Hao Renxiao shook his head. "We don’t need to prove anything to that emperor. Maybe everything we do is in his eyes. Maybe he wants us to do something."

Hao Ren seems to have suddenly caught some inspiration. "I suddenly had an idea. Lao Luo, how do you think those women were transported into the cellar?"
Rodriguez has become a fine figure, and Ma has also grasped the problem key. "They are all alive and can’t be rings, then there must be an exit!"
Hao Ren interface "export position on the magic circle enveloped range! But it will never be a red building! "
Hao Ren patted Stoudemire’s neck and "walked home to prepare for an outing out of the city."
"Betty will be very happy!"
It’s said that it’s an outing. It’s rare to see green grass everywhere this season. When I think of the song "wildfire never quite consumes them they are tall once more in the spring wind", Hao Ren really has the impulse to set fire to it.
Of course, it’s just an impulse
It is definitely not a good choice to eat barbecue on the dry grassland in autumn, so they chose to eat hot pot! In order to choose a good place to eat hot pot, they rode for a whole afternoon after a long journey, and finally chose a place where they had dinner with common small clods around the imperial city.
Speaking of this hot pot, it’s amazing. The heat source of fire magic spar is controlled by an adjustable magic circle, which is two feet in diameter and divided into four squares. The dipping sauce is made by grinding various nuts exclusively by Hao Ren, and the taste is very unique.
The first half of this picnic with good food and wine is very satisfactory. If there is no interruption at last, this picnic is perfect.
Mr. Lu Xun said that if there are more people leaving, there will be roads, so will the grassland, and the picnic place is far from the roadside. A group of cavalry rushed straight to them from the road, and the distance was getting closer and closer. The rumbling hooves made the tables and dishes jump.
Nai finished lunch and watched a group of cavalry charging towards them. There were only a few of them. There were two teams, but this team of knights gave Hao Ren a feeling that going and seeing were completely different, not to mention excellent equipment and divine mounts, but the momentum of knights was different.
"Do you know Little Jack?" Hao ren slanting failed and asked
"The Golden Wolf should be the King of the Golden Wolf in the lead." Jack’s voice was so faint ~ ~ I don’t know if it was fear or something else.
"Golden Wolf king! !” Hao Ren sipped his mouth and looked at the leading shining knight.
Although there are more than 20 riders, there are hordes of ferocity rushing head-on to the crowd, and there is no sign of slowing down. The iron spirit is coming to my face and I am about to enter the charging distance of 200 meters. Instead of slowing down, there are signs of accelerating.
No matter what their purpose is, such a move has shown hostility! Hao Ren guessed some intentions of the Golden Wolf King at this time, but he is not a person who is used to bowing his head.
Sink a way, "Leo, wake them up."
Pull the bow and release the arrow like flowing clouds and flowing water in one go. The two-stage burst vector is shot at a 45-degree angle with a sonic boom to the sky and the grassland is far away.
Hao Ren is the same as the Golden Wolf King. He is also a person who does not bow to others. The status of the wolves is just like that of the Great Royal Guards. They belong to the outrageous Ariet. No one dares to provoke the wolves in this way. What’s more, it is the most powerful golden wolf in the group.
Roar VVVV a roar suddenly accelerated. The Wolf King led the charge. Although he didn’t pull out his weapon, his strong fighting spirit has matched Hao Ren’s followers, Rodriguez, who used to be the strongest knight in the face of such provocation. He just wanted to raise his staff to teach them a lesson, but Hao Ren pressed him.
Hao Ren wants to bet on money, and the Wolf King dares not touch them!
Hao Ren took three steps with his hands behind his back, and the front of them was facing the direction of the Golden Wolf’s charge, so he didn’t move. He took the knights coming from the other side as gas and looked at the distant sky as if looking for Xiao Ao to shoot that arrow just now.
Hao Ren’s strength is clear to everyone. What is not too nervous is to prepare for the conflict and hold on to the weapon.
