Both sides have no intention of taking the initiative to attack, and this situation is naturally deadlocked. However, in the end, the more people occupy the advantage. Although they are not from the same force, they happen to gather together here. However, this is nothing. It can be achieved through a few high-skilled and outstanding monks and a temporary Covenant to communicate with each other.

When the Covenant is reached, everyone immediately sends their own letters to their own forces to make sure that this immortal sword Zongdi will not be taken away by other forces. After all, this force seems to be very strong, but if a group of agents from other forces discovers the situation here, it is really no match to attack them. After all, the power of cooperating with each other to form a battle is far from being resisted by a group of Uzbeks.
Just then, a black streamer shot and a blow knocked out the immortal sword Zongdi and then flew away with him.
Chapter 341 Dream solving
Chapter 341 Dream solving
The fat has been imported to the throat, but it was just swallowed in one gulp. But at this moment, it was abruptly taken away by people. Naturally, all the monks present were furious. One by one, they roared and controlled flying swords and implements almost at the same time, and hundreds of streamers with different colors gathered together like a colorful column and chased after that black streamer.
However, the speed of the black streamer was so fast that it disappeared in the dark. These pursuers were like probes, but they didn’t feel any breath of robbing people and escaping people.
Everyone pressed the sword light and dodged the light, and most of them kept cursing the song "A few people, look at me, I’ll look at you, too."
"Just this time, even if we were unlucky, we didn’t catch it. Let’s keep looking!" One of them with a full face of hate color mouth way
As soon as this statement came out, three people echoed it at that time, but at this time, the last person left was silent and his face seemed to be somewhat enlightened! There are several people present who are not clever, ever-changing and capable. I don’t know where this one is. When it is, I will ask Qi Qi, "Master Li, I don’t know if you have found this sample. Maybe we can tell it and let us share one or two!"
The monk surnamed Li smelled this statement but did not hesitate or delay. He immediately changed his face with a smile. "Dear brothers, although we got the immortal sword Zongdi this time, it was an accident. After all, it was the first time I met this kind of luck like that reckless monk. Strictly speaking, we are not losing money.
On the contrary, it seems to me that it is a good thing for us to be robbed of the immortal sword brother. "
"oh? How do you say? " Four people smell so heart is particularly eager hurriedly asked.
"Just now, the man who took the immortal Jian Zongdi didn’t know if you brothers had noticed it. The man was filled with a powerful and extremely magical gas, and his body shape, appearance and breath were all converged, which is why we can track him down."
Brother Li once again said, but just as he said this, another person cut off his words and said, "We naturally know that this is strange. This person definitely doesn’t want us to find out his true identity, otherwise we can secretly calculate him when the opportunity is right when we get out of Bell Volcano in the future!"
"Not only that, do you think about it again?" Brother Li didn’t just say it. Gherardini just ordered a clue
Just now, the person who cut off the words of Brother Li was still frowning and thinking about another person. At that time, he suddenly realized, "I thought of the news that the first person who broke into the magic spring array and won the then zombie was the immortal sword Zongdi."
"I’m 90% sure it’s him!" Brother Li saw this and nodded his head at that time. "Although we were not masters in the construction period, we were not weak in repairing, but we were able to take people away so easily in front of us, and we didn’t catch up with Juzhong volcano. There should not be many of them, and most of them were leaders in our respective forces. This person has the highest probability.
If it’s really him, then we can be sure that Zongdi, the immortal sword with the green stork sword, won the then zombie. After all, if he gets it, he will try his best to hide or flee.
Now, although many forces are searching for the immortal Jian Zongdi, they still have a lot of doubts about the credibility of this information. If they want to look for a few days, they are afraid that someone will give up. After all, there are many people who come to Zhong Volcano to do it. It doesn’t take much time to consume news here. It’s just that they have found the benefits and are a hundred times stronger than that. They are naturally willing to take a chance, but the news is uncertain and they are afraid that they may not be so determined to give it a try. "
"Yes, our families are going to have a lot of advantages!" Another population said that he was obviously thinking of a bright future with a little excitement. "Now I am 100% sure that that person is the one. I guess that person is a casual practitioner and has no power to leak the news to us when it is unnecessary, so that we can help him find clues with the help of us, so that he can secretly compose us!
After all, our search for the strength of the immortal Jian Zongdi will never come to an end. With his strength, we can’t say it’s one hundred percent, but it’s not small! "
"Yes, now we have to report immediately to re-integrate the divided search forces and make sure that the search team can form a battle as much as possible so that we can not be robbed of our strength after finding the immortal sword brother!"
"Since everyone is already white, should we also make an agreement?" Seeing this, Brother Li’s smile is blooming more and more.
"How to stand?" The remaining four people asked together.
