"Before the official start of the game, there is a small gift from me in the packages of players."

Wang Yang hesitated when he knew that the little gift was a feedback reality mirror-he opened the package like everyone else.
The players in the square are novices, and the gift package is opened without hesitation, but Wang Yang knows that the small gift is not a gift package, but a key to the real world. This key will open a door to connect virtual reality and make all players show their reality.
Looking at the small mirror in the package silently for a while, Wang Yang withdrew from the menu, floated in front of him, and then disappeared. When he woke up, he was in the game world, but in the real world, there was still a body that didn’t belong to him. He didn’t dare to open the mirror.
When he closed the prop column, ten thousand white lights suddenly rose in the square, and then a white light suddenly rose in front of his eyes, making his eyes white.
Wang Yang sighed when he saw this. Even if he didn’t take out the mirror, he would still be forced by Heathcliff to restore his real-world figure and face. Suddenly, he had some white grass field Jing Yan. Why did he come up with such a reality figure and face to show everyone’s truest side?
Even if Wang Yang is afraid that the face in the mirror is extremely strange to him, he must look at it because this face will accompany him for I don’t know how long.
After about three seconds, the white light dispersed, and the handsome men and beautiful women in the square were all different.
Wang Yang exhaled the menu, clicked on the props bar, and then a rectangular list window appeared in front of him, with an orphan name in the corner.
The name of this mirror is holding a small mirror.
Stretch out your index finger, click the prop name, and select the entity from the emerging window. With the light, a square mirror horse appears.
Holding a small mirror, Wang Yang clenched his teeth and slowly handed the mirror to his eyes. Even at the last moment, he wished it was him, but he was doomed to be disappointed.
What appears in the mirror is a handsome face with straight heroic spirit and intense eyebrows, straight eyes, straight nose and thin lips. Every part is flawless. It is a face that makes people feel handsome when they look at it. If there is any defect, it is white, and that white is morbid pale.
Wang Yang stare at a face that doesn’t belong to him in that mirror with his mouth slightly open without any joy.
Even if his face is handsome and compelling, it’s not him!
Habitual sigh Wang Yang life seems to take back the mirror. At this moment, because everyone in the square has shown the reality, many people have quarreled in the afternoon training.
The benefits of showing the real face are reflected at this time, which puts an end to the existence of shemale and makes the only disguise in the game ineffective, which will make it more effective to cultivate trust in the future.
"Ah!" Just when Wang Yang was quite lost, he screamed in a low voice. He looked in the direction of the sound and saw a girl who was about 16 meters tall and had a fair face.
The girl is covering her mouth at the moment and staring at herself with a strange look.
"What’s your look?" Wang Yang saw the girl’s dress and naturally knew that this girl was Arthur Lin, and the other party must have recognized him, but that strange and unbelievable look made him feel like a needle in the back.
"How can you be so beautiful?" Arthur Lin couldn’t hide her surprised tone.
Wang Yang immediately sighed after a face of black line habits, and then looked up at the sky. After the red giant mirror was issued, it was time to say the only condition for logging out of the game.
Sure enough, Heathcliff continued, "This is the only evidence that you can prove the reality. In the future, you will take a realistic look at this game. Only when you reach the 100-story room and defeat the ultimate demon king can all players log out of the game. Please rest assured that this is not a joke!"
"One hundred floors!"
As soon as Heathcliff’s voice fell, someone exclaimed that this person was obviously a player who had participated in the beta test. This is a difficult thing, especially now that the game has no limited resurrection mechanism.
Even in a corner of the crowd, Tongren is the same. All the players who have participated in the sealing test have blocked a big stone in their hearts and suffocated them.
When there was resurrection for two months, the highest level was reached, but now there is no resurrection. Is it really possible to reach the 100 th floor?
Wang Yang saw a handsome and lovely face, and Arthur Lin shook her body, but to his surprise, he didn’t see any signs of fear in Arthur Lin’s handsome face.
What, this girl is not afraid? Wang Yang gives birth to a question in my heart.
At first, Wang Yang was really scared, but the thought that two years later, the game would be successful by Tongren Raiders, and the fear of going deep into the soul gradually disappeared. Now he is calmer than everyone present, and the little girl is not afraid at all.
"You must be thinking about what sanervgear developer Heathcliff wants to do is a large-scale terrorist act? Or do you want to kidnap money? I don’t want to say anything, because my ultimate goal is to create the world and then watch it, and now my goal has been achieved. "
The square was horribly quiet, and Heathcliff paused for a moment. After that, the emotional fluctuation voice once again said, "The official operation of sa is over. Players wish you good luck."
There is still a trace of bright red cloak left, and the rising hat begins to blend into the row of red patterns printed with the word announcement first, and then the shoulders, chest and limbs gradually blend into the square as if it had been assimilated with the system.
When the red giant was integrated into the bottom of the second floor, it was all over the sky, and the red message suddenly disappeared. In less than a second, the world recovered its original color, but it lost its original color.
Said Heathcliff walked very simply, leaving a group of players who began to struggle
After the disappearance of the red world, Wang Yang felt the wind blowing across his face, and he could even hear np sounds coming from afar. At the same time, the air cover in the closed square disappeared. At this moment, the players were silent for a long time, just like the compressed spring was released, which produced a huge rebound.
Suddenly there was a huge vibration in the square, which was caused by the convergence of several sounds.
"I don’t want it! Let me get out of here! "
"This must be a lie. Yes, it must be a lie!"
"Bastard, get me out of here!"
Mourning, roaring, screaming and roaring, in a short time, players fell from enjoying the game status to prisoners’ hysteria and made all kinds of moves. At the edge of the square, timid players first found that the air mask that stopped them disappeared, and then they were afraid to run towards a street as if they could escape from this horrible world by doing so.
France denied it was that moment, and they really hoped it was a dream.
Not only are these timid players, but even if their courage is not bad, players can leave the square for the first time, because scenes will happen in front of the square, and their fears will naturally continue.
The first reaction of players who have participated in the sealing test is to go to a leveling point as soon as possible, and at least not in the area around the starting town, because the area around the starting town has been brushed by tens of thousands of players many times. Although materials can be dot-packed, the drop rate of props is already very low.
Unlike other rpg games, the monster drop rate in sa will never fluctuate. In sa, the monster drop rate will gradually decrease with the number of hunters, but this situation is based on the fact that monsters are hunted before a huge number.
That is to say, the income of each strange area is the highest when it is first reclaimed. The players who have been sealed and tested decisively abandon the area around the starting town that has been refreshed many times and go to the new strange area.
This group of people have generally accepted their fate and have the experience of sealing and testing. They have a higher starting point than other players, and in order to maximize their exclusive benefits, most of them choose not to share information. It is precisely because of this that ordinary players later hated and envied a satirical title-the cheater
The square used to be crowded, but now it is astigmatism in less than ten minutes, leaving less than ten people.
After looking at the dim sky, Yaselin looked at Wang Yang’s delicate face in a daze. She made a few friends in the sealing test and formed a fixed team. She was the first to attack the five-story bss and left her name on the swordsmen’s monument. She was hesitant to bring Wang Yang.
It is true that she has only been in contact with Wang Yang for half an hour, but she is kind, but she can’t bear to throw points when sa becomes like this. She is a novice Wang Yang.
"Ding" sounded sweetly, which was a message.
Yaselin knew that this was a message sent by her teammates. Because of such a change in the game, she naturally had to go forward when she met. Without reading the email, it seemed like a determination. She walked up to Wang Yang in a daze and said, "Come with me."
This is the most touching sentence that Wang Yang Yaselin heard. Later, this sentence has been deeply in his heart.
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