One hundred and fifty meters, twenty meters and ten meters.
The wolf king’s eyes are full of unwilling last-minute arrows. The wolf king waved his horse’s head and led his knight Hao Ren to pass by, bringing up dust and weeds all over the sky.
Around a circle, the Wolf King led the knight Hao Ren to stop ten meters in front of him. From charging just now to now, he is moving to everyone without a password. It seems like a person, even the sound of hooves is a little bit. The Garrett cavalry really deserves the first place in the mainland.
The wolf king sits on the back of the cracked wind beast and looks down at the sight of this mage. He has always liked this feeling of looking down, but today he can’t find the feeling of looking down. He just lost the battle and the momentum has fallen.
In the end, the mission still occupied the wind, and the deep voice came out of the helmet. "My master said that you also caught Suzite."
It’s really deep to hear Hao Ren sigh an empire in his heart! Looking at the golden wolf king, Hao Ren almost nodded his head, although the amplitude was small. I believe he could still see and didn’t speak in his eyes. Hao Ren turned and walked back to his team to direct everyone to clean up the dishes.
The Wolf King was almost outraged by Hao Ren’s contemptuous attitude. Since a group of wolves were so despised, their anger almost broke through the body and the hand holding the sword was full of veins stood out.
Chapter 17 There is an old man in the family
At this moment, a knight beside the Wolf King coughed gently. This cough seemed like a basin of ice water pouring from the Wolf King’s head and instantly doused the anger of the Golden Wolf King.
Waved the Wolf king led the team away quickly.
Looking thoughtfully at the Golden Wolves, compared with the wolf king Hao Ren who has reached the odd order, he is the one who can make the wolf king recover from his rage with just one cough.
He didn’t expect that Hao Ren’s listening was much better than he thought. He not only heard the cough, but also remembered the line. Hao Ren was confident that he would recognize it when he heard the sound.
Although lunch was over, the outing was not over yet. I rode a rented horse and wandered around the imperial city for an afternoon until the sun set, and everyone returned to the city.
After dinner, a small meeting was called, including Hao Ren Gloria and Rodriguez. Hao Ren knew that he was not good at grasping the overall situation, and he needed the knowledge and experience of both of them.
The real gold wolf king appeared, and Hao Ren had guessed that his revenge was strong enough. Since the Lord had warned Howard and Andy, there was no reason not to warn himself. It was for this reason that Hao Rencai chose Sujit to enter the Red Chamber and arrest him, so that he could hide his real intention of exploring the secret of the Red Chamber.
After Hao Ren told all the known information aside,
Gloria first said, "The base can be sure that you should not know the situation of the Red Chamber, at least you don’t know the real way of the magic blood wine. An emperor wouldn’t control the genus by such means, or the emperor doesn’t need such means to control the genus. This is a good way to control the ministers of other countries. The master also said that the magic blood wine from the Red Chamber carries such a curse, so you say that you don’t know."
Rodriguez agreed with Gloria’s statement and added, "And the most important thing is that if he knew, we should have been silenced a long time ago instead of letting the golden wolf come out to scare us."
"oh? He didn’t guess our intention, did he? " Hao ren asked
"You don’t need to guess. Since we are sure that Suzite was taken away by us, we have the ability to hide the activities of the Red Chamber and the powerful invisibility of flowers. We have already threatened this secret enough. What would you do if you were the emperor?"
Hao Ren blurted out, "If I were him, I would send someone to kill him and wipe out all the dangers."
Rodriguez smiled and nodded his head, which was quite instructive. Hao Ren looked at Gloria.
The latter nodded, "If it weren’t for the conflict with the empire, there would be no problem. I believe that the two warnings in the position should be that I didn’t want to offend Ace before the magic union became stiff. Now that you have a conflict, it is estimated that when Master Craig comes back, it will definitely put pressure on the government."
According to this analysis, the wolf king appeared in this position, and he always had to be given some noodles in the empire. Sujit was the last one, and Hao Ren had already decided.

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