"Go in. I believe my father is very happy to meet you two." Yunxiyue smiled and led them into the purlin.

Yunjia purlin is magnificent on the outside, which is just like a villa, but inside it is resplendent in decoration, with golden tiles on the walls and golden chandeliers on the top of the head.
"This is local gold in your family," Haikui sighed.
"I can’t have more entertainment at home. In fact, I don’t like it too secular." Yunxiyue said with a sigh.
"Come on, I like this secular style. It’s good to have money," Haikui said.
"Moon, you’re back." A majestic male voice sounded.
Haikui looks up at a middle-aged man in his forties sitting on a beige sofa in the main hall, looking at Haikui and Jingxiang.
"Dad, these are my new friends, Haigui and Jingxiang. They have all reached the baby stage." Yunxi sat next to her father and hugged his arm a month ago.
Yun Tianheng got up and looked a little surprised. "I didn’t expect the two of you to be so young and have reached the yuan baby stage. I was wrong just now."
Yun Tianheng has found the two of them since they came in, and they are surrounded by a breath of infancy. He has already explored them, but neither of them has found that adding Haikui and Jingxiang is so young that he feels wrong at the moment!
Haikui smiled and held out his hand. "Hello, uncle. My name is Haigui."
"Sea ghost?" Yun Tianheng frowned. This name sounds so strange, but out of respect for the master, he immediately stretched his brows and smiled. "Welcome, welcome. I didn’t expect Moon’s friends to be so tall and approachable."
He turned to look at Shizuka again.
Jingxiang also laughed. "Hello, uncle, my name is Jingxiang, but you are taller than us."
If you are older than yourself or almost Yun Tianheng, the problem is that they are too young to reach the Yuan infant period, which makes him if you don’t lose heart, if there is no accident, these two people may be able to break through the Yuan infant period at their own age and think that they are Yun’s in the middle of the Yuan infant period.
"Come and sit down, two little friends. Since they are moon friends, that’s my friend." Yun Tianheng hurriedly offered his seat to them. If he wooed them, his family must be strong.
"Sister-in-law Lan hurry up to make tea snacks" Yun Tianheng shouted at the back.
Immediately, a middle-aged woman promised a quick tea snack.
"It’s very kind of you, Uncle Yun." Haikui said politely.
Yun Tianheng suddenly remembered something and turned to ask Yun Xiyue, "How are you and Cao Yang, Moon?"
Cloud precious little moon is not willing to coquetry. "Dad, you know I don’t like that guy’s copper stink and his habit of forming a grandfather. I don’t want to. I won’t associate with him."
Yun Tianheng sighed and looked at Haikui and Shizuka’s eyes and suddenly flashed green light and said to them, "Sit down first, my daughter and I have some housework to talk about, and wait for one."
Yun Tianheng grabbed Yunxi Moon’s arm "You come with Dad" and they went back.
Chapter 47 Cloud home invitation
There is a big garden behind. I came out from the side door of the hall and walked into the garden for a little bit. Yun Tianheng looked at the room and said to the cloud, "Moon’s father can’t help it. So many people in the family spend a lot of money. Dad is the head of the family. There are many things that we can’t decide. Do we practice Dan medicine or not? So many people have to pay for it. This is a huge branch. Our cloud family is now poorly managed! Hey! "
"Father!" Yunxiyue changed her tone coldly and said, "Do you have the heart to marry someone I don’t like and hate?"
Yun Tianheng sighed heavily. "You are my own daughter. How can I see you jumping into the fire pit? But look at our Yunshi family with thousands of people and tens of thousands of employees and people. They all have to eat. Sometimes I wish I were not the chief of the clan, but this can’t be shirked."
Yunxi Moon sobbed slowly and soon began to cry.
Yun Tianheng looks distressed and his eyes are wet.
Face upwards sigh "what what! What if I were the patriarch and the moon would suffer with me! "
Yunxiyue wiped away her tears. "Dad, don’t blame yourself. I’m white about your difficulties. I promised you to have a good relationship with Cao Yang and try to get their family to help us more!"
Yun Tianheng sighed again. "The moon has wronged you. If not, I really hope you will marry a lover of yours. Of course, if our family occupies a parliamentary position in the league election, it will be another matter." He seemed to comfort his daughter but casually said.
"Union member?" Yunxiyue asked strangely with red eyes, and suddenly thought of "Dad, did you say you are a member of the cultivate immortality alliance?"
Yuntian Hengzhong nodded!
Yun Xiyue frowned. "What are the benefits of being a member of parliament?"
"When members of the parliamentary union have priority to buy magic weapons and Dan medicine, if they can’t buy these things, they need to find members to buy them. We can stock up the goods properly. Dad thinks so. We dump all the industries that lose money outside the practice at low prices and then find members of the alliance who make Dan medicine to stock up on these things. We have priority to buy them. They have to sell them so that they can recover slowly and the members have a big profit!" Yun Tianheng said suddenly.
Yunxiyue hurriedly asked, "What benefits?"
"What should cultivate immortality alliance be established?" Yun Tianheng asked
"Dad, what do you mean?" Yunxi Moon’s eyes sparkled.
Yun Tianheng nodded, and it seems that her daughter has understood, "But our family is not strong enough. Members need financial resources and ten experts in the early childhood. Unfortunately, our family is short of two!" Regret shook his head.
"Dad, I understand what you mean." How can she not understand the implicit expression of her father’s smile?
Yun Tianheng’s face turned red. "Hey, hey, it’s good to understand."
"But didn’t you say that our family is short of money? The financial resources should not be reached. The alliance requires 10 billion families or sects to join!"
"Didn’t I say that it is enough to lose money and get rid of some industries!" Yun Tianheng laughed
"But I just met them today. Will they agree to join?" Cloud precious little month worry said
"The alliance of cultivating immortals is known to many people, and it doesn’t accept individuals. If the two of them promise to be my elder Yun Keqing, they can also join the alliance to kill two birds with one stone."
Yunxiyue nodded. "Dad says it makes sense, so I’ll ask them."
Yun Tianheng shook his head. "Dad actually doesn’t want to be difficult for others or you."
Cloud precious little month don’t want to say, "you this still let me choose? Either choose to associate with Cao Yang in exchange for his family’s money or persuade them to join my cloud family, I will definitely choose the second one. "
Yun Tianheng is certainly happy that the second choice to join the alliance of cultivating immortals is definitely much stronger than marrying ordinary people to get wealth.
Cherish the moon and draw back to the house, but go to the back. I haven’t returned to the hall for the time being.
Back to the hall, Shizuka is closing her eyes and resting. Haikui stares at her eyes and looks left and right.
"Why don’t you drink tea?" Cloud precious little light on HaiKui said
"Drink a lot" Haikui hey hey smiled. How can you not drink good tea? It’s just that you’re afraid of the toilet after drinking too much.
Shizuka slowly opened her eyes and "came back"
"Is Sister En Jingxiang very tired?" Cloud precious little month love dearly said
"Well, I always feel groggy when I’m a little tired," Shizuka replied faintly.

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