because it is created to destroy what it means, and it is easy for it to destroy the material at this level.
"It turned out to be a secret treasure!" Duan Muming said with a wry smile, "You didn’t come out this time to destroy the world, did you?" He’s not kidding. It’s very likely that the treasure will come out when the world is going to be destroyed. If Doomsday Blade really wants to destroy the world, Duanmu Ming can’t stop it, but Duanmu Ming will choose to blow himself up and destroy it, or else his women will lose it!
"How do you want to destroy me?" Doomsday blade rushed Duanmu Ming to say "world devastator" lightly.
"world devastator …" Hearing this name, Duan Muming seemed to be hit by something, and something seemed to break in his mind.
"Yes, you are the creator who chose world devastator!"
Chapter 42 Real identity
"world devastator? I’m world devastator. "Duanmu Ming smiled two times. It’s incredible, isn’t it? It’s god’s word that you have world devastator. Isn’t this world worthless?
Duanmu Ming told his thoughts to Doomsday Blade. Doomsday Blade didn’t answer him, but suddenly broke and disappeared. The absence of Duanmu Ming around him means that Duanmu Ming suddenly rushed to him as if it were a toilet-_-b or the center of a whirlpool.
Although Duanmu Ming thinks he is very good, he didn’t expect a personal explosion or a small cosmic explosion, but not everyone can enjoy such a beautiful thing, otherwise you will be very enjoyable if you try to have a small cosmic explosion in your head.
Duanmu Ming, who suffered a great shock, wanted to faint again, but this time he was not so lucky. Several things flocked to Duanmu Ming’s mind, but it happened that Duanmu Ming could not faint, suffering from the accumulation of information.
I don’t know how long it took, maybe 10 thousand years, maybe a second. Duanmu Ming finally woke up. When he opened his eyes, it was like a thunderbolt in the dark, but it soon disappeared.
Or did the original householder still hold the doomsday blade? It seems that he had a dream, and nothing happened, even his knife-holding posture has not changed. However, Duanmu Ming knows that this is not a dream, because he has a lot of things in his mind before, so it can be said that Duanmu Ming has only recovered to him now, and his body has been transformed into a new Duanmu Ming after the doomsday blade.
Looked at the doomsday blade in his hand, Duanmu Ming’s eyes suddenly condensed, and with a flick of his wrist, he "called" a doomsday blade and immediately produced a slight fluctuation, which was a precursor to cracks.
Awesome! If you want to produce such power in general, even a master of God should strike hard. I didn’t expect that I could achieve it so easily. It’s a treasure to destroy the world. The destructive power is incomparable. If Duanmu Ming was a moment ago, he might still be a little afraid of its power, but now it’s completely different. He looks at the doomsday blade with pure appreciation.

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