"Just like we did before, this secret is limited to our five families!" Brother Li obviously thought about the situation long ago, so he immediately replied without hesitation, "In addition, our five families should really form an alliance to synthesize a force to vigorously collect the immortal sword brothers in Zhong volcano and then gather together to share and enjoy each other. Finally, if we get the then zombies, our five families will decide the final owner by themselves!"
"This really should be!" Brother Li’s voice just fell, and then there was a man who said, "If we want to find out who is a clue, it’s just that the search for the soul will definitely be limited. Only when we get together can we sort out these clues."
"Not so!" Brother Li, smelling this, replied with a smile, "It is not much to get the soul search method after all! It’s better to let them speak for themselves! If those people are caught by us alone, they will definitely die, but if they are caught by us, the chances of restraining each other and affecting the initiative will be much greater! "
"Or Li Daoxiong exquisite mind! But this kind of thing is not for me to be the boss, but now I should. If Brother Chen doesn’t approve, I can’t help it, but I can promise Brother Li that I will do my best to persuade Brother Chen to agree when I get back! "
"Me too!" Then the other three people replied almost at the same time
"Well, in that case, let’s not delay and go our separate ways!" Brother Li immediately said, "Although the number of people gathered this time is more than a few, it can still be regarded as a force. Shall we share each other?"
After everyone responded, they went to gather their own good friends or admired their fame and left.
On the other side, the black streamer that robbed the immortal Jian Zongdi fell in a small valley.
Brother Li and others guess that there is nothing wrong. This will rob Brother Jian Zongdi of immortality. It is then zombie Fu Shan. When Fu Shan dared to leave the other then zombie "real information", it was natural that there was a way to make himself the last beneficiary. He was not stupid. If the end result was a wedding dress for the other brother, he wouldn’t say it!
Previously, Fu Shan immediately arrested dozens of ghosts in this poor darkness after leaving the large array of magic springs, then deified and read Dafa, separated a little of his mind, boarded them in these ghost bodies, refined them into temporary avatars, and then spread them out to wander around Bell Volcano, letting them quietly pay attention to the information of various power groups.
These ghosts are not high-quality goods, so even if they see them, monks are too lazy to kill them because they are not worth it. I don’t know if there is any spiritual value with their waves! Moreover, when they talk with monks with low spirits and intelligence, they don’t shy away from what they say. They care about hearing a lot of information. If these ghosts have shortcomings, it is that they are too weak. If they meet those high-level spectres, they will be swallowed up. However, these ghosts, refined by Fu Shan, a zombie from then, have been given a hidden spell to ensure that they will not be discovered by spectres. Although they can’t say they are unscrupulous, they are definitely called like a duck to water.
As soon as they were spread out, a ghost made a contribution to the immortal sword Zongdi, and it was heard immediately by Fu Shan. However, Fu Shan was a little far away from the immortal sword Zongdi at that time, so those people took the lead. But for the monks, everything depends on strength. Finally, the immortal sword Zongdi fell into his hands.
Fu Shan, the eldest brother of the immortal sword, is naturally eager to ask about it, but now all forces are searching for traces everywhere, but he can’t just ask here aboveboard who knows if others have any special means to listen?
This little thing is naturally difficult for Fu Shan, such a real person, to see him wave his hand. In this valley, all sides are full of mysterious yin and corpse gas, and they immediately surge towards his location. At the same time, they condense and manifest themselves into various ofuda, and this ofuda son has become a huge quadrilateral network.
This four-way network is called "Small and Virtual Realm", which is a kind of forbidden law. As the name implies, it is a kind of magic to practice array and build all kinds of things. This method can only be put into use if it is cultivated to the realm of real people, and the aura of heaven and earth can be greatly mobilized through the power of then.
Then real people display the forbidden method, except for a few fierce arrays and evil arrays. The power of the forbidden method is already powerful in most treasure-level array flag arrangement arrays. It is precisely because of this that then real people are not afraid to enter the array arrangement array of Godsworn Tsukiji, because they have the ability to break the array.
This little imaginary array is not a powerful array, but a psychedelic array, so it is named because the psychedelic force of the array is very strong. If there is no very powerful magic breaker or a natural magical power, people who want to build in the array will be confused by this array, and naturally they will ignore the past and walk around this area, so the great magical power is quite similar, so they are named.
This little virtual world is very famous because of its reality. Every real person in the elixir will learn this forbidden method whether he likes it or not because it is so convenient.
Just like now, Fu Shan, the zombie of the elixir, has arranged this little imaginary boundary, so he is no longer worried that anyone will find him. In the meantime, he will not hesitate to ask the immortal sword brother, but instead of waking him up, he will put him down to the ground and then pinch his hands to show another kind of talent, then he can make the practice.
