While team like Liverpool and Utus have been placed in that team.

This will allow Villarreal to meet these giants early, which may be greatly high.
However, the 32-in-16 draw still has the principle of avoidance in the same group and the same league, but after drawing 32-in-16, I will draw 16 more draws, but there will be no avoidance principle in the same group and the same league after drawing 16.
The competition system is chaotic enough. Let’s just look at the lottery results of Villarreal.
Sun Yao doesn’t care much about the lottery results of other teams.
Villarreal did not know whether it was lucky or unlucky to win the defending Bundesliga champion-Wolfsburg!
And after their victory, the winners of their two teams will face the winners of Liverpool and Unirea!
That is to say, if we can successfully pass Wolfsburg, Villarreal will face the Premier League Bg4!
Of course, the problem now is that they can’t pass Wolfsburg this season, but they have won their history and won the Bundesliga championship. But this season, their meritorious coach Magat transferred to Schalke 4, and their performance in the Bundesliga has plummeted. Now they can also play the Europa League in the Champions League.
This team is not strong, but it must not be underestimated!
Chapter one hundred and nine Special fans
In fact, Sun Yao is grateful to Villarreal Club. After all, it is this La Liga club that has given him the opportunity to play in the top leagues in Europe.
However, Sun Yao is extremely stingy with the club. After all, the problem of club funds has not been one year or two, which makes them have to find ways to reduce their investment.
In the Europa League knockout round, one point will be drawn, and then the draw will be held until the best is decided.
What Sun Yao wants to do now, of course, is to enjoy his holiday at home.
But after enjoying a short three-day holiday, Sun Yao was discovered by the media when he went out.
Therefore, many media in China tried to contact Sun Yao, hoping to interview Sun Yao in China.
Sun Yao deliberated and finally decided to be interviewed by two media.
One is the interview column of our own provincial sports channel. At present, a number of satellite TV sports channels have formed a sports simulcast platform-it was at that time that ——CSPN reporters explained the Sun Yao competition in Weifang Cup and despised Zhang Rui, Sun Yao’s first coach, as well as Dong Pingsheng, a well-known Canadian journalist and commentator.
The other family will not be interviewed by CCTV until they go to bě jīng. This is a theory that cannot be shirked.
The location of CSPN interview is located in Jinan, but it is not far from Jinan. It takes more than an hour by car.
Sun Yao is very nice. He went by bus with the little god Ska early in the morning.
Of course, they haven’t bought a car in China yet. Sun Yao gave his parents a lot of money, but neither of them will go out much, and Sun Yao is not at home much, so there is no need to buy a car.
Sun Yao and the little god Ska specially went to the car rental company to rent a car, and the holiday lasted about ten days.
Xiao Shen still has a driver’s license. He has all kinds of driver’s licenses at home and abroad, and his driving skills are first-class. Sun Yao even suggested him to go to F1!
They didn’t choose any special luxury high-end car, but chose a more ordinary Volkswagen Tiguan SV, which Sun Yao still prefers.
The interview was arranged in a hotel called Zhuyihe International Hotel, which is quite upscale.
Because Sun Yao arrived before, he didn’t rush to urge the viewers to sit in the hall and chat with the little gods.
"This hotel is so big, it’s not five stars!" Sun Yao praised.
"Well, you are a star. Don’t meet a luxury hotel and put on a clod posture. You have to hold this little scene!" Small god, wake up way
"Must be!" Sun Yao made an OK gesture and then touched the sofa where he was sitting. "This sofa is much better than Spanish. It feels good!"
Especially the handle of the protruding part of the sofa armrest …
Sun Yao’s picture of Se, a topped god, can easily cause people around him to despise him. Little God Ska is on the side, but Nai despises him.
"I said you didn’t stay in a hotel when you were away in Spain!" Xiao Shen skanai Dao
"Hey, hey, it feels different!" Sun Yaole said, "I said no, let’s invest in a five-star hotel! With an international name! "
The little god Ska smiled while covering her mouth. "You can’t afford to renew your contract until you perform a little bit worse in half a season and sign a super rich club!" "
Sun Yao upward wanted to think "makes sense! Anyway, kick the ball first! "
Just chatting with the little god Ska, I found a familiar beautiful image in the hall.
Once young compared to now, she is more charming and Sun Yao thought, "This is just a university, isn’t it? Has it changed so much? Mature so much! "
Seeing this beautiful woman coming to the hall with flowing hair, red lips, white teeth, protruding forward and backward is particularly enchanting; Wearing leopard print and black silk, it’s a good thing it’s warm in this five-star hotel, otherwise Sun Yao would really be frozen for her.
"A natural stunner!" Small god, scarlett low wake up way
"My old classmates know each other!" Sun Yaochong little god blinked and immediately got up and smiled. "Hey hey, it’s fate to meet you here! I have long heard that you met in Jinan University unexpectedly as soon as you came to Jinan! Hey hey "
The stunner sister carefully looked at Sun Yao’s eyes, puzzled or mocking "We know each other? Or is this a bit old-fashioned? "
Sun Yao leng "I Sun Yao kiln! Are you a new classmate? " There’s one sentence left that Sun Yao didn’t say. I chased you.
"Ah?" Beauty instantaneous seems to think what "is you! What a change! "
Has Sun Yaoxin’s secret passage changed greatly? Did you forget?
"Ha ha ha you too!" Sun Yao laughed.
Confused, "I heard that you stopped studying and didn’t know what to do. It turned out that you were a security guard in a hotel!" "
Sun Yao leng a don’t know how to answer is back to a sentence "you also work here? It is good to wear such a feeling in a hotel class! "
"I’m not working here. My boyfriend is here. I’m here to find him!"
"Oh, that’s your boyfriend working here? Does he clean the toilet? Maybe I know it! " Sun Yao smiled. The goddess of heart andao actually has a boyfriend. No, the goddess is the goddess. Looking for a boyfriend doesn’t love those. Gao Fushuai just found here to wash the toilet
Dissatisfied, "no, he’s here. He’s rich!" "
Suddenly, Sun Yao suddenly became disillusioned.
"Maybe I can ask him to help you find a good job since you stopped studying!" "Good" wake up.
"Er, the work situation won’t be troublesome!" Sun Yao smiled and thought to himself that girls really don’t like watching football.
Fortunately, the heart said, "You’re welcome with me."
Then the two of them talked politely about a lot of previous questions. Although they were a little impatient with Sun Yao, they still talked politely with Sun Yao.
In a short time, the’ boyfriend’ came from a distance, which made Sun Yao stunned and didn’t know how to feel now.
"Is that your boyfriend?" Sun Yao was surprised and asked, pointing to the distance. The bald, stout man looks very shocking, a bit like a county party committee member.
"Well is a little old! But he loves me very much! " Laughing and laughing is very "happy" and "natural"
Sun Yao nodded. "Also for love? Regardless of age, region, nationality, anything else, quantity and species!"
"He is actually very good! And this society is like this, isn’t it? If I find a young boy, he is not as mature as me, let alone buy me what I want and give me a life! And it may be too low for this society to succeed through its own hard work! " Said he was a little lost and suddenly wanted to tell Sun Yao what he thought.
Sun Yao nodded his head to show his understanding. "It’s not easy for you to realize this when you are a freshman! I admire you even more! "
Small god, beside the pie mouth "what a crazy world".
Bald man came to the front and smiled at her, then turned to look at Sun Yao leng leng and then looked at it carefully.
Make Sun Yao desperately want to take out the mirror to see what’s on his face.
"Let me introduce you to this is my boyfriend LeiDaFu! Doing business "and then turned to Lei Dafu and said," Husband, this is my first classmate. "
Before voice fell LeiDaFu beat way "Sun Yao! You’re Sun Yao, right? I know you. You must be Sun Yao! "
Sun Yao smiled strangely. "Do you know me?"

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