"Who are you? Where is this? " Fengxiang looked at a woman who leaned against the window and turned her back on herself. She asked curiously, look around. It seems that the whole place is inhabited by her alone.

"This is where you always wanted to be. I think I should ask you the words’ Who are you’"
As soon as the woman took a bite, she made a soothing sound, and the wind made her tender and confused, and even the hunger in her belly was thrown to the outside of the cloud nine.
Looking up, I can see the woman’s tulle dress * * curved but hazy. Because the skirt folds * * in turmoil, it makes the wind fly and shortness of breath. I can’t wait to tear it off and look at it!
"My name is Fengxiang, and I’m here to find a way to restore the damaged body of the fix-true. Did the girl ever know?"
"The wind xiang? No, it’s definitely not you. I feel that there is a spirit of a Lord God. How can a person fix the truth? "
"Oh, you mean the sky? It was indeed he who asked you to help me, otherwise I might have starved to death halfway. "
"Heaven’s adult! No wonder so. Since it’s Lord Sky’s intention, it’s not difficult for me to ask you. You can leave now! "
The woman in yellow turned her head, and the dignified and sacred beauty made Fengxiang look silly, but when she heard each other, she suddenly called herself away and almost fainted, so she stubbornly resisted her anger and said; "This is the way to restore the body. If the girl doesn’t promise me, she will never leave!"
"Hum girl is also your name!"
See the woman in yellow reprimand angrily to turn around and throw out a thin as a silver needle. The linear strength is fleeting, and the wind blows and Xiang Gan Kun’s extremely fighting body generate makes a crisp shock, but it dissipates the whole room only a moment later. It seems that the texture of this room is also extraordinary.
Look at the wind, Xiang’s ribs are injured, and a little blood seeps out of his mouth. He finds that this room has been able to destroy the strength of Yuan God, but he still wants to get up and fight again, but he has no strength. He can watch the woman whisking him around and slowly move away from the tower.
"Don’t you dare to come to my tower column at this point. I’ll show my mercy this time. If you dare to talk to me again, you’re welcome!"
"I’m still alive. I’m hungry when I’m in danger. If I’m full, I don’t know who’s strong and who’s weak!" Fengxiang kept shouting and cursing, and it was hard to come by, but it was going to be thrown away to make him unwilling.
"It’s a great boast. I’ll give you a chance to practice here for three days and then challenge me again. If you still lose to you, jump from here by yourself."
Chapter 20 Fighting God
"What? Are you still picky about giving you a chance? "
"You are not a god, I am a practitioner of truth. No matter how hard I practice, I can’t surpass you in three days. This condition is unfair!"
"oh? Then what do you want? "
"So practice for three days, and then if I can hit you before you knock me down, even if I win, even if I lose, I’m willing to jump from here by myself."
"It’s a good deal to be able to practice in this house made of floating clouds and sacred stones for three days, so it’s your blessing to come back!"
Just listen to the girl in yellow, a charming drink, and pull the wind Xiang back from it. She will see lying on her back on the floor, panting and muttering to herself, "I finally got it …"
"What did you say?"
"Oh, no … I mean, thank you for giving me this opportunity!"
So Fengxiang stayed in the casting house of the floating clouds and sacred stones. He practiced and felt that the stone walls around him kept pouring out, and the breath of Sheng Xiang was integrated into his meridians, so that the real demons and the two gases were stirred and filled up. Shu Tai felt wonderful.
Being in this breath can be said to be twice the result with half the effort, but in one day, Fengxiang not only recovered her weak body, but also recovered from the injury to her ribs.
In the process, Feng Xiang talked to the woman in yellow several times, but she didn’t answer. She held her canary all day and looked at the clouds outside as if she had everything on her mind.
The next day, Fengxiang tried to condense his strength into a ball of light and transform it into a vertical shape. This is exactly what he realized from the way that the woman in yellow attacked him earlier, because he felt that the power and speed released by condensing the strength into a circle were really not as strong as that released by compressing it into a vertical bar.
However, after several attempts, it is found that it is far from being as simple as he imagined. Because both real power and magic gas are physical strength, it is not easy to condense them into a fixed shape. Being able to condense them into a circle is due to the mutual integration of real and magic, and it is necessary to deliberately condense the two forces into an unconventional vertical shape with a very strong backing from Yuan Shen.
Fengxiang tried all kinds of strange methods, but all had little effect. After repeated attempts, the next day finally passed quickly …
Finally, on the third day, Fengxiang simply gave up trying and sat quietly in the same place. At the same time, gas circulation, the real demon, could not help but close his eyes and meditate. The consciousness in his brain spun rapidly and suddenly thought of an absurd way.

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