This method is called dream solving. As the name implies, it is to let the subject voluntarily tell everything he wants to know through dream guidance. Of course, it is necessary to succeed this method. If it is not successful, it will be no use.
This method is not good for ordinary people, but the success rate for a monk is actually not high, because even if people are asleep or unconscious, they still have subconscious control, especially after practicing, and the monk’s subconscious is stronger. Although the performer is generally stronger than the patient, it can also guarantee that he can erase this person’s subconscious and cannot guarantee that he can lead success.
Generally speaking, if you want to succeed in dream solving, the monks will constantly stimulate the subject to become particularly sensitive to this aspect of memory, so the success rate will be much higher. If the casting legal person has high achievements in psychedelic magic, the success rate will be even higher.
However, stimulating this kind of behavior can certainly have a high success rate, but it is also easy to alert the subject to use the secret methods of their respective sects to hide or erase this part of the memory, which is why the soul-searching method is the universal method for monks to obtain the memory of enemies
Fu Shan used this method because the immortal monk Jianzong’s previous almost idiotic overreaction made him think that this person was sensitive to this aspect of memory, and the probability of success was relatively high. Moreover, even if he failed, it would not affect the effect of soul search, so he started the dream solving technique first.
More than a dozen Taoist tactics shed light, and the original frightened expression of the immortal sword brother disappeared in an instant, but it was a kind of calm and serenity. Seeing this, Fu Shan went white, and the immortal sword brother had already fallen asleep from a coma.
When Li Fu Shan doesn’t delay kung fu any longer, the divine light in his eyes bursts out immediately, and a little divine light permeates from the eyebrows, the size of which is like a man’s knuckles in an oval shape, and it slowly falls right on this man’s eyebrows and doesn’t go in at once.
Fu Shan’s spirit penetrated all the way, prevented him from entering the Mud Pill Palace of the immortal Jian Zongdi, and then infiltrated towards him.
The immortal Jian Zongdi was a white ball the size of a fist, and a virtual shadow was faintly visible flashing. At this time, the ball of light was particularly soft, and there was no spark of brilliance blooming outward, revealing a net translucent body.
Fu Shan was easily posted, and then paused for a moment, then infiltrated.
This dream was successful. Fu Shan immediately changed the dharma tactic with his hands. As the dharma tactic changed in his hands, it turned out that the same kind of naked body manifested its fascination. Suddenly, several colorful brilliance were shot. These brilliance were very gentle and docile, not fiery at all, and easily integrated into the immortal sword brother’s fascination. His perfect white spirit was caged with a layer of colorful glow.
This colorful glow is a fascinating method, which can unconsciously awaken people’s subconscious. Fu Shan appears to be very calm, unhurried and unhurried, and the colorful glow will become rich and bright little by little.
Moments later, the immortal Jian Zongdi suddenly woke up with a tremor. "Hey, where am I? Didn’t I get caught? How did you get here? "
The immortal Jian Zongdi looked around at his whole body tied up, but it was a lonely place. "Forget it, leave him alone. It’s good to be alive anyway!" Those people want to get Brother Fang’s secret from me. I have to keep my mouth shut. This is my only money to live! "
Outside, everything that the immortal Jian Zongdi thought was perceived by Fu Shan. When he found that this man was as he expected, his consciousness shifted to what he wanted immediately, but he was also very happy and couldn’t help smiling.
"Brother Fang? I finally know something practical! But this can be regarded as a good leader, and it is far from enough. I have to work harder! " Thinking about Fu Shan’s hand method tactic rotation has a dignified atmosphere.
With the change of Fu Shan’s magic formula, the seven-color glow that pervades the immortal sword Zongdi’s mind is getting stronger and stronger, and the rich brilliance is almost turned into real light, which is transmitted from his mind and shines. In this fascinating light, the immortal sword Zongdi unconsciously follows his own consciousness and thinks about his brother Fang.
Almost in a moment, all the information of this brother Fang passed through his mind and was naturally perceived by Fu Shan, then a zombie.
This elder brother Fang Ze is indeed the best among the brothers who built the foundation of the immortal sword Sect. After knowing Fang Ze’s life, Fu Shan was even more sure that he was the one who took the then zombie away and assassinated himself before leaving. But knowing this is not enough. After all, if you want revenge, you must first find someone to recapture that other then zombie and refine it into your puppet. Whether you can find Fang Ze or not is still a matter of thinking.
Therefore, Fu Shan continued to guide this immortal Jian Zongdi’s thought to naturally extend and evolve. Although he needed to be Fang Zeluo, this time he was afraid to guide his thought evolution direction in solidification. Because previously, it was because this immortal Jian Zongdi himself had this kind of consciousness that he was able to appear relaxed and natural without trace, but now what he wants is to be restless before he passed out of coma. If this is the case, nine times out of ten he will be detected, so his dream solving will stop here.

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