He knew that there were countless blood feuds between them, but he still kept a table beside his dragon case for her to accompany him at any time.

Xin Yao’s eyes were dazed, and he was totally embarassed. "Yes, I wanted to kill you, but I can’t." But I can’t bear to part with it. At least I eat, I wear, and I’ve been with you for many years. How can a person say kill and kill?
What’s more, it’s not Junchen who destroyed the Lin clan!
Jun Chen held Xin Yao’s jaw condescending attitude regardless of his bad body pain. "Lin Xin Yao, do you love me?"
I haven’t been alone like this for years. If I get rid of his bad attitude,
At the moment, he doesn’t call himself me and she doesn’t talk about me. Now they have’ me’ and’ you’.
Xin Yao smiled miserably after hearing this, and her face was still dirty and pretty, and she was almost unrecognizable, which just covered up her pale smile.
Both of them are hearing and hearing people.
What’s going on outside? Jun Chen has noticed it since she woke up.
The footsteps seem to be getting closer and closer!
Xin Yao cast a glance outside the hole and then went back to the first deep coagulation Jun Chen eyes.
She bullied him and kissed his lips like a feather with a low smile. "Jun Ying, you can’t be greedy while you want to eradicate the Lins. You have to bear a blood feud and I will love you."
Female smiling carved your heart.
And her sentence called out the name-Jun Ying.
Jingxuan’s favorite son Mu Junying
Jun Chen felt cold, and then a dress covered him.
He found that the whole person froze and could not move. Xin Yao had put her robe on him.
It was he who gave her the azure mandarin duck brocade.
Xin Yao put on Jun Chen’s clothes and walked out alone.
A man’s robe covers her head, which makes people think she is a strong man.
And she deliberately made a big noise to attract the attention of all the enemies.
When those men in black came after her, her mouth was curved.
Xin Yao succeeded in making those people mistake her for Jun Chen.
And the injured Jun Chen is waiting for Glide to bring people to find him in the ravine!
When she draws people into the tall grass, there are layers of clouds, and one step forward is the abyss.
The people behind saw her stop with her eyes shining, especially the first one. Xin Yao just didn’t look back and was familiar with his eyes. Even if he was covered and grew up together, he wouldn’t let her recognize him!
He’s the one who wants to kill Jun Chen!
Xin Yao didn’t look back at his feet and accidentally kicked a small stone to hear the stop!
It is also very dangerous!
If she jumps from here, her chances of survival are almost.

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