"He lived on campus at the weekend. Tell me first how you suddenly fell asleep!" Xiao Yuan’s light answer is not a question of when Xiao Chenyang will come back, but a question of whether Chen Nuo still has other questions. We should know how she got sick like that.

"There’s nothing wrong with getting lost, and then it’s too snowy and too cold, so I accidentally fell asleep on the side of the road. When I wake up, I will be a little late, so I will continue to sleep and sleep now." Chennuo deliberately understated that she deliberately pretended to be relaxed from the moment she woke up, as if she was accidentally sick and tried to escape some memories that would make her sad.
"So that’s how he made you faint alone in the snow. Do you think you can come back if it snows harder and it gets colder?" Xiao Yuan pinched his fist. Fortunately, Xiao Chenyang had another disaster at school at the moment.
"I’m okay, it’s not his fault. I’m stupid." When Chennuo said this, tears could not help flowing. She wanted to pretend as if nothing had happened, but she could clearly see the morning sun face that had become a demon. She tossed her head to Xiao Yuandao. "Dad, I’m so tired. I’m going to have a rest."
Without waiting for her father’s answer, she rushed directly into her door, and a cold wind struck her instantly, which almost made her weak and weak. Chennuo jumped into the bed and was covered with her head, and then let those grievances that had been settled for a long time cry and vent until her limbs were faint and her inner gas was thin. Soon she "slept" in the past.
When I woke up, I found myself snuggling in a familiar and abnormal arms. It was Xiao Chenyang who could smell him from his breath. When he saw her wake up, he smiled with relief. "Xiao Nuo, are you awake?" I came home from school to know that you had been discharged from the hospital. I was so happy, but I didn’t expect you to faint in bed again. I was so worried, you know? "He was as gentle and considerate as when they first met, as if it hadn’t been years.
Chennuo looked at him and spoke word by word, and felt dizzy. Suddenly she opened her eyes and saw a terrible demon face. She screamed and pushed him "Go! I hate you! I hate you! Demon! " She kept pushing him out so that she wouldn’t get hurt. He could step back until he was pushed out of the door and watched her close the door.
"Xiao Nuo! Would you please knock on the door and listen to me? I’ll never leave you alone again. Don’t ignore me … "He said all the vows he could think of outside the door, but the door never moved. It was Xiao Chennuo’s heart that had been open waiting for happiness to enter, but it was not so easy to hit when he was injured. Xiao Chenyang should have thought of it earlier that day. Unfortunately, he was only white until now, but it was too late.
Chapter 14 Time Baptism
When Xiao Chenyang found that Chennuo’s feelings for himself had developed in a very dangerous direction, he did a series of methods that made her sad. All of them hoped that she could have a normal and happy life. After the hakodate incident, Xiao Chennuo finally died of his heart, and he hated it, so that he needed to look at her from a distance. He was not afraid of her hating him. If hating him would make him happy, he would like to be hated by her, so that he wouldn’t have to be so distressed every time he saw it. When he fought back and wanted to hug her, he rushed. It feels like being cut by a knife when moving, but he can’t help but want to see her. Even if he meets her deeply, it’s better to control his feelings and mind.
Up to now, Chennuo still dare not recall the feeling she felt before she fainted in the snow. It was so helpful and desperate that she kept seeing that demon, the snowy demon who looked exactly like Chenyang and abandoned her. Although Chenyang admitted that it was himself, Chennuo still didn’t believe that Chenyang was not like that. He gave her a new life, Xiao Chenyang! She knows that Chenyang always deliberately avoids her. Maybe she really annoys him and doesn’t dare to bother him actively. Since he wants to keep her at arm’s length, what else can she say?
When Chennuo graduated from junior high school, Chenyang failed in the college entrance examination. No one blamed him, but his personality was quieter, and he seldom went home and talked, let alone distressed Chennuo as he did a long time ago. He was a stranger after her. Although Chennuo had entered high school when Chenyang resumed classes, he still deliberately avoided her, and Chennuo did not bother him too much. The most important thing for him now is to study hard and get into a good university. He also saved his father from always worrying about the two most familiar strangers. I turned a blind eye to this for a year, and my high school classmates never said a word or said hello once. It was not until that day that he packed everything that he remembered that he should say goodbye to her.
"Xiao Nuo, I’m going to read you in other places … take care." His voice trembled and he didn’t talk to her for a long time. He didn’t know what tone to communicate with her.
"I will, and so will you." Chennuo answered him gently. She didn’t ask him at once. It was silently watching him make his own decisions and supporting his every choice.
"You have grown up …" He choked. She really grew up for a long time and didn’t dare to look at her. Now I find that she is a big girl and more touching than ever.
"I know I have to be sensible when I grow up, and I won’t give you any trouble." Chennuo still said softly that the weather in early autumn blew cold air with her words.
"Good-bye then." Chenyang turned and picked up his luggage and strode out of the door. Xiao Yuan sent him to school.
He fled all the way as if to catch Xiao Yuan’s car. He kept telling him to slow down. It was still a long time before the car left. Of course, he knew that it was still a long time before the car left, but he had to leave quickly. He was afraid that he could not help but turn around, but when he turned around, he was afraid that he would have to rush to hug her and tell her all his worries, so that she would be completely ruined by him. It was better to escape from his demons than to escape from Chennuo.
As soon as Chenyang turned around, Chennuo ran out of the balcony and watched him walk out of his sight. He didn’t even look back. This was the second time that he refused to look back. His feet were faint. Leaves fell all over the floor this autumn. After Chenyang left, Chennuo went to high school as before. When she finished her study and life, she was busy, and she didn’t leave her sentimental. This enrichment just let her put a lot of worries away for a while. When Chenyang came back from a semester, she was smiling and calm, and even he was as natural as a very competent brother.
"Can you cope with your high school homework? If you have any questions, I’ll help you to see what I can do. "In my spare time, Chenyang always understands her learning situation, and students must always be the masters."
"There’s no problem for the time being. You’ve been out for so long before you come back. Let’s spend more time with your * * * and miss your parents every night!" After half a year, Chennuo really understands a lot. Every word and every move is in place. Although he still didn’t call him a big brother, his tone and attitude were just brotherhood.
"Mom and Dad asked me to play with you, saying that they didn’t have time for company, and we haven’t chatted for a long time. I’m not a good brother." Chen Yang’s face turned pale when he said this, and he always owed Chen Nuo in his heart.
"You’re all wonderful. You’ve been taking care of me for so many years since you were a child, but I’m rather embarrassed to give you trouble from time to time. But now that you’ve gone out to study, it’s out of sight, out of mind, out of mind. Isn’t it wonderful?" She has been trying to play a good sister for fear of scaring Xiao Chenyang away by carelessness.
"It’s okay, the new environment and new people will always be a little fresh, but it’s still the most beautiful city in the morning. It will make people worry, no matter how far you go, you will eventually come back." Morning Yangshi would like to say that Morning City has reassured him that no one has seen many girls outside, but I have never seen one who can make him worry as much as Chennuo.
"That’s not necessarily true. If I go out, I’ll never come back. Although the morning city is beautiful, it’s too depressing. I’m afraid I’ll suffocate." Chennuo is telling the truth. She has been trying hard to get into a good university, so she can escape here.
"I also thought about running away and never coming back. It’s a pity that sometimes when you really leave, you find yourself really relaxed. Even if you come back, you will be sad, but you still can’t help but come and see it." He said the truth, but he didn’t say it in Chennuo’s heart
"Some people just don’t want to come back, but they have to go back and let go, but you can’t let go. We have to think about it ourselves, whether we want it or not. It’s not necessarily beautiful, is it? It is better to put something that does not belong to you and get something better. "
"You are becoming more and more philosophical."
"I recently read some very touching if I want to write one myself! Just write a tragedy about a girl who controls her own destiny and feelings. Do you think anyone will watch it? "
"I don’t think anyone likes to watch comedies now, because tragedies happen every day and comedies are getting less and less. People always have to find some objects to put their fantasies on."
In the winter of this year, Xiao Chenyang Xiao Chennuo’s snow was as overwhelming as it was three years ago. They didn’t go to the air or play games as they did when they were children. It was an understatement to tell their hearts. They all grew up, and they didn’t feel so heavy even if they couldn’t let go of things.
Chapter 15 It was an accident
Chapter 15 chapter is purely accidental
Xiao Chennuo’s college entrance examination went well. Although Z is not the key point, it is still a good university. Moreover, she also likes the climate in the south. It won’t be so cold in winter. She won’t freeze to death in the ice and snow. When she first came here, all her sisters in the dormitory cried because of homesickness. She was quiet and had no trace of homesickness. She really didn’t want to live awkwardly with Xiao Chenyang’s mother. She would rather live alone. She is not alone now. Her new classmates are very affectionate to her.
"Morning, don’t you * * * go shopping with you? See you boring like a gourd "Yang Lingya woman.she put her hand on her shoulder. There are three people in their dormitory, and she doesn’t want another one to be dumb.
"I which wear you worry? You don’t know that I was a psychic in high school, but I’m not bored now. I’m just thinking. "The second Chen Nuoqiang pulled up a proud smile and walked out of the morning city, she decided to change. She wanted to be a heart girl and a girl who would never let herself be wronged like a snowy night. Let it be a history forever!
"You don’t talk I really when you are dumb! I can’t see you’re still doing well! I like you! " Lingya stretched out her hand and rubbed Chennuo’s hair again. If it weren’t for fun, she wouldn’t have taken a Z school after two years of classes. But now that she has taken the exam, she can’t "wave" her college years. She should show her witch style well.
"If she doesn’t sing, it will be a blockbuster!" Meimei stretched out her head from the side. She saw Chennuo, who had not shed a tear these days, and decided that she was a very independent person. How could she be a dust bowl?
"Well, don’t think too much of me. Enough is enough. Hehe, before the senior students come, we should have a good time on our campus and city!" Chennuo pushed them out of the door with one hand and one shoulder.
This day can be said to be crazy. Three little girls counted the E city and turned it upside down. All the places were on their way. At the end, they found that there was no bus to take